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    Welcome to the forums. I’m new too and have actually been questioning whether my posts are even visible so I hope you see my reply here. As Slyman stated you can definitely back up the rigs on rig manager. Just be careful on the updates and install as I screwed my Kemper up and lost my rigs/presets that were loaded but thankfully got some stuff back up and running, this Kemper is a beast and does a tone of stuff and above my knowledge base at the moment but I’m loving it. Hole you will enjoy yours too. Welcome again to the forums.

    Have had issues since updating to 6.0 and then to OS 7 - lost everything but now reinstalling OS 6.0 again via USB... fingers crossed my Kemper works again.

    Update: Was able to get OS 6.0 back on Kemper Profiler Head and after a 2nd reboot - got the stock preloaded sets again in PERFORM so I have something to play around with for now. WHen it loaded it showed the many presets etc. being uploaded but they do not display. Nothing still on Browser. Not sure what I am missing?

    I inherited a Kemper Power Head and wanted to restore to factory settings. I also updated Kemper to OS 6.0 and all good there but now I only have a few default settings in PERFORM but nothing in Browser - only a CRUNCH and there is nothing to select from other than it. On right it shows C Kemper and under it Guitar Rig E. I have tried to restore factory presets in System settings: Page 1/18 where it says LCD/ HW Setup and chose the factory presents and it loads it but still nothing in Browser

    In settings: Page 13/18 shows Browse Mode PrgChg

    System setting pages 14/18 states its not available in Browse Mode

    Any ideas?

    I am new to the Kemper and have reviewed the manual, some videos etc. and can see how to set the volume of a individual rig one at a time but want to change the volume setting for all rigs/sounds as if I switch from one rig the volume is set to about halfway on every one of the rig sounds and being a kemper power amp it’s freakin loud through the cabinet. Anyone able to guide me on how I can set master or volume to low for all rigs/sounds as I play in a home and still trying to learn the kemper.

    I have a Kemper power head and new to Kemper. I just picked up a Marshall 1936 cabinet. I was using a Mission Gemini power cabinet and had it set up using the output monitor as advised by mission Gemini tech but want to use the Marshall 1936 2 12” cabinet instead.

    Any advise on best setup to use Marshall? I am still using Monitor out as it limits the volume maximum for inside my home and when I change to speaker output it’s super loud and with settings for Kemper each switch of footswich has volume set at about halfway so that’s a issue.

    I’ll have to get through the 100+ page manual on this beast. I will look into a FRFR initially and see what I can find. I will say I am already enjoying using just the headphone jack and playing around with the Kemper today. Lots to explore on it and I now need to see about doing a software update if it needs it. Haven’t looked into that yet. Thanks for all the welcomes and info!

    Thank you both for the warm welcome and feedback. Yes, this is a powered Kemper head so I may try hooking up to the ampeg to use as a external cabinet and as you mentioned, turn off the cab sim. I’ll update how it turns out. I have a few other amps I’ll be picking up along with a few cabinets sometime in the next month or so.

    Hello from Washington State. I am a new user to a Kemper Profiling head that I inherited and I am hoping to begin to Explore the basics of this incredible system. I haven’t looked into cabinets for it yet and have only played with it using the headphone jack as I have it in my home office. I have a 1997 Ampeg R212R 60’s reissue with 2 12’s and wanted thoughts on if I could or should try using it as a cabinet as a starting point using the line in. I look forward to learning more on this forum and about the Kemper profiling power head.