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    Another +1 to trying Kemper headphone out vs interface to see if they are different. Mine sounds better out of the Kemper because the interface panning doesn't scale evenly at different volumes. Just sounds cleaner through the Kemper. I want to get a better interface with more inputs though.

    One thing he used at this time was a micro Marshall battery powered amp that he put in a gas can then miked the opening of the cab. Any time you hear that thin sharp cutting tone that could be it.

    His main amp at the time was an 800 or 900. Didn't use the AC30 until the third album. Second album was more Mesa Rectifiers.

    Digging it. I use some med gain profiles and morph to different gain settings. So what did you do to the profile between settings?

    I think on the lower gain I added some high end through definition treble and presence and for higher gain I did the opposite. Kind of subtle. For the lead I added an eq before the amp to boost the mids a bit. Really basic stuff as I don’t know the Kemper too well yet!

    I'm a new Kemper owner and have been learning my around the device. I had heard that it's not recommended to tweak the profile too much, but then listened to some great podcasts from Tone Junkie and Michael Britt dispelling that.

    In that spirit, I used Michael Britt's free Dirty Shirley profile from the rig pack and made a patch that goes from clean to high gain lead. It sounds pretty good to me!

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    I've also been playing around with swapping cabs on studio profiles, which also seemed like a no-no to me but in practice sounds pretty good. The Kemper seems to break a lot of rules!

    Thanks everyone!

    First couple weeks have been a roller coaster...having used the Helix and AX8 for the last couple years, this is a big shift. I wasn't quite sure, but I plugged into Helix Native to check against the Kemper stuff I've been using and it wasn't even close. So I really feel I'm on the right track.

    So far I've been really enjoying the Tone Junkie stuff. I have several of his packs now and really like the Plexi and BE for heavier stuff as well as the Morgan and Ace packs for cleaner tones. Lots of great free profiles too and the new 65 Deluxe sounds awesome.

    Coincidentally, I was just playing my ASAT Special with Vintage Vibe P90's through the Tone Junkie Morgan AC20. Sounds great to me! Use the volume knob to go from dirty to clean. Not too bright or dark.

    How do you like the Reverend? I've kind of had my eye on the Bigsby Charger 290. I'm not 100% in love with my ASAT or my Mexican Tele and was thinking about moving both and picking up a Reverend, but not quite motivated enough. Need to get out and play it!

    Hello everyone! Some of you may recognize me from other forums but I figured I would join in over here for the Kemper-centric discussions.

    I'm a long-time modeling user (going back to the Digitech RP stuff in the 90's). For the last few years I've been using Helix and AX8, but I decided to sell both this week and jump into the Kemper. I picked up a toaster along with the remote and an expression pedal.

    For me I was having fun with the modelers but also getting frustrated with dialing in amps and the impulse response rabbit hole. Because amp tones are #1 to me and I don't use a ton of effects, I decided to finally jump into the Kemper world to see what all the buzz was about.

    So far so good! I am learning the device and tinkering with different profiles. Tons of great clean and breakup tones so far. Still trying to find some heavier crunch and gain tones that really blow me away but getting closer!