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    I've been spinning my JB collection, Lps and Cds. JB had a great blues/rock band in the late 60s with Rod Stewart on vocals and Ron Wood on bass. I can't understand why that band wasn't more successful. Jimmy Page must have heard Truth and Beck-Ola. Led Zep was the same thing with the turbo on. JB kept evolving as a guitar player, Clapton stopped after 1970, Page after 1980. I spun Who Else, electro dance 90s stuff, Clapton never would have done that. Oh well, he's jamming with Jimi and Eddie now.

    I have a 2LP with BBC recordings of Hendrix. In the liner notes they write the BBC engineer told Jimi he was getting back a lot of feedback and distortion. It took a while for Jimi to make them understand that was his sound...

    I know, old thread but i finally got off my lazy ass and tied to figure it out. Album version off YT. Harmonic Pitch, interval 1 Unison, Interval 2 +3rd. Key is Ab(Fm relative minor). Probably in A but tuned down a half step. Play the BOTTOM line.

    Or an organ module like the EHX B9. I have a Roland VG99 , a Gr55and a dirt cheap Boss Katana head all with a Metheny GR300 simulation. The Katana obviously works with a normal jack cable.

    Wilder idea. Use the USB input with a Roland device like the GI-20 and a hex pickup. Use midi mono mode. Then you could process each string individually. Think of the possibilities, alternate tunings etc.


    Just scored a laptop in the local thrift store. Intel I5 chip, 8 Gb RAM, 220 Gb SSD (!). 45 euro. It has a Windows 7 sticker on it. It ran W7, W8, skipW9, now W10 and without a doubt it will run W11. The old standby Kemper is still up to date.


    There are no modelling devices which will make a standard guitar, tuned to standard pitch tune to something like drop D, drop C# or similar.

    Not true. Any old guitar with a Roland GK pickup and a Roland GR55, VG99, VG88, Boss GP10 etc. modelling device will do the trick.

    I just scored a Roland VG99. You don't see them for sale often and i wanted one for a long time. The basic modelling is surprisingly good for a 10+ year old device. It really shines with a GK pickup and 13 pin cable. I just recorded a song with a VG99 modelled 12 string Rickenbacker guitar, it sits nicely in the mix. Alternative tunings. Drop down tunings for the metal dudes. Low E and A strings with a bass sound one octave lower.

    I know the Kemper doesn't have a 13 pin Roland input but it has a USB input. I have a Roland GI-20 interface from Roland GK to midi over USB. It would be so cool to be able to process each string individually with the Kemper.

    I also have a 1990 S540, same neck, same problem. It's 30 year old wood though and you can feel it. There's the new Genesis RG550 reissue, pricing is OK for a MIJ Ibanez but it'll feel like a new guitar.

    Ibanez RG550 F series Fujigen Japan 1989. I scored it in a local thrift store for a song! Ok there were several parts missing and it has 2 major problems. The neck has the infamous crack in the neck/headstock region. And the frets have been levelled almost down to the wood, extremely low wide frets. So i would have to refret it myself... Awesome shredder though!