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    Ah, okay. It would be nicer without the need of an additional pedal - that's why I have a camper! - but that pedals looks handy. Really want something to quickly record riffs, to not forget. So far I used my iPhone's microphone, but sound quality is bad of course

    Thanks guys, for your understanding and for all your great input :)

    Sure, I know lowering the volume is the first thing I should do!

    Not that I play loud, not at all ...

    But I was just thinking how you make music and what guitar players like when they play:

    I already liked to put my Marshall 4x12 on a chair when I was young, to hear more of the direct signal of the speakers.

    But other guitar players like their cabinets or combo's to stay on the floor, to give them more of a darker growl.

    You not only hear sound you also feel sound right? ;)

    Well, the "feel" thing needs a lot of volume and is hard to achieve in a home situation.

    But still, there is a difference between sitting in the sweet spot of studio monitors, or sitting next to a combo, that's on the floor and blasting on your knees rather than blasting into your face.

    There are differences in how you listen to sound also:

    When I mix music/tracks with my monitors I need low/moderate level only.

    I want to listen to all the details, I don't need to "feel" the music.

    But when I play guitar, I want to feel the sound a bit, play with feedback maybe even!

    And maybe good monitors are bad for that? Maybe "shit speakers", like guitar speakers (in terms of frequency range) are better for playing fun?

    Maybe an 8" speaker or a 8" Simulation of a speaker would be better for me?

    Okay, make a long story short, maybe I should try some smaller cabinet simulations first and not sit in the monitors sweet spot and give that a try

    Hi there,

    I love my Kemper, it brought me back to guitar playing after being into synths for quite some years.

    I play the Kemper with 2 Neuman KH 12a speakers, excellent studio monitors, also said very often, that they work very well with guitar sounds.

    The monitors are on a little stand on my desk, setup/positioned as you should studio monitors, means the guitar goes directly into my face ("in die Fresse" 8o), what I like, because I like defined high frequencies of the guitar.

    BUT: After long sessions, I realize my ears are stressed, even almost near to ringing =O

    Unfortunately I am already in the age, where I should care about this, knowing that my ears already got a bit worse.

    I was thinking about buying the Kemper cabinet, but then, I will annoy my neighbors much more I am afraid. And I like the minimalistic setup I have now.

    Are Neumann monitors a little too hard maybe, should I go for Adams rather? Or bigger monitors, with a bigger sweet spot?

    Are there any EQ settings you could recommend me?

    Any other tips?

    Maybe the people from Kemper could also think of an ear protection parameter in the master eq, that filters out the most dangerous frequencies ???