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    Thanks for the responses. It is certainly strange but I have streaming on multiple devices at home and no issues. Yet rig manager is on for 10 mins and it cuts out the access point. I should have mentioned that I have multiple access points and the others continue to work (so not an isp issue) so maybe it is the av200 access point which is the problem? Just seems strange that it never happens without rig manager open.

    I have had the Kemper for a couple of months now and realised that it has coincided with Internet issues. After using Rig Manger for a little bit my computer loses connection with the internet saying DNS issues. I then have to reset the router.

    I have just installed the latest version of rig manager but still getting the same problem. (I use a powerline access point to hardwire the desktop)

    thanks for any thoughts


    thanks for the replies. Yes, definitely looking for a stereo mix soon and for a lot to learn as I am a new kemper user also. But in the mean time I am given a 1/8 inch jack socket which my in ears plug straight into. They seem to go mono as sometimes they have bands which use more outs than would be able to go stereo with but I will certainly be asking!

    1.) yes it is all very congested so will look into what I can EQ next time as that will certainly make a difference. Last time out I was either above the mix or missing and just trusting that FOH was ok! I am not so keen on the idea of panning the band hard one side and my guitar the other but I won’t rule it out.

    2.) to be honest you lost me a little bit here. I have a 1/8 inch to dual 1/4 splitter so was looking at using that for the short term. Plugging from the 1/8 jack to the kemper with no guitar and mixing the guitar in through the kemper. Will this work? I will have to have a play and look in the rig setting for the panning options.

    3.) noted!

    Thanks again

    I have just started playing at a bigger venue that has IEM only (all very new to me) but currently it all comes back in mono (just plug my IEM into the cable I am given, and create my own mix with my iPad) and the sound I get is hindering my playing.

    The FOH sound is good but I was wondering, could I somehow plug the monitor mix into the kemper and use the headphone jack so I at least get myself in stereo?

    Any other thoughts or ideas would be appreciated but bear in mind I am on a steep learning curve!


    Do you really need external delay/reverb when the existing in the kemper are so good?

    Possibly not but I am not familiar with the effects and also without the remote wouldn’t it be tricky to switch during a song?

    It behaves exactly like the amp which was profiled. So, if you use something that is a good pedal platform in the physical amp world (like a fender twin etc) it will be just as good a pedal platform in the Kemper world.

    Perfect thank you. And in the event I find a nice heavier sound is the fx loop good for use?

    Hi everyone

    So my Church has a Kemper which I will be using next Friday. I am going in a little blind.

    I have looked around and got some great tips on the forum but one thing that I would like to get advice on is whether I should be putting my delays/reverb in the fx loop or straight through the front. (Not going to have much time to play around this week and don’t know what profiles I am going to like/use).

    Does it take pedals well? (Church does not have remote)

    Thank you!