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    That's kind of weird. I have two RM windows open, one with performance, one with rigs. When I switch both of them, the store performance function is at the back of the rig window and the editor at the back of the performance window. For sure not a normal behaviour.

    I kept on switching, now everything is fine for the performance window but the editor button is not at the back of the Rig window.

    I thought I understood how to select rigs in performance mode using the editor. But, Today I tried to create a new performance and I struggled a lot.

    Performance mode is selected (profiler) and let's say bank n°3 on the remote. One RM window (RMA) is open for performances (and bank 3 is selected) and another one for profiler rigs (RMB). When I select slot 1 or 2 on the remote, then double click on a rig in RMB, the slot change and the rig name is written correctly on the remote, same for the profiler display (for both slots 1 and 2). But if I select slots 3, 4 or 5, the names are correct on the profiler, the rigs are loaded correctly but the names don't change on the remote, and in RMA either.

    And worse, I play this game few times and suddenly the right names appear on the remote...and back to the issue some minutes later. The names are never right in RMA.

    Any idea ?

    I'm a bit confused, and surely don't understand the procedure. Let's say I want to change the cab for Rig A by using the one set for rig B.

    By double clicking on rig B , it's loaded in the profiler and in edition mode in the editor, then I can't do anything for rig A. What do I miss ?

    Sure. For instance I sort out the rigs depending on the name (A to Z) and favorite (favorite rigs show up at the beginning of the list) by clicking the dedicated column header. Then by deleting one rig the order is changed and I need to start over.

    Rings a bell ?

    Thank you so much Deadman42. My mistake, I tried to use RM with the profiler and I didn't take time to go deep into RM manual in order to manage the performance independently from the profiler.

    Just another question : If I sort out the rigs, and then delete one, I loose the setting and need to sort out once again. Any trick to address this issue ?

    I sincerely love my profiler for its amazing sounds and setup possibilities, I really do.

    In the same time I really find RM useful, especially the rig selection. I never use the browse button, might do it for some special occasion if I can't use my computer. The reason is IMO selecting rigs is hugely easiest compare to scrolling on the profiler using the buttons and the tiny screen. I don't talk about managing names that makes me remember the beginning of the SMS. Point is Kemper guys seems to have a different point of view (please German friends tell us if you read this).

    1-By selecting a rig in RM it's loaded as preview in the profiler. That means you can't replace the rig and need to "save as" and delete in rig manager. When you want to edit an effect the preset doesn't show up (it does when you select the rig on the profiler). It happens to me every day as I try to set my own rigs. That means I can't make sure I set the right preset for a dedicated rig. I asked the support team, that's not a bug.

    2- To assign a rig to a performance, once again you have to scroll among all your rigs to find the right one. I tried to do it by using RM, never succeeded. I'm not sure there's not a way to do it ??

    The Editor might give an answer but I don't know if it's part of the specs. The Support guy doesn't know either.

    Last complain that seems to me correlated to what I wrote above. I really don't understand the logic in the manual information management. I personally like to find first the most useful information, straight to the point. It seems the information is spread with every details, the main among the not so essential. I really like the manuals starting with all the basic stuff you need to know with some links to detail information if needed.

    Kemper guys are smart and they made a fantastic beast but we might have not the same logic ? Hope it can be improved if you guys agree.:)

    There are now thousands of rigs available in rig manager. When I found one crap, I would like it to be removed from the (my) list, or at least, tag it but I didn't manage to do this. Any idea ?

    Don't know if this has been mentioned before...

    With OS 7 : when browsing and tweaking the profiles that are on my Kemper via Rig Manager and hit store, I'm only able to "store as". This means that I'm not able to replace the existing profile on my Kemper.

    Anyone else noticed this?

    Same for me. It seems all rigs from rig manager are edited as "preview", even the ones stored in the profiler . I've just added a feature request. Don't know if it's OS 7 related ?


    By selecting a rig via rig manager it appears as "preview" on the profiler. I understand why if the rig doesn't come from the profiler memory. Most of the time I select the profiler rigs from rig manager (much easier IMO) and I would find very useful in this case to edit the rig the same way it is done by selecting it directly from the profiler. That would allow to replace the rig instead of "saving as", because I always need to delete the old rig from rig manager.


    I've just realized when I try to edit an effect by pushing and holding the dedicated button, the preset names doesn't show up inside the "right box". When I turn the Browse button the preset name (on the right) is the same as the type (in the middle). I did this with many rigs and effects and I'm pretty sure I assigned dedicated presets. Don't know if it's an OS 7 issue (

    I started to use the performance mode. I assigned rigs to the slots and saved the performance. Then I noticed, for some of the slots the rig name written on the second line (inside the "boxes") is wrong, while the one written beneath the performance name is right. I don't know if it happened with the previous OS ? I sent a message to the support team.

    When you load a rig via Rig Manager it considers it a preview, so you only get the "Store As" option. I don't care for that approach either, but you can get around it by loading the rig using the KPA controls instead of RM when you're going to do any editing.

    But It's worth being changed

    Any update for this topic ? I got the last system update (6) and I didn't find any way to jump quickly from a preset to another one. If you begin from the chorus section and want to reach the reverb, even by using the rig buttons it takes a little while. Could we, at least, consider selecting the first letter to avoid scrolling endlessly ?