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    You guys are on another level and hence probably need this level of sophistication in a backup.

    For me, I've never had a failure with the KPA, so just have a sans amp as an "emergency get me through the gig" backup...

    With our band, most of the gigs are abroad so I always worry about everything getting there.

    Saying that, did one in Sweden a couple of weeks ago and with the way things are with airports and baggage handlers at the moment, I took just one Kemper stage. I took it on the plane with me though inside the green Kemper Stage gig bag.

    I would even let them run in parallel with an A/B switch before the inputs. If something happen, just switch over to the backup and keep playing

    I was talking to Bob Bradshaw about the possibility of him making me a box that would switch guitar signal and XLR’s for front of house with just one switch.
    Bob advised me to keep things exactly the way they are as by using another interface, you are then bringing a commonality into the equation that can render both systems to not work.
    He advised that an A and B rig should have nothing in common.
    Once I thought about it, I tended to agree.

    Oh yeah! sweet setup - I use the GLXD16 as well - very similar to how I will be running

    The Volto’s I use work great to power the receiver. They are used to power the GLXD only.

    You get at least 5 hours out of each one. I use one for soundcheck and one for the gig.

    It gets rid of the wall wart from onstage which isn’t easily replaced at a gig and is always vulnerable to getting crushed by flight cases and monitors being moved.

    Then, I have a 50ft backup guitar cable that is on the backup Kemper Stage that can be used with either pedalboard if there is a problem with the wireless.
    They are working on a version 4 of the Volto but not available yet and all the ones I use seem to be sold out now.
    Anyway, it’s a nice solution for the future if you maybe want to go that way.

    If it is critical to see the amp in the Rig name you need to prepare the Rigs that way and load these Rigs. Just loading a preset doesn't do that job.

    Yes, I have gathered that now.
    Not too keen on how all the tags are setup to be honest. I don’t know exactly what I would do to change it but the way they are now just don’t work for me at all.

    Also, it would be great to finally support a usb keyboard. I know there is limited use on the classic profiler but the Stage being floor based definitely needs this when profiling…….. or editing all my live tags to represent an amp change.

    You are providing good reasons why a Rig is more than just an amp. And that is why Rig Author doesn't automatically mirror the amp author. And the cab author could be different anyhow. I suggest you tag your specific Rigs with Rig Author "Vinny" and select the stack via preset or selective browse.

    That’s true. 😂

    Will investigate.

    The rigs already have all the correct author (me) etc. But, the name of the rigs are the actual current amp being used in that rig and changing the stack won’t reflect that anymore.

    So currently, a rig might be called 3+ SE Rhythm #4 or Boogie Mk3 #6 and that is what it is then tagged as in the rig tags.

    It’s just been helpful to do it this way so I know what amp and profile of that amp I am dealing with when browsing all my profiles. But also, when wanting to know what amp I have in a slot of a profile months after I have put it there.

    Thanks Burkhard. I do appreciate the help.

    I ran into this the other day getting a profile of my Gallien Krueger 250 ML into a Marshall 4x12.
    Had spent ages getting the mic placement nice so there was not too much proximity effect.
    All sounded great then, the profile came back with a low end that wasn’t there through the mic.
    I had Logic’s real-time eq analyser active while monitoring the profiling and you could clearly see what was being added in the profiling stage. Annoyingly, the refine process almost completely ignored this extra low end.
    Without the analyser , you could clearly hear it through just studio monitors but when I put the profile onto a usb stick and went into my live room and put into one of my Kemper Stage and played it through my Turbosound PA system I have in there, those lows were really bad and clouding the whole bottom end.

    I reprofiled and reprofiled until I got one I was happy with after refining again and again until I managed to get one that was workable.
    It’s definitely adding something that’s not there and the refine process is not picking it up like it should.
    On the GK 250ML, it was between 60 and 80hz that was really noticeably being added. The original mic signal was completely clean with nothing much happening in that area. Only the profile.

    And another idea:

    If you have created your own Rig setup with your own chain of effects that you constantly use, why don't you tag it correctly once? Enter your name as Rig Author and assign a meaningful name "Vinny Burns Default Rig" and load this Rig into the Slots you want to use first replacing the default Rig Crunch?

    However, there is no mechanism, that Rig Name automatically follows amp name nor does it follow cab name. It is on another logical level.

    Thanks Burkhard.

    I am replying to both your answers.
    I have created all my own amp profiles and they are all correctly labeled and tagged in the rig, amp and cab sections.

    I have had to initially save certain rigs the way I wanted them as a template to then bring into a Performance. Also saved my important starting point effects presets.
    There were then basically a few Performances I made as templates to start the actual Performances.
    I have about 6 or 7 rigs that get pasted into these template Performances just as a starting point.
    But, each song is different. Different intros with triplet delays for instance for some songs. The intro is a different tempo than the song so I have saved those intro delays as delay presets with specific delay times for that intro.
    Different guitar harmonies in certain songs. Different amps. Rhythm, solo, clean, acoustic. Etc
    Different chorus and micro pitch amounts in different songs.
    I am trying to reproduce our recordings live.
    it’s not a case of just locking some effects. This is our whole live set. Every song is different spanning our albums from 1988 until now and the Performances have been programmed and fine tuned individually for each song in the set as the gigs have happened. Little adjustments here and there.

    I would basically have to start from scratch just to change the amp in the stack and still have meaningful rig tags.
    Is it not possible to have an option to use stack tags to overwrite rig tags? The rig is basically nothing without the amp and cab.
    After I have profiled one of my amps then noticed a few things live that could be better, it would be nice to just be able to replace the amp with a newer profile without messing up all my months of work where the tags are truly representative in the actual Performances. I can quickly look and see what I have used.
    I already previously went through the pain of starting from scratch and building every single Performance I use because I noticed the rig tags said someone else’s amp even though I had since replaced all those stacks since my first few days of ownership.
    I am now up against the same thing again. All the right tags are correct now as far as author and amp/cabs are concerned but if I change the stacks out, I will end up with rig tags that are all wrong and I don’t fancy using a little scroll wheel to correct every single tag in every rig in over over 25 performances.

    I have a whole set of Performances for my band live. All the effects are programmed exactly how I want them. The only thing that will ever change is the Amp Stack

    When I have decided to paste in a newer amp stack that I have profiled, all the original rig tags remain. It’s a mess from that point onwards trying to easily see what amp is in what slot in the performance.

    Can we have an easy way where the stack can predetermine the rig tags when you replace only the stack sound in a performance slot?

    weren’t they brilliant? I was lucky enough to see them play an afternoon slot in an Edinburgh nightclub in the mid eighties. Well past their ‘famous’ stage. They were absolutely amazing. Dan Mcaffertys’ voice is even more outstanding live.

    Yes, such a fantastic band. Still listen to them now.

    Seem to remember Manny using a Blue Box round about the Hair Of the Dog era so I think you are on the right track.
    I used to have a 70s Blue Box and I probably only bought that because I thought Manny had used one.
    Thanks to my older brother, Nazareth were the first band I was ever into.