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    I just use different profiles to be honest. 99% of the time I play profiles I made of my own amps. My Ceriatone for instance; when using the Strat I have the bright switch OFF but when using a humbucker guitar I have it ON. I profiled both settings and just switch between the profiles in the KPA. More satisfying to my ears than adjustments (EQ, input sense etc) on the KPA itself.

    I played with this more last night. So, moving stereo MOD effects to a "REV" or "DELAY" stomp location, does not do anything as far as allowing those to hit the WET outputs. Also, pitch transposer, chorus, flanger, phaser, are all in the MOD category, and cannot be used in stereo under W/D/ far as I can tell.

    For now, I'll stick with MOD LEFT as my guitar cab output. The only thing I'm really missing here is a true stereo chorus. The clean stereo delay effects routed to their own wide-ish range speakers are so worth it.

    It should certainly be possible to get stereo effects in the WW section of the rig? This is one of the major fun things about such a setup. I haven't tried it yet myself, will do tonight.

    Sorry it didn't work out for you. Funny how mileages vary.

    I've been using my KPA for 1,5 years now and I'm using my tube amps less and less. I do treat the KPA like a real amp though on stage. I always bring my 1x12 or 2x12 to "feel" the amp and I almost exclusively use profiles I made of my own amps in my own studio. I use merged profiles on stage. For recording it's just awesome. Have you tried to make profiles yourself?

    I do this pretty regularly! I have the dry signal through the Kabinet in the middle and two active studio monitors on left and right with effects. Sounds massive! Just set the Main Output to "Delay/Reverb wet", connect your monitors to those, and set the the Monitor Output to "Stack". Try it, you won't be disappointed! I even considered bringing small monitors to the stage for using this setup live, but hasn't happened yet since Covid etc.

    What speakers are in the cabs? Do you mic cabs live? I'm getting such an amazing sound through my cabinet, I kinda feel like just sticking a mic in front of it live (gasp). At least until my confidence gets built up with the FOH direct sound being there.

    WGS 12-65B's.

    I usually leave it up to the FOH mixer to either mic them or take the full stack signal from the back of the KPA. Both work great I think. I only advice them to not mic the Kabinet as that is what I've learned from the instruction video, so when I bring the Kabinet I usually make sure the full stack signal is taken from the main outs of the KPA.

    Personally I really like the new Kemper Drive. I have a Klon Centaur on my analog board which has been in storage for a few years since I only use the Kemper through guitar cabs and very rarely use my analog amps. I'd have to dig out the Klon someday and do some comparisons.

    However, I wonder: I used to stack overdrives on my analog board to achieve a big fat lead tone. For instance, I'd use a TS808 as my main drive pedal, but in the pedal chain, I always had the Centaur BEFORE the TS808 which I would engage to get the lead tone. I never had the gain dialed up on the Klon that much, however I did have the output of the Klon set pretty high to further drive the TS808 into overdrive. Does this work the same way on the KPA as well? So, if I'd put the Kemper Drive (or a Pure Boost for that matter) in front of the Green Scream with the Volume at say +5, it would actually just drive the Green Scream and not the overall rig volume per se? I'd have to try it out.

    Indeed you can only use a USB drive for that, it really works flawlessly. I once switched from a non-powered toaster to a powered toaster and I had my exact same settings on the new unit in a matter of minutes. Great stuff really.

    I also always save my most recent backup on iCloud so that even if the USB drive gets stolen or busted, I'll always have my latest backup.

    It's all a matter of taste and personal preference really. I personally pretty much only use direct profiles I made of my own amps and play them live through either the Kabinet or a 1x12 or 2x12 Two Rock cab. For recording I use one of the built in cab IR's which to my ears sound excellent.

    I own a professional recording studio and I have made tons of studio profiles with a mic'ed up cab, using the best possible microphones through Neve preamps. But somehow, for recording, silly enough I still prefer the sound of the direct profile with one of the Kemper's IR's.

    Hi guys,

    I'm having some difficulty wrapping my head around this. Basically, I tend to only use clean profiles and get my effects such as OD out of the KPA. This is basically what I did for years with tube amps, which were always high headroom clean machines, and I used pedals to get OD etc.

    I use two performances most of the time: one which contains my own profile of my Ceriatone Overtone without the Bright switch engaged, and the other performance which contains the profile of the same amp but with the Bright switch engaged. The former I tend to use with my Strat, the latter I use with my HB guitars.

    The output of my Strat is significantly lower than that of the HB guitars. It has low output pickups. On both performances I use the same effects and the slots, so switching between performances is basically the same as flipping the Bright switch on the real amp. So, in the first performance, I have set the Clean Sens to + 3 dB to account for this difference in level which enters the KPA because I only use my Strat for the performance. Is this correct?

    Thanks a lot!

    He's been using one live for the last couple of years.His tech spent 6 months profiling his amps before the first tour apparently.

    I think he only started using the KPA on the last world tour.

    I saw him in Cologne in May of 2019 before it was announced that he used the KPA. I could have sworn there were tube amps out of sight, mic'ed up backstage somewhere. I'm ashamed to admit that I only started taking the KPA seriously after that, but it was the perfect blind test for me. Now 1,5 years later I cannot imagine a life without the KPA.