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    Yesterday i fired up my old Mac Pro and Reaper. In Reaper i started NI Guitar Rig, old version, 5. It still worked! It does put a load on the CPU though. I recorded a few tracks with NI GR and a few with my Kemper Toaster. Apples to oranges i know, but the Kemper sounded " juicier" , NI GR grittier. But. With Ni GR you record the dry guitar sound and you can change the modelling and FX AFTER you've recorded your guitar part. This is the big advantage of software plugins. Like Line 6 Helix Native. A Kemper profile player would be fine for me. OTOH you have to run the plugin and the DAW and the OS on that poor computer. The CPU has to run all that stuff in real time. What do you think?

    I bought the unpowered Toaster a while ago. I thought i wouldn't need the power amp in my home studio. I noticed the powered Kemper I tested in the guitar shop ran a little hot. Mmm not good, electronics running hot won' last long.

    It sounds great at bedroom volumes as well as cranked.

    That's what i wanted to know. I have neighbours and I run my Boss Katana head at 0,5 Watt into a Marshall 1922 2X12. I play my Kemper on my KRK monitors now but i'm tempted to get the powered cab.

    Hi All! I'm reading a book about consciousness, a popular scientific work. Lots of stuff to think about, many theories, quantum physics. Consciousness could be a stream of snapshots. Like old-timy cinema, many snapshots in a quick sequence give the impression of movement: film.

    Many pro profilers like my fellow Dutchman Bert Meulendijks take many snapshots of the same amp. All channels, varying amounts of gain, various settings. Dozens of profiles of the same amp.

    Wouldn't it be possible to take these profiles and form one working digital model of the amp? With soft buttons for channel switching and switches on the original amp? So the gain and EQ knobs react like on the original amp? Just a thought.

    Too late this reply, sorry, i should check in here more often. I have an unpowered Kemper Toaster. I use it mainly for recording in my home studio. Straight into the USB interface to the old Mac Pro. Works great, no direct sound, you hear what you record through the studio monitors. The sound depends on the profiles though, IMHO you have to pay for the good ones. I have all the Bert Meulendijks profiles.

    Recently i bought a B-stock Boss Katana mk1 head, just for fun. I had to get used to the sound but after a while i started liking it. It's surprisingly dynamic even on channel 3, Lead. Tons of effects possible. You have to use the PC and the free editor though. Only 8 presets. The FX configuration is not ideal IMHO. The 0.5 watt setting is ideal for noodling at home. If you do just that i would have said Boss Katana. I use it on a Marshall 2X12 cab with Celestion G12T75's. The Katana is a cheap power amp for the Kemper as well. Monitor output to effect return.

    Just got myself a Boss Katana mk1 head. Not that i needed an amp but hey, i love a new toy every once in a while. It was cheap, B-stock. 5 basic channels, power switch 100/50/0,5/0 watt, lots of effects, USB, free Boss editor. What's not to like. Lo and behold, hidden somewhere in the effects section in the editor there's the Roland GR300 GS sound made famous by Pat Metheny. Perfect tracking, a little delay and reverb and off you go.

    The devil is in the details: on stage you'll need the GA-FC footswitch (100 euro), an EV5 expression pedal(68 euro), 5 meter stereo jack cable (3 meter is supplied but not long enough IMHO), amp cover, speaker cable, a speaker cab of course.

    I skipped the beta but i just downloaded and installed the latest firmware and RM. Ok i've got an editor now. But in Cabinet i don't see my preset cabs let alone the cabs in my rigs? I still have to browse through them manually.