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    I would appreciate if there could be a button to make it so that if I change rigs WITHIN the same performance WHILE connected to the Editor
    it won't keep the changes that are made with the stomps/wah .. (while playing ... on/offs etc .. ).

    I'd like to work in rehearsals, while connected to RM.. so I can quickly tweak the sounds as needed but,
    when we start playing, I need it to act in LIVE MODE if you will .. rather than EDIT MODE.

    I hope I'm clear enough with my suggestion.
    Happy Tweaking!

    The issue with booting is .. the Kemper remembers which state is was when it was disconnected from the AC.
    So .. if you turned it off and pulled the cord .. it should boot into standby when connected back to AC.
    If it was on .. it'll simply boot to Browse/Perf mode (whichever was in use).
    It meant to be this way incase you have a power failure mid gig and the power comes back .. so will the KPA.

    Happy booting!

    So .. If I drag an effect block into the top left Preset Folder it'll be saved as an effect/stomp preset.
    That's amazing! Really intuitive.

    HOWEVER, I can't seem to select both Amp AND Cab to save a Stack Preset.
    Anyone has a lead on that ?
    Is it at all possible at the moment?
    Happy Editing!!

    I was talking about having it IN THE KEMPER
    so I can categorize the browsing.

    ie Clean Tones, Crunch, Lead or perhaps by Amp Brand or Current Project Name.
    There are many ways you could do it .. and it will help workflow.

    Essentially .. you're either on the road using Performances .. or in the studio .. Browsing for A TONE.
    Say I wanna quickfind a tone I know I own .. I don't wanna browse the 20 screens ..3 would be enough.
    Further more .. If I have a new gig TODAY and need to setup the performances' slots from the KPA/Stage units sans rig manager,
    browsing to folders will be easier/shorter than scrolling through ALL YOUR RIGS every time you want to fill a slot.

    I hope I'm clear in my explanation.
    Happy Browsing.

    I've uploaded my first profile...a profile of my Morgan AC20 Deluxe through my Morgan 1x12 cab with an ASW Absolute 25 W speaker.
    Be kind, I'm just learning. :)

    You can find it under Morgan AC20 or my username, rmpacheco.

    I should add that I tested it with my Tele, so I suppose it will sound best with single coil guitars.

    Bruh! Awesome profile! Thank you!

    It would be VERY helpful to be able to categorize the rigs in Browse mode so I could keep the rig pool tidy as it becomes inormas to browse through ..
    Just an example for the possible use(s) :

    1.Original unedited profiles

    2.Personal Best

    3.<project name>

    4.<project name>


    etc ...

    Would be cool to have the Morph be Momentary in some cases (rig based).

    So I can engage a rotary for just a second .. or a crazy burst of dly/vrb here and there.
    One can use a switch instead of a pedal, externally but ..
    if that could be done with the 1-5 footswitches .. (or even I-III) that would be AWESOME!

    So .. Just tested it roughly ..
    I sent some white noise to the kemper and tweaked the knobs while testing with a visual analyzer.

    Bass - has a hi pass filter up to about 250Hz
    Mid - covers 250Hz to approx 4K

    Treble - 4K to 16K

    Presence - is a hi pass filter till about 2K.

    These are extremely rough measurements ..
    Perhaps the folks at Kemper could shed some light.

    I'll do a test later on today or tomorrow and report :)
    I'm curious about it too.
    In my workflow, I choose the best suiting profile .. if need be I slap on an GEQ after the STACK and only after attenuating the tone from the GEQ,
    I'll use the STACK EQ (Post stack) for smaller refinements.

    I'll report soon,
    Happy EQing.

    As there is an option to send the Stereo/Mono output tapped from after the MOD without the DLY/REV,
    I wish there was an option to move back another slot, and send the signal post X MODULE (mono/stereo) to the variety of physical outputs available.

    My sound usually employs an EQ right after the stack, in the X Module slot, for fine or rough tuning of the chosen profile, and only then begins the 'coloration process' with mod/dly/rev.
    Also, the X Module will sometimes be the MOD slot because I'll use 2 Dlys and a Rev or visa versa .. for ambient tones etc.

    I'd love the option to come out "DRY" after the X module (having my EQs in full effect) and physically rout the signal to either of stereo 1/4" outputs,
    while I have the MOD/DLY/REV coming out of the MAIN XLRs.
    Making the above available would be most helpful for me and my kind :)

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Well .. Once you're using the Switcher .. by design IT is supposed to be your main controller ..

    so you'd want MIDI flowing out of it to your MIDI equipped gear .. for control only and,
    your real pedals should be connected individually to the loops in the switcher.
    Not sure about the Kemper's MIDI implementation but, I think it can receive Midi CC for turning effects on and off.

    You'll have to think about the signal path and come up with the best way to connect the kemper to your loops and visa versa using the FX Loop.
    (Kinda like the 4 cable method but.. using the kemper as a 4 piece pedals board pre stack - STACK - 4 piece multi fx post stack.
    But placing an FX loop in one of the slots you can decide WHERE to tap into the signal path with your switcher, and to which loop in the switcher the kemper should be connected to.

    If you're using a BOSS switcher, I think you can move the slots along the signal path regardless of their physical connections, and since it's a built in feature in the KPA ... after some thinking and planning .. you should be good to go.

    How's it goin' Kempers?

    So I've been using 4 performances for a gig and ONLY one of which should be locked on 130 bpm, I want the other 3's tempo to remain consistent to any last Tempo Input , until a new one is entered by a tap or any performance that was launched and has a "Use Perf Tempo" checked.

    I've got Tempo Enabled in all 4 performances, the one that needs to be 130bpm is set to it and, it also has Use Perf Tempo checked.
    (The other 3 have that unchecked)

    The result is ... the one that needs to be 130bpm is launched in the correct tempo .. Once I switch to a different performance .. the BPM doesn't stay as it should
    (Since the other 3 perf don't have Use Perf Tempo checked I was under the impression that the tempo won't change until I tap in a new tempo, not so)

    In the RIG menu I can lock the tempo and it'll lock the tempo to the last tapped in tempo but, it won't switch to 130bpm when the specific Perf is launched.

    Any advice?

    the 2 display layouts ARE awesome however .. When on stage, I would appreciate a less cluttered display especially while choosing the bank.
    So .. perhaps a clear the slots from the display WHILE browsing up and down the banks .. and have a BIGGER BANK number :)
    And lets say .. if I stop before hitting a slot in a new performance .. ONLY THEN (say 1.5 seconds later) will the display be both <bank name+number> along with the slot names.
    I think it could make things easier to spot.