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    Not sure if this will fix your problem, Andy, and it's kind of a non-optimal way to use it for me, but I turned off autoload when scrolling the presets. Otherwise, if I was at say, the "A's" and wanted to go all the way to, for example, the ones starting with "S", it not only seemed to take longer to get there with autoload on, sometimes the scrolling would hang till I turned autoload off.

    I'm running 7.0.9, but 2.3.13, which installed just before 7.0.9 installed, has the bug mentioned in the RM thread where RM crashes trying to save a rig from RM to the toaster. I left 7.0.9 on the toaster and reinstalled, and I can save rigs to my toaster from RM again.

    I looked at a bunch of expression pedals yesterday, and ended up ordering a Moog universal TRS expression pedal. I went with that one, even though it was closer to $50USD, mostly because it uses a detachable TRS cable, instead of built in. I figure/hope that the cable is the most likely failure point, and I have a ton of TRS cables in different lengths in the studio, so hopefully that will work out for me. I'll let you know when it gets here. I can use this with a couple of my synths, as well, so it should be a useful piece of kit.

    I had a weird one yesterday. Updated my powerhead via Rig Manager to, which seemed to go without issue, but yesterday, while scrolling between presets in browse mode, which is mostly how I use this thing, when I selected a rig and hit "load", it would kind of hang on the selection before going back to the main display with just the rig name you've chosen. It seems to last about 10 seconds, and during that time, the Kemper is still playing, but on the previous rig, and none of the controls respond.

    I also a couple of times saw a screen that said is was building a list of presets, and it hung on that screen a couple of times. I found a workaround for that by turning to "Tuner" mode and back, at which point, I had the expected display.

    I shut it off and turned it back on, and haven't seen it again since, but thought I ought to mention it.

    I almost reverted to the previous 7.0.0, but decided to give this another chance, and see if it happens again. I didn't have any such problems with that version.

    I do have auto-load turned off BTW, because I had been experiencing the slight hangs when scrolling quickly to get say, from rigs that start with "B" to the ones that start with "S".

    Thanks, yeah. It's not something I want to spend much on. I took a quick look a couple of places, and didn't see any under about $50US, which is a little more than I want to spend to play with the wah. I'll keep my eye open. I was mostly hoping this one would work, because it's brand new. I bought it to use with a Line 6 DL-4 that I ended up giving to my brother.

    I tried to do a search, but either I suck at searches (likely), or no one's tried it. Using a powerhead with remote and KAOS

    I have some rigs with wah pedals in them, including the M Britt 2203, which is great sounding, so I tried attaching the only expression pedal I have, a Line 6 EX-1, to the pedal 5 jack on the remote, which is where the manual says to put it, with a TRS cable.

    In the system settings, the Kemper sees it, but in pedal mode 1, there is a calibrate button, but it does nothing. In pedal mode 2, I see moving black bar below "calibrate", but it just seems to progress from right to left to about halfway, and stop, and this does not seem to be affected by whether I'm working the pedal.

    Also, no mater what pedal mode I choose from within the edit page for the wah effect, the pedal doesn't seem to be controlling it.

    This is one area where the otherwise very thorough manual seems kind of... cursory. Pretty much just says, plug it in, calibrate, enjoy. And the two ares of the manual in which expression pedals are discussed for wah seem to link back to each other in a circular fashion.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is the EX-1 just not compatible for this use?



    Can you tell I used to test software for a living? I did the updates first. _Then_ I decided to look and see what problems people were having with it. I did notice the OS update seemed to take a really long time.

    If you're saying the speaker out from the 5150 is not plugged in anywhere, the Kemper has no way to hear it. I run the speaker out into the direct box, and the XLR out from that back into the Kemper, and the 1/4" out to the (in your case) 5150's cab. There's a really good diagram in the manual.

    I've had this happen a couple of times, and it came back if I waited a minute. I think when the Mac goes to sleep, it loses sync, but it's weird that it affects scrolling from the KPA itself.

    I think both times it's happened too, I'm scrolling through a lot of rigs. Like from A to M. I'm on the latest KPA OS, and on 10.14.5 Mojave on the Mac. Straight USB connection. No hub.