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    You always trust the audience (not you or your friends) to tell you if your tone is good.

    Not always. The audience usually experiences your tone at a much higher volume than yourself when tweaking through your headphones, monitors or whatever. So they're getting a lot more of it and it's way easier to be impressed if you're getting a higher dose of volume. Almost everything starts to sound better when the volume increases. So yeah audience experiences are very valuable but they're not quite as crucial as your own listening and tweaking sessions, IMHO.

    I think it's important to make a difference in what you're planning to use a specific piece of equipment for. If you ONLY want Fender clean tones at a relatively low level and want nothing but that, and if you want to hear those tones through a guitar speaker to get the AITR experience, get one of those new 68 Custom Vibro Champs and be done with it. The Kemper would be overkill and perhaps would even be a compromise in some aspects.

    However, if you want to do other things such as (silent) recording, playing live with IEM's (on a (quasi-)silent stage) with a professional and trustworthy PA and FOH engineer, having access to numerous profiles and effects, or if you possess tube amps with great (emotional) value which are either too precious or too heavy to move around, then the KPA is better than sliced bread.

    I eventually settled upon this fairly affordable wedge from Music Store in Cologne. Lightweight, not too expensive to keep in the car when not needed, and very useable sound and power. I'm even thinking about getting two to monitor in stereo during gigs, but that would defeat the portability thing LOL.

    I find the DXR10 not at all good for home use, way to middy, and a little fan buzzing, but I find it FANTASTIC for band use. As wedge you can point it from the floor to your head even if there's little room and it will always cut through the mix, even when there's another guitar or a sax blaring next to you, and does clean and dirty quite well. I also own the power Kabinet, but still use the DXR for band rehearsals. With 14.6 kg it's on the heavy side (mkII is 13.9 kg), but it also is a solid piece of gear and it has a good carry handle, and you can get a nice soft cover for it. With DXR in one hand, the stage in a backpack and guitarcase in the other hand, I can transport everything in one trip from the car. I use it since 2013.

    Thanks a lot!

    I’m no TS guru but I always thought the OD808 was just a reissue of the original 808 which Maxxon designed and built for Ibanez.

    You can never believe marketing but Maxxon’s web site says

    I thought that this was the case as well however there's a discrepancy in the naming. Several people (including Analogman) have dissected the OD808 and have found it to be more similar to the TS10 than to the 808 or other Tubescreamers. It even appears that any differences between the OD808 and the TS10 are negligible.

    Thanks for replying guys.

    I have used a TC Helicon FX150 for those situations. It’s loud enough for a personal monitor. Can mount to a mic stand or even sit on the floor as a wedge. It has a built in 3 channel mixer. The tone is pretty good considering the size. I know Mackie and Behringer make similar units.

    Cool I'll check them out, thanks!

    Any powered wedge should be fine.

    Many people loved the Yamaha DXR10 although they are quite expensive.

    Surprised you find the powered kabinet too big though...the nonpowered version is so small and light but then if you are using it front of stage in a wedge approach I can understand that..

    Thanks for the advice!

    Yeah I don't need the AITR experience on stage, tbh. Just looking for a personal wedge which doesn't throw my sound all over the stage, but just to me. The band gets my sound on their wedges as well so no need for any further dispersion.

    The differences between the TS and the OD are absolutely neglectable , while the TS9 and TS10 have modified resistors on the output, resulting in a slightly emphasized high end.

    The Maxon is not basically a TS10.

    Do you have different sources of information?

    Quoted by the great mr. Kemper, that already made my day, thanks!

    My source is Analogman: (section on modding the OD808)

    I actually had a lengthy email conversation with them when I first read their statement of the OD808 having the same circuit as the TS10. They confirmed it numerous times. I though the source was legit.

    Hey guys,

    I use a Kemper Stage live and absolutely love it! I mainly gig at venues where there's a proper PA and I have my own wedge, but sometimes it happens that there's no separate wedge for me and the level of the guitar on the shared wedge is not what I would like.

    I tried using the Powered Kabinet for a while but tbh it's a bit too bulky for my taste, it kind of defeats the purpose of the portable all-in-one solution which is the Stage. And I don't really feel the need for using the Kone functions, imprints etc.

    So I was thinking of purchasing a small, portable wedge which I take to gigs and leave in my car when I have a personal wedge, but take the stage when I don't have the amount of guitar volume I'd like. Anybody made similar considerations? Any tips?


    New Stage, same problem. Getting quite disappointed honestly. The thing that made me consider the KPA was its reliability when compared to tube amps, but I'm starting to question if that's correct.

    So far, of all the four Kemper products I bought brand new, three had to be sent back: the Remote I bought with my Power Head had a faulty backlight and a loose screw rattling inside, my unpowered Kabinet had a ruptured Kone, and now my Stage has this clock issue. Where's the QC? I hope I'm just having bad luck.

    To be honest (and I'm not taking a piss on anyone) this thread is cracking me up. I'm still in the euphoria phase after each gig because I don't have to take the walk from stage to car four times to haul over all my gear and laying in bed afterwards with a sour back. I wonder when the "Kemper is too big and heavy" phase will kick in.