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    @G String this is not what the OP is doing though.

    They are bringing up a profile, then editing that profile, then when they hit duplicate it loses the changes they made.

    What you are telling them to do, which is correct for RM, is bring up the originl Profile, hit duplicate first, to duplicate and rename, then do the edits, then save after the edits have been done.

    The problem with this, and why it is confusing, is because on the KMP itself, you can do your edits first then hit 'Store as' and you don't lose your changes OR write over the original. THe confusing thing is having two different methods to achieve the same thing.

    Finally got around to making 3 Crunch profiles for my Boogie Studio 22+

    All 3 are clean channels with 3 stages of gain for crunch. If you have the time and the inclination, check them out.

    Rig names to search for in Rig Exchange:

    OCT-Boogie 22+ Crunch 1

    OCT-Boogie 22+ Crunch 2

    OCT-Boogie 22+ Crunch 3

    Many thanks.

    If only sound would matter people would play their tube amps instead!

    Not always the case. I have 3 tube amps - all too loud for my studio at home. Because (for me) it IS about the sound, my profiles from my amps do make it easier for me at home but because it is about the sound for me and the fact that playing through the Kemper still feels like playing though the amp. Apologies, everyone was talking about the editor, which would be useful when it appears but doesn't stop me from doing what I want to do on the Kemper.

    I'm fairly new to the Kemper club. I was saving for a Mesa Boogie 5:50 plus and took a chance on a Kemper instead. Absolutely loving it. Anyway, a few weeks after owning it I got a little time to test out profiling and did a clean and dirty channel profile of my Boogie Studio 22+. A friend had left a 60's Watkins Clubman combo at my studio so I thought I'd profile that as well, just to see how to go about it. I uploaded them to Rig Exchange but only just noticed a forum section so thought I'd post their names here to see what people think.

    All mics, speakers etc are in the data of the profiles. Hope someone may find a use for them:

    OCT-Boogie 22+ Clean 1

    OCT-Boogie 22+ Dirt 1

    OCT-Watkins Clubman

    I'm pretty sure RM 3 won't be released until they are happy with a stable release of OS 7.x.

    7.1.2 just came out of Beta and there are now no beta OS versions......... so maybe RM 3 will be sooner rather than later.

    Kemper never gave an exact date and G-String has been on several times in the past 2 weeks talking about delays. I know it's a long thread but Kemper have been on this very thread talking about the delays.