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    Hi All,

    I've had my Kemper now for a little over a week. I've dialed in a bunch of sounds & did my first gig with it tonight. All in all it was pretty good. After the first set my soundman told me my tones were a bit thin so I adjusted the 3 band EQ on the main output, problem solved. I'll go in and adjust my rigs after the weekend to account for this. Not a biggie - rigs dialed in using studio monitors are bound to need some tweaking in a live setting - definitely a user shortcoming, not a Kemper one.

    The big problem I had is with the wah. I Use the Mission EP1-KP with the toe switch, it is connected to two of the inputs on the Kemper Remote TRS cable for out 1 on the Mission and mono for output 2, the switch), using the toe switch to engage and disengage the wah effect. The problem I had was that it seems the wah effect is barely tracking the pedal. For instance, something as simple as 'scratching', rhythmic picking with the left hand mitung the strings, rocking the wah back and forth on quarter notes. Maybe 60% of the time, the wah effect isn't following the pedal motions. No 'whakka whakka' thing happening. Also, quite a few times I'd click the wah on for a quick sweep, then kick it off, most of the time doing this, the switch wouldn't turn it off. Really irritating to say the least.

    I've heard that expression pedals used for wah connected through the Remote don't work as well as when connected directly to the profiler but it can't be this bad, right?

    I'm wondering if I didn't complete the calibration process or something? I went into settings and pressed the calibrate soft button while sweeping the pedal - other than the small horizontal line moving with the pedal, I got no real feedback saying calibration complete - am I supposed to? I'm hoping this is a case of user error because as it is now, it's not at all usable and a waste of money.

    The second issue I had was that sometimes when I'd hit a button on the remote, it wouldn't immediately respond - a button assigned to chorus, or delay for example. Kinda like when working on an old computer and you click on an icon on your desktop to launch an app & it responds like 6 seconds later...

    I never experienced this when playing it at home so I'm kind of at a loss here as to what that could be. I know the KPA is just a big computer but hopefully it isn't like an old Windows computer bogging down.....

    I'm hoping all this can be chalked up to me being a newb and green with the KPA. Thank you in advance for your help!

    I’ll check it out when I get back home after the weekend but I don’t think I’ve locked any slots. I use the toe switch on the Mission pedal to activate/deactivate the wah. I tried reversing the polarity but that had no effect. After doing that, though, on the nex power up, the way was on as usual but as soon as I moved the pedal it turned off.

    Hi All,

    I have a Mission EP-1, the Kemper version. I have it connected through the remote and use it solely for wah and it works fairly well. When I power the Kemper on, once it's booted, the wah engages for whatever rig happens to be active. Is this normal behavior or is there a setting somewhere I may have inadvertently nudged? FTR I have RTFM but haven't found this in there.

    Thanks in advance...

    A little more information, I’m on MacOS Mojave., 2015 iMac, USB type A port (not USB C). I haven’t updated the Mac to the latest update yet as I’m in the middle of a project I need to finish Incase there are issues with the update. Latest firmware on the KPA. Worked like a charm Wednesday.

    Hi All,

    I came back from a couple days away from home, reconnected my KPA & now cannot get it to connect to my Mac. It won't show up in Rig Manager, it doesn't show up in Mac's System Profiler. I've tried multiple USB cables and ports, tried every combination of booting/rebooting/connecting/etc. Anything else I can try?

    *Edit* - Ok, so now all of a sudden it connected. Not sure why. Will update if anything else happens...

    Thanks for the responses! The wah is connected to the Remote. It's only set to do the one thing (wah), no morphing or anything. The bypass is set to the toe switch on the Mission pedal.

    Hmmm, I 'll have to check to see if I can find a longer TRS cable to plug directly into the Kemper to test that.

    Hi All, I'm a very new Kemper user, just got my KPA yesterday. Having never played through one before, I acclimated in stages, first booting the KPA and updating the firmware, playing with it for a while. I then connected the Remote & learned how to operate that, and then finally attached my Mission EP1-KP. IOnce I got that connected and a patch set up with wah and playing with it for a while, I noticed an issue where if I'm rocking the wah in time (quarter notes around 120bpm) and scratching 16th notes (that funk 'whakka whakka whakka' thing) the wah doesn't seem to be tracking 100%, the first few 'Whakkas' are either non 'wah'd or the wah effect is even reversed.

    I did calibrate the pedal (I think - in System settings under that port exp slot 5, I just moved the pedal back and forth, there was no 'done, you're calibrated' or anything - perhaps I didn't complete the calibration?). When I updated the firmware of the KPA I did not have the remote connected - is it possible there might be a firmware mismatch? The FW on the KPA was 5.5.something, now is current.

    Thank you in advance for your help, I'm already finding this community to be incredibly helpful!!!!

    I finally got my KPA. As many have said, it's all about the profiles. Some are great, some are very not great LOL!!!!

    I have a question: If I delete a bunch of the default rigs from my KPA through Rig Manager, are they gone forever or is there a way to get them back should I wanna grab 'em later? I've picked up a few packs from Tone Junkie and Top Jimi (as well as a few from the Exchange) and, for the time being, just wanna keep those on there to work with. That said, if deleting 'em from the unit means they're gone forever I'm hesitant about that.

    Thanks in advance - I'm sure my questions are gonna be pretty boneheaded but that's how we learn.

    I ordered my KPA - powered rack with remote - yesterday so I guess I'm not technically a Kemper user yet, but I'm eager LOL! When I signed up I couldn't list myself as an owner because my Profiler hasn't yet arrived so I don't have it here to register it. When it does arrive, is there a way I can changed my registration here so I can have access to the private sections of the forum? Thank you in advance!

    I've been on the fence about this purchase for a long long time, now that I've pulled the trigger I can't wait for my KPA to arrive!