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    My kemper is connected to a scarlett 6i6 thanks to two S/PDIF cables. I had some trouble some months ago, the sound was fine when I connected my headphone to the Kemper headphone connector, but very noisy when I connected my headphone to the scarlett headphone connector. I lowered the S/PDIF level until the noise disappeared. Since the last update, it is noisy once again. Then you understand why adjusting this level is mandatory.

    I watched the Kemper video. I did what they explain, enter the input menu, adjust the Clean Sens and Distortion Sens , then hit the lock button, in order to apply the setup to all the rigs. Then, all my other rigs kept their own input setup, nothing's changed !!

    I'm gonna check the input functions. I can say all the rigs have a different volume, that's not only a difference between clean and overdriven. I set all the rigs over time and probably adjusted the rig volume differently.

    Hi all

    Is there a way to adjust the volumes of rigs at the same level (Rig manager or directly on the profiler)? I have plenty of them, set at very different levels, and I would like them to be homogenized.

    I dig this tread up. Is there a way to adjust the volumes off rigs at the same level (Rig manager or directly on the profiler)? I have plenty of them, set at very different levels, and I would like them to be homogenized.

    I guess you mean doing that directly on the profiler, starting from an effect part of a rig ? I want to edit the parameters of an effect stored in all presets / my profiler in Rig manager. I guess that's not possible directly on the profiler.

    ST refers to the PROFILER's user interface.

    In Rig Manager simply drag&drop the effect modul e.g. module D into the All Presets area (MyProfiler or Local Library). A new preset will be added to the list. Now you can edit it's name in the Inspector on the right hand side.

    I noticed I can edit the name, but in fact, I want to change the effects parameters, not only the name.

    I made custom presets for delay and reverb and stored them into the myprofiler/preset. I changed some parameters afterward, but I didn't find the way to save them . When I select one preset, it seems the current rig is selected (browser mode) or performance (performance mode). Then the save applies for rig or performance.

    Any idea ?

    Unbelievable ! Following my request people from Kemper told me the bug is fixed on the new release. I've updated both RM and the Kemper, and the bug disappeared. I hope you guys gonna take advantage of the change.

    I had a look at the tread Piotrmaj talks about. Most of the complaints are about RM. But I tried to populate a new performance in RM, then store. Everything seemed fine in the profiler. Then after switching the profiler off and on, RM being closed, I had this "crunch issue" on the profiler itself. I tried to load another rig, in one slot, using only the profiler, and then there was a discrepancy between the name in the main window, and the one on the 2nd position top left.

    I tried to start from scratch, not using RM at all. It seems to be OK.

    Could be people haven't been filing tickets. People love to complain, but often don't report.

    I haven't complained about this problem, but I get the same results. I figured enough people here had made noise that it wasn't needed.

    So...I'll be submitting one now. :)

    Sure please send a ticket.


    I sent my third ticket about performance mode. Here is the message.

    Every thing is fine in browser mode, but performance mode is messy, especially linked with RM.

    From a new performance in RM, I populated the 5 slots by opening a new window and drop the rigs, then "store performance in #xx", following the users manual advice.

    Then, when I switch from one slot to another thanks to the remote, each time the selected slot is changed to the default "crunch". So by selecting the five slots, eventually, they are all set to crunch, and no undo is possible.

    I redo the performance creation, didn't touch the remote and then shut the profiler and RM off and on. The only difference is, the labels of the slots are not changed (5 small rectangles) but the header says "crunch. Nothing's change in RM...before I ask to store the performance on the profiler. Then "crunch" everywhere in RM too.

    I run RM and OS

    Did you ever experiment this ?

    Yes, 4 of 6 on the profiler. On Rig Manager it's Parallel Path on the Rig page. If it's on, the Parallel Mix controls the amount added.

    Thanks to your advice, I've just discovered The Rig setting function ! The Parallel path was off, so the explanation is most likely green and Kemper DS mix the two signals.

    The Kemper Drive and Green Scream are both based on the traditional o/d circuit such as the Tube Screamer. One of the characteristics of those analog pedals is that they all have some clean signal mixed in with the o/d. Kemper simply models this.

    That might sound great, except I compared the green and the kemper DS to others. You're right the mix clean/DS is only present for the first 2 stomps. That might be kind of personal taste, but I keep on finding the sound artificial, the clean and the DS not matching.

    I tested other rigs with no stomp. By playing on the volume nob and my boost pedal, I can go from hardly crunch to reasonable overdrive, with a very consistent and harmonious sound. I guess the green original pedal is used by many famous guitar players, but I never got this impression. Why doesn't the mix setting give 0 clean sound added when set to 100% ? Then we would have a choice, even not the same as the real pedals.

    I don't hear that with the stomps. Any chance you have Parallel Signal Path enabled? That would send a clean signal to the out put. You can see this on the Rig settings page 4 of 6.

    How are you monitoring? Is the output for Master and/or Monitor set to Master Mono or Master Stereo?

    Sorry, what do you mean by Rig settings page 4 of 6 ? Set on the profiler ?

    In the output section everything is set on "stereo"


    Every time I try to use distortion stomps (mainly Kemper and green), I'm very disappointed. It sounds like the clean sound and the overdrive are played at the same time, even by setting the mix to 100%. I mean it sounds like I get the clean, and a fuzzy messy sound all together. By using cranked amps, it sounds like a complete coherent package, and turning the volume nob, makes the sound changing smoothly. Is there a trick ? :/

    I asked for help from the kemper support team. I sent them files, probably they assume that comes from my setup, let's give them a chance, I let you know ...

    I might have found out how to cancel an accidental change of Rig in performance mode. Switching off/on the profiler or RM is no use. By selecting another performance we're asked (or not ??) to save/discard the change. But while I was doing the test, I realized the header and the name of the rig was different ...or not!! Definitely not stable.