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    Hello everybody, been practicing for a while and finally i got something right, so please give it a go and let me know what you think.

    Also suggestions are welcome if you think i could do better.


    The profile is my 15W diy amp, basically the pre is a modded slo with my own tweaks and the poweramp is pretty bone stock jtm45 circuit adapted to el84's.

    Cabinet is a old openback flextone3 cab i fitted with a pair of 1974 built Fane speakers and mic'd up with a sm57 and a akg c1000 right on the grill.

    Let me know what you think! Thanks! :')

    The best tip I can give you is to read the profiling guide, to start.

    My process is to mic the cabinet, run that into a mixer, then out to the Kemper. That way I can set the level perfectly, mix multiple mics, the way I want, etc.

    Yeah i've been reading a lot but nothing beats hands on experience.

    What is your return level set at?

    Like the title says, i need your best tips on profiling an amp, miked and direct.

    I have a collection of old Laney supergroup amps, thirteen heads ranging from 1968 to 71, 60 to 200 watts, every possible combination of speakers the original cabinets came with ranging from 68 to 70 and so on.

    So i have a _lot_ of work to do and i want to do it the best i can, mainly for myself as that is _my_ tone, but also for other people to enjoy too, because there are literally no profiles of these in RM and everybody loves the old Sabbath tones right? :')

    So the tldr, need seriously good tips i tried twice direct and failed so let me know what to do.


    Of course there are good soundguys and bad soundguys.

    But it never makes sense to fight them.

    I like to think the soundguy or gal is a part of the team now, work with them to make the best show you can. If you really need to, have someone else play your instrument for a bit and go have a listen, but just don't be silly, make friends along the way.

    I would be really interested if this is water or any other proof or how much sturdier this is than a normal profiler. I would not put anything on this price range on the floor to stomp on. This is either bulletproof or useless.

    Pretty much my thoughts, even the remote is a lightweight compared to tc's g-system controller you could actually run over with a tank and still play (it's on youtube).

    Another thing i would be worried about is kicking the knobs when things get busy on stage, maybe have lock function or something like that.

    Looks very promising with all the functionality and i'm afraid that it'll actually be fairly affordable compared to toaster+remote, maybe around 1200€.

    Got to throw in my two cents tho, just from personal point of view i would never get that thing, i like the 'physicality' of the amp and separate remote board for studio/home as well as on stage, that just looks(feels) too crowded to have being kicked around and i hate computers too much to have to have either spend too much time clicking around or crawl on the floor turning knobs, maybe i'm just a grudgy old man.

    Not to sound sour, i definitely think it will be a great product for a lot of people, even more so if it does everything the toaster+remote do combined for less money which i expect. Well done Kemper folks!

    Hello, first post here so let it be a newbie question.

    My profiler is feeling a bit bloated and littered with unnecessary profiles/rigs and so on, i only use three performances in only one rig section, my needs are very basic.

    So my question is, how do i quickly erase everything else from the system, i have a backup on a stick and exported my rig to my computer, but i cannot for the life of me find a easy way to erase the system, is there?

    My ideal setup would be to only have my rig with the performances i have setup, so please help me :)

    ps. i've had the profiler for three months now, always been a tube amp user, tho there has been multiple triaxis set ups and all kinds of gear, my main setup for the last ten years has pretty much been just an old Laney supergroup stack with a pedalboard.

    The Kemper has been an interest for multiple years and now that i finally took the dive, i have NOT been dissapointed, it's an insane tool in the studio as well as live it just WORKS and does absolutely everything you would want to, let me repeat, AN INSANE STUDIO TOOL :)) Been really happy with it (i just hate scrolling the menus and all that but the new rig manager will hopefully remedy that).

    well that turned out a rant and a half, sorry :)