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    I bought a Kone and put it in a relatively inexpensive birch plywood cab I had lying around, and I've been pretty happy just using the EV imprint. I was using the Creamback since it's my favorite speaker, but it flavored the American-style profiles too much. EV seems to work pretty well. I have mine set as global imprint because when I gig I don't want jarring changes between tones when I switch profiles. Kinda that MBritt "use the same cab for every profile I make" idea. The FRFR mode has been decent with the acoustic simulator as well. Overall I'm quite happy.

    I agree OD's are lacking somewhat. I've taken to using my HX Stomp just for OD's to push my favorite profiles. As far as folks saying "you have unlimited amps, why do you need more OD flavors?", I have a few select profiles I use consistently, but sometimes you just wanna "goose" them a little for more breakup in a specific way. I also have profiles of the same amp with different drive settings that just didn't profile with the exact same overall tone, so just a "drive increase" profile may not have the same eq curve. I understand that with an eq and a bunch of tweaking I could probably accomplish similar results, but when I know a Timmy or Klon would push my amp in the specific frequencies I favor, I'd rather do that then try multiple bands of eq adjustment for the same effect.

    I've tried to bond with the built in ones, but they just don't do it for me. I'm happy to hear they are continuing to improve the Kemper so long after release. This thing is awesome. Haven't even looked at buying amps since I bought it.

    Hey thanks a bunch for creating these. I gave them a quick run thru and they sound great! I'll definitely have to play these some more. Just out of curiosity, where did you have the "thump" knob set when you profiled these?

    Should have posted all the pertinent info but just wanted to get them up. Didn't move EQ for any profiles, so they were set at:

    Sat switch: On

    Structure Switch: M

    Fat Switch: On

    Bright Switch: Off

    Voice Switch: To the Right

    Knobs by number, not "o'clock"

    Thump: 8

    Response: 9

    Presence: 7.5

    Dirty Treble: 6

    Dirty Mid: 6

    Dirty Bass: 10

    Clean Treble: 4

    Clean Mid: 5.5

    Clean Bass:5

    I didn't keep track of gain knob numbers, it was just changes to give various levels of gain. Hope that helps.

    Hey guys, just a few profiles. Singer let me borrow his new BE-50 Deluxe for a few days, but I didn't have time to make many profiles because life.

    Anyways, it's 1 clean, 3 on the BE channel, a 4th BE with Klone in front, 4 on HBE, and a 5th on HBE with Klone in front.

    Used a Fender Nashville Tele with Humbucker in bridge, but set profiles up with it coil split.

    Edit: Forgot to mention the speaker is a Celestion G12T-75. Hadn’t made any profiles with that speaker so thought I’d give it a whirl.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Hey guys, been a while. Hope you're all doing well. Was bored the other day so my singer and I put a couple profiles together for fun. Hopefully they are better than my previous ones. I'd like to think I've gotten at least a little better at it. The amps we used were:

    Blackstar Club 40

    Egnater Renegade 60

    Friedman Runt 50

    Fender DRRI Tweed

    Fender Blues Jr Tweed with BillM mods

    Marshall Silver Jubilee 20w

    Orange TH30

    Most are pretty straightforward dirty profiles and I think there's like 2 cleans. The Egnater Fuzz profile was profiled using a Wampler Velvet Fuzz. Hope you guys like them! They are on RE as well if you want to pick and choose which to try.

    Like with Rigs and presets an import could include multiple Performances. Let 's say you import five Performances from your USB memory stick. Let's assume you have four Performances in "New Performance" state - no Performance is ever unoccupied. Should the software then import Performances into New Performances 17, 59, 73, 124 and leave out the fifth Performance? And in which order should it select and process these Performances? And you will then search and find these as Performances 17, 50, 73, and 124? The import of Performances into the fixed Performances structure makes only real sense if you are in control of the destination for each.

    I’d be perfectly happy with that. I search through up to 1000 profiles to find a certain tone. That takes much longer than scrolling through performances. You’re acting like an arbitrary location is some sort of technological hurdle. It’s merely an inconvenience. Give the user the option to decide if they want to use it or not. Nobody is forcing them to use it, and in a pinch it might just help someone. If you have more performances to load than you have slots, then either load what fits and give an error message, or tell the user “There are X number of performances and only X number of slots. Please delete X number of performances on your Profiler and try again”.

    As far as what order to load them, alphabetical never hurt anyone.

    Now, I’m not sure if you’re just a forum mod or if you are actually involved with the product, but your arguments don’t hold water based on technology that is designed to give us choices. If there was some technical reason it couldn’t work, then I’d say “Oh, well dang. Ok!” and move on with my life, but saying “No, because arbitrary inconvenience rules!” and hand-wringing about locations and what to do if the available slots aren’t concurrent and sorting rules etc doesn’t seem like a legitimate barrier between what I’m asking about and why it “can’t be done”.

    Sorry. Long post. Maybe I’m just cranky. Played a gig last night on a borrowed PA and didn’t have my in-ears. Don’t like the ringing in my head. Happy September! ??

    Sorry if it's out there somewhere. I searched but I haven't seen it anywhere and can't figure out if it's possible. Here's the scenario:

    Bandmate and I both have Kempers. He doesn't have a generic "clean thru distorted" level-balanced Performance on his Kemper, just individual song preset Performances. I wanted to copy one of my "one size fits all" Performances to my USB at a gig to drop onto his Kemper to help him get thru tunes he didn't set up in advance. Is there a way to do this? All I see in the USB menu is: Backup everything, Export Rig, Export Preset. Nothing listed to just grab a Performance and go. I'm sure I'm missing something. Any wisdom would be much appreciated! Thanks!

    I’m using the Headrush FRFR12 or whatever it’s called. Musicians Friend gave me 12% backstage points when I bought my Kemper so it was essentially free. I have yet to gig with it, but have one coming up in two weeks. I use in ears, but will be using the Headrush to provide sound to my drummer and bass player because they need to hear me much more than our singer/second guitarist, as I’m the “main course” and he’s “garnish” on most of our songs. Got one of those short pa speaker stands to get it off the floor as recommended, and I’m very happy with it so far.