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    I started to use the performance mode. I assigned rigs to the slots and saved the performance. Then I noticed, for some of the slots the rig name written on the second line (inside the "boxes") is wrong, while the one written beneath the performance name is right. I don't know if it happened with the previous OS ? I sent a message to the support team.

    When you load a rig via Rig Manager it considers it a preview, so you only get the "Store As" option. I don't care for that approach either, but you can get around it by loading the rig using the KPA controls instead of RM when you're going to do any editing.

    But It's worth being changed

    Any update for this topic ? I got the last system update (6) and I didn't find any way to jump quickly from a preset to another one. If you begin from the chorus section and want to reach the reverb, even by using the rig buttons it takes a little while. Could we, at least, consider selecting the first letter to avoid scrolling endlessly ?