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    Hey guys and gals, it's been a while. Between Covid and a busy gigging summer, I haven't been doing much profiling. But, I recently had a little time with a few different amps so I thought I'd post the quick profiles I made. I hope they sound ok FRFR, as I run them through a Kemper Kone. I tried to add a decent cab to the ones that I wasn't super happy with, so I hope you can find something useful in them. Thanks!

    Note: the ones that have "Pro" in the name are using a Protein pedal as a boost/od. Blu, Grn, and Both should be self explanatory.

    Hey guys, I searched but can't find this scenario on the forums, but I'm sure I just searched the wrong terms. I already have a Kone in a little Egnater cab that's been serving me well, but I am awaiting arrival of a Kabinet now so I can leave one at practice place and keep one at home. When I feel like being a little louder though, I'd like to use them both. I see it says in the documentation for the Kab that it's wired in series, and I'm sure the Egnater is wired in parallel as most cabs are by default. So, just verifying that I MUST use the Kab first from the poweramp in the Kemper to keep my two Kones in series.

    Anyone else have a setup like this? Thanks!

    I'm in the same boat actually. Usually the chassis is threaded, because a nut bouncing around inside an electronic device is a very bad idea. I'm going to do some digging elsewhere for the same reason. Good luck!

    I guess my big question is: Why would anyone pay a licensing fee from a manufacturer to profile their amps when they can currently profile that same amp for free, tweak the name a little, and sell it with zero overhead from some other company taking a slice?

    Amp innovations are few and far between these days. They add technology to simplify the recording process, like direct outs, IR's etc, but there hasn't been a genuinely "innovative" circuit in a long time. It's all the same diodes, caps and transistors etc. just lined up in different orders. Shall we get started talking about how two of the same model amps won't even sound the same? Licensing and DRM for "official" versions won't change the fact that the profiled amp, one owned by Joe Schmoe and the other by Bob Schmob, mic'ed the same, same settings, will still sound different.

    Will the manufacturers profile their amps with pedals in front? Will they offer licensing deals to the pedal manufacturers as well? How will they divide the cut? Speaker manufacturers onboard as well? What about the cables? I only want my profiles with Mogami cables if I'm paying a premium.

    I can agree with a profiler wanting to get paid for their efforts profiling amps, and I've found several excellent free ones as well. I'm actually astonished you wouldn't sell your profiles if they offer something better than what's out there. If you've built a better mousetrap, why not profit from it? If it's that good, you will make money, as most folks on this forum are always willing to pay for a quality product. They already forked out the money for a Kemper, so what's a few more dollars for your amp profile? You're currently leaving money on the table. I'm sure you'd have some unscrupulous folks that would share it with close friends, but making SOME money by putting it out there has to be better than making NO money sitting on your hands waiting for a system that, frankly, isn't going to happen in this ecosystem.

    Adding an extra middleman to take a cut when there are multiple manufacturers of different products currently NOT having to pay for the rights to call an amp by it's real name seems cumbersome and foolish. This adds an extra layer of complexity and raises costs to the consumer. Neither of which is a positive.

    Right now I'm using my HX Stomp strictly for a single compressor and fx loop to let me use my FreqOut pedal without running extra cables to the Kemper to keep my cable run tidy. I was using a few drives in the Stomp but since the KD came out I'm not using drives in the Stomp at all. So basically my Stomp is to prevent me from having to run two more cables from pedalboard to Kemper. I'm under-utilizing it for sure.

    I encountered the same thing with the low end. A few tweaks and undo/redo comparisons and I was able to make some pretty consistent tones that didn't lose too much. It's still way better than the previous baked-in drives. I'm happy!

    Does the Boss switch change state on press or release? I have one I bought for my HX Stomp but honestly I've never used it.

    Also, there's a couple settings somewhere in the system menu to deal with lag between patches. One talks about cross-patch blending or something like that, and the other one is constant latency, which I understand to mean there is a default "time gap" between patches, or if the change can be made faster, it will. Now, since I don't have my Kemper in front of me, I can't point you any closer, but it may at least be something to look into. Good luck!

    I had issues of bad distortion with the acoustic sim until I put a compressor in front to limit the spikes from strumming and then just raised the post volume to account for it. That effect doesn't like being pushed, that's for sure. I think I actually end up compressing twice because I have one on constantly in my HX Stomp to optimize my FreqOut pedal and then use one in my acoustic sim patch that's a pretty big squasher. I don't think the first has much influence as It's a recent addition, but I finally have eliminated all the problems with the acoustic sim (for me, anyways). Glad to hear you liked it!

    I've gigged three times with mine now, and I'm probably not going back to a traditional guitar speaker for my Kemper ever again.

    Thanks to all who shared. It looks like the most used FX are a sustainers, ODs and non reverb/delay Modulation/Time-based FX.

    • I bought the FreqOut because of this thread :P.  
    • I am playing around with the Archer and Protein OD pedals.
    • I really love fuzz and am very particular about it so the fuzzes maybe my biggest add. I will limit myself to two at a time, but I’m playing with the Octahive, Muffuletta, Sasori, and Twin Bender.
    • I have an H9, but so far I am enjoying the FX on the Kemper. I mostly only use delay and reverb anyway and I don’t have a picky enough ear for the other types of FX to want a separate pedal.

    I have to say I am loving the wholeness of the Stage. I have a rack and remote and just found it to be too much for setting up with external pedals and vocal harmonizer when gigging. However, knowing more now about how the Kemper works, I could have made that setup less complicated.

    I’m limited myself to what can fit on a Nano+ board in terms the external pedals so I’m not adding too much depth to width to my setup.

    I bought a FreqOut as well. It runs in the fx loop of my HX Stomp and then into the Kemper. I use the Stomp for compression and a couple OD/Fuzzes before I hit the Kemper. I think the FreqOut is my favorite new specialty pedal.

    I can see the benefit of this. I have some profiles that certain frequencies are accentuated through a PA versus through guitar speakers. If I used a few Mesa Profiles and then went to Marshall profiles, they had similar output volumes through my V30/G12T-75 cabinet, but their full-range frequency differences made the Mesa Profiles significantly louder through a PA. I suppose that I could use an EQ block to remedy this and pull some of those frequencies out, but what if I already had every slot filled with effects? I'm not saying this NEEDS to be implemented, but I can definitely sympathize with his situation because I've experienced it myself.

    Since I use a Kemper Kone now, i haven't had this issue, because it seems to match the PA tone pretty well. YMMV, but if it isn't a difficult addition to program, it would help at least some folks out there.

    Hey guys, I tried finding stuff in the forum but my search skills must be lackluster. My question is: has anyone profiled two amps at the same time? It has to have been tried, but for some reason, searching for "profiling two amps" doesn't help much. Brings up a dearth of posts, but nothing specific to what I'm asking. I was thinking of trying my Friedman Runt 50 set to lower gain and my singer's BE-50 Deluxe set with more gain since it's a bit more organic sounding (to me) when cranked. Just curious if this would confuse the Kemper. I'll keep looking for posts, as I hate duplicate posts as much as the next person. Any advice or even links to other forum posts would be great. Thanks!


    Google served me better than forum search. Found some info. Gonna give it a whirl. I'll post some results if they aren't terrible.

    We had 4 gigs lined up for summer. 2 have canceled, and 2 are private parties where they have guaranteed to rope us off and keep us distanced from the unwashed masses. We would have canceled those ones ourselves had the venues not insisted we would be well separated from the guests. Playing is a hobby, not a necessary source of income for me, so we will continue to play gigs where we feel adequate precautions have been taken. Other than that, i'm just jonesing to play out for the sake of testing out some new PA gear I bought more than 6 months ago that's been sitting in a trailer ever since.

    As stated above. When I open RM, it sees my USB stick, and can copy from it, but will not copy to it. When I drag and drop, it shows (in RM) that the files are there, but when I actually open file explorer and look at the stick, it's still empty. I can copy any file in Windows to it, but RM just doesn't "take" for some reason. Reformatted the stick with the Kemper, tried another one, and same issue. RM will copy to and from my Profiler fine, but just not USB. Wondering if it's a USB driver issue. As I sit here typing this out, I'm wondering if it's an issue with a specific USB port, as I didn't try a different one. Anyone else experienced something like this? It only happened in the last couple revisions so I'm perplexed. Thanks guys.

    PS: Borrowed my singer's BE-50 again, so I am gonna try to get more profiles done around the first week of September. So if you liked my other profiles, there should be some more on the way soon.

    Has anyone tried the Purple Plexi from Tone Junkies? I haven't yet but im thinking about it.

    Yes, I have it. I haven't tried it with my LP, only with my Tele, but for the sheer amount of profiles there are some good ones for me. That's just based on my needs. Tons of excellent, immediately usable tones. Some are bright and brittle, borderline shrill, but that's on a Tele. Very expressive.

    I bought a Kone and put it in a relatively inexpensive birch plywood cab I had lying around, and I've been pretty happy just using the EV imprint. I was using the Creamback since it's my favorite speaker, but it flavored the American-style profiles too much. EV seems to work pretty well. I have mine set as global imprint because when I gig I don't want jarring changes between tones when I switch profiles. Kinda that MBritt "use the same cab for every profile I make" idea. The FRFR mode has been decent with the acoustic simulator as well. Overall I'm quite happy.

    I agree OD's are lacking somewhat. I've taken to using my HX Stomp just for OD's to push my favorite profiles. As far as folks saying "you have unlimited amps, why do you need more OD flavors?", I have a few select profiles I use consistently, but sometimes you just wanna "goose" them a little for more breakup in a specific way. I also have profiles of the same amp with different drive settings that just didn't profile with the exact same overall tone, so just a "drive increase" profile may not have the same eq curve. I understand that with an eq and a bunch of tweaking I could probably accomplish similar results, but when I know a Timmy or Klon would push my amp in the specific frequencies I favor, I'd rather do that then try multiple bands of eq adjustment for the same effect.

    I've tried to bond with the built in ones, but they just don't do it for me. I'm happy to hear they are continuing to improve the Kemper so long after release. This thing is awesome. Haven't even looked at buying amps since I bought it.