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    Yes, I do.
    I have a Morgan Dual 40, a Vox AC 30 Head and 2x12 cab, and a Marshall JVM 410JS (Joe Satriani) Head. They all get played regularly, and I still have amp G.A.S. from time to time.

    At the moment I'm debating if I should buy a Marshall Studio Classic Head (Mini JCM 800).

    Real amps will always hold their validity to me.

    Thanks Ingolf. Could you elaborate as to why you think that is the case?

    Well, I for one keep one amp of any kind, can’t imagine to ever sell them all.

    Thanks Ingolf. Do you still use them frequently?

    I think it depends on how "special" or replaceable they are. I used to run ENGL's which I think I could go and buy again very easily. Maybe not so easy for a Two rock??

    I kept a Laney GH100L because its not worth selling and an emergency backup, but never used it since having my KPA ;).

    Free up the money and buy more guitars!!!!!

    Yes all those Two-Rocks are no longer produced but they have been replaced by (arguably improved) models in the current lineup.

    Perhaps it's somewhat more of a vanity thing as well... Seeing that wall of amps and cabs makes my crotch tingle. Don't know if that's reason enough to keep them :D

    I love the stereo effects, such as tremolo and chorus. I also really like the rotary effect with speed added as a switch to the remote. Spring reverb is great as well although I like to apply a high cut as early as 3500 Hz to make it sound a bit more old / vintage. I also like stacking two Green Screams through a D-style profile for some Mayer-esque lead tones.

    Thanks, haha! Yes there are some heavy bastards among them... my first one-walk-from-car-to-stage gig with the KPA is an experience I'll never forget. I am keeping the cabs however, specially a 1x12 Two-Rock, 2x12 Two-Rock and 2x12 Marshall.

    I must add though that 95% of the time I play my own profiles of these amps. I have a recording studio so I have made quite some profiles of each of these amps with quality mics and preamps.

    It took me 1,5 years to get to this point but now it's finally happening it seems... I'm selling all my tube amps! I got my KPA after hearing Mark Knopfler play through one during his 2019 tour. At that point it wasn't announced yet that he played through the KPA and I was convinced that his amps were mic'ed up somewhere backstage. I could have sworn he was playing through his Komet, Tone King or whatever. At first I could not believe that he played through a KPA so I went to a second show and was equally impressed.

    I got my KPA and have been very happy with it ever since. At first I mainly played it through my studio monitors and only recently have I used the power amp for the first time through a guitar cabinet. It seems that this gave me the final bump to get rid of my tube amps. I have four Two-Rock amps, three Marshalls, two Ceriatones and one Tone King that I have acquired throughout the years. The last time one of them got fired up must have been more than six months ago and I play on a daily basis.

    I just love the consistency, the reliability, the ergonomics, just about everything this unit has to offer. Of course I'm emotionally attached to my tube amps, but is that enough argument to keep them? I don't think so... these things need to be played, not only loved. I'm still a little bit hesitant as it somewhat reminds me of people selling analog studio gear in the 80s and 90s when Pro Tools etc came into play, only to regret it later on, but all this gear just takes up to much space, not only in my studio but also in my head ("the things you own, end up owning you").

    Let me know what you guys think... perhaps you strongly advice me not to sell my amps, who knows ;-)

    Hi guys,

    I'm selling my non-powered Head and getting a PowerHead. Recently I've hooked up the Head to a cabinet for the first time (using an external amp) and I'm so hugely impressed with the amp-in-the-room experience I had that I must have this feeling on stage. Of course, I've spent hours, days, weeks, tweaking my rigs and performances so if possible, I would just like to migrate everything to the new powered Head as easily as possible. This is how I have it in my mind, could you guys let me know if I forget anything?

    - Update Rig Manager to latest version

    - Perform software update on old Head, if not latest version

    - Perform software update on new PowerHead, if not latest version

    - Perform full backup on the old Head to flash drive

    - Perform full restore on the new PowerHead using the flash drive

    - Reset the Head to factory settings and sell it

    Am I missing something? Should this work?

    Thanks a lot guys! 8)

    That was the point, he got his sound by profiling his rigs...

    I have also found that the KPA has made me think differently...that I don;t need to feel my sound on stage, hence I don;t need any analogue stuff, because it took the KPA to make me realise that the most important "consumer" of my sound is not me or even the band, but the audience. Hence my focus is FOH now and monitoring is just for that - monitoring.


    That's cool... I guess I'm a bit more selfish in that regard, meaning that I see myself as an equally important "consumer" of my sound on stage, because it inspires me to play better / differently or to enjoy myself more (which in turn might improve playing etc).

    Just wondering, and I'm sorry if I have missed this in your replies, but have you profiled your previous analog rig(s) yourself? Because that is where the KPA really shines imo. I never was that impressed with the stock profiles and I personally (almost) always use profiles I made of my own amps with my settings, my own cabinets, my own preamps, my own microphone(s) etc.

    Before the KPA I recorded analog amps on a daily basis in my studio so setting things up was fairly easy. I tried to get the sound exactly the way I wanted it to sound by extensive monitoring and A/Bing without having to do any adjustments on the KPA afterwards. I have always been very happy with the results and for recording I haven't used the analog rig in a long time. Just the fact that I can take all my amp tones to recording situations and gigs is just amazing.

    Having said that, I must say that I usually bring (part of) my analog rig to gigs because I like to feel a speaker working next to me. My skin seems to have ears as well. I haven't tried the Kabinet yet but I imagine it's a similar experience. If logistics are very poor or if it's a really short set I breng the KPA. So different tools for different situations, I don't think there will ever be a single tool that will work every time.


    I’ve only heard a few excerpts from NAMM (I think it was). I’m not particularly exited for this and I don’t know why people are. I think it sounds like the acoustic sim pedals already out there. And there are no good acoustic sim pedals as of yet. They sound very fake IMHO. Maybe I’m wrong.

    It would IMHO be a great feature for rehearsals etc. To me the portability factor of the KPA is hugely important. Say I've got a rehearsal with a band I only play once with, and they want me to do some acoustic songs but mostly electrics, I can just use my electric through the KPA for that during the rehearsals and use a real acoustic during the actual gig. It would maintain my one-walk-to-the-car rule and that would be a big plus for me.

    Massive troubles here with latest beta RM and OS. Can't drag & drop anymore, can't save performances in RM anymore (doesn't do anything on the KPA), etc. Too bad because I really started to like the new RM software. Had to resort to manual programming on the KPA :-(

    So far so good with RM3 on my Mac... works fabulous!

    Some things I'd like in a future version:

    • Remote programmable through RM
    • Drag / copy / paste effects between rigs
    • Changing a parameter with cmd / ctrl pressed on the keyboard goes into "finetune mode" (much like sliding a fader in PT)
    • Option to double-click on any parameter after which you can insert numerical value (much like plugins in almost any modern DAW)

    Obviously its the KPA upgrade that you need to be worried about. So far I've had no issues although not gigged it yet. I've taken the risk, but there is a risk as its beta..

    Yes of course, but a beta version of the Rig Manager might also unintentionally change stuff in rigs / performances etc. as part of a bug or something like that. Anyway, good to hear that's not the case so far!

    I have both. Definitely prefer the 112 although it's quite heavier than its smaller brother.

    At home I use two 112's in a stereo setup on speaker stands at ear level, sounds amazing. I initially bought the 108 as a personal monitor to take to gigs when I don't have my own wedge or when there's no capable engineer so that I don't rely on anybody else to hear myself. However one time I replaced the 108 with the 112 just to feel the difference, and since then I always take one of the 112's with me to gigs.

    To my ears the 108 tries to sound like the 112 but does not always succeed in doing so. It tries to sound somewhat larger than itself, hard to explain. The 112 sounds very powerful, very pristine with a very clear and natural representation of the sound spectrum. I don't really use my 108 anymore to be honest.

    I tried the usual suspects but ended up with the Headrush 112. Really love it. I do place it on a speaker stand at home to get rid of the boominess and then it sounds very natural to me. In fact, I don't think the boominess is a flaw of the speaker per se, any proper speaker would cause more resonance when placed on or close to the floor or in a corner, the majority of those lows in fact aren't necessarily produced by the speaker itself.

    So I use two of the 112's at home, both on speaker stands at ear level. When I stand in the middle the sound is absolutely amazing, especially when using stereo effects like the chorus or tremolo. When gigging live I always put one of the 112's in my car and I use it when I don't have my own wedge or when there's no qualified FOH or monitor engineer around so that I'm not depending on someone else to hear myself.

    I would love for Headrush to include a low-cut filer on an MKII release to reduce some of the resonance when using the speaker as an angled wedge though :-)