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    hi Vinnie!!i see that you like to profile your amps,do you sell your profiles?

    I don’t sell them.

    As I understand, I would only be able to post in the commercial sellers part on here and not be able join in the rest of the forum if I started to sell them. I do like to be able to post the odd question here and would miss that.

    Still going through profiling all my favourite studio sounds from over the years. From regular to oddball stuff.

    I do like the sound of the Kemper graphic and where the frequency interval are placed.

    However, I would also love to see the option to have the MXR 6 band graphic in the Kemper. Much easier than having to profile with a 6 band graphic in front of the amp when trying to get close to something like those Scholz rhythm and lead sounds. The 800 band is needed.

    This MXR and the Boss have been used by so many artists over the years.

    The Mesa 5 band would be great too. Fortunately, i have that built into my Mk3's here in the studio so can easily profile that.

    On a new physical Kemper unit for stage, I think having something like a 9v power out to power something like a Shure GLXD16 would be useful. No wall warts allowed on my pedalboards. Testing and using a Volto 3 at the moment. Working fine and does the job. Rather dispense with the need for that.

    Make it much more difficult to hit the up and down switches when selecting the 1 and 2 buttons.

    Software wise, Performance import and export from USB. Since cabin allowance has been reduced on flights, I no longer take my laptop.

    Much longer mono delay.

    Would love an accurate Tri stereo chorus on the Kemper. There is nothing that sounds the same as a Tri stereo chorus
    I have the TERC in my studio but really want it in my Kemper.

    Can imagine. Thanks for all the details Vinny. Quite interesting.

    Think we guitar players are mostly having a hard time if there is a limitation to bring own equipment and you just need to take what they have or what other bands bring. Never liked that and love the lean setup with my Kemper which makes me rather independent. Poor Drummers who have to accept more often what is there...

    Yes, that is exactly it. It’s just so brilliant to be able to plug in and be up and running in seconds with the exact same sounds every night.

    I did try the small pedalboard with a Nova System and Morpheus Droptune for the send and return of rented amps but the amps would rarely ever be what you had specced and all the settings would then be screwed.
    I then used the ‘other guys’ stuff for ages too but always wanted the Kemper. Was waiting for the all in one to be released. As soon as it was, I had a Kemper Stage on the first day of release. Then, once happy with it, I bought the backup Stage unit. Started to gig with them last Sept.

    Just before lockdown, I bought the Toaster and remote too for my studio. Happy with everything (except mono delay is not long enough for something I need in one song 😂)

    The transpose on the Kemper is just so much better than what I was using too.

    Great soloing Vinny Burns , very tasteful. Great power in the band and good show :thumbup:8)

    Is that a Custom Audio amp there behind you? I really like MBritt's profiless of the CA100 in the 2020 pack. Cool thing.

    Thank you. Really appreciate it. 😊

    Yes, that was an OD100 but it belonged to the guitarist from our opening band in Madrid. He actually used my system instead though after hearing our sound check. I always offer the opening guitarist that option as it makes things much simpler for us.

    I was using AX8’s at that time. On these kind of fly gigs, the rest of our band mostly use the opening bands gear and we take our own wireless for our singer Darren and hire the keyboard rig too. I just use my own pedalboards straight to PA and monitors.

    Bigger gigs and festivals, the rest of the band hire exactly what they need. The tour after this in Spain, the rest of the band hired the whole backline. Obviously, our bass player and drummer much prefer that. 😂

    We fly to nearly all gigs so travel as light as possible. I take two pedalboards (identical setups as one is the backup) and two guitars. All flightcased and they just go in the hold.

    In my studio, I have a Custom Audio 3+SE preamp into a Mesa 295 power amp. Have been profiling that for my Kemper. The 3+SE is my favourite amp ever. 😊

    I would really prefer the option to choose. Live, in between songs when I quickly tune, I always tune up to the note. It’s a nice safe noticeable indication when you see it go from D# to E when you don’t have much time.

    Yes, that’s the kind of thing I was thinking although would be much better to have it on board.
    I didn’t buy any of the Two Notes stuff yet as I wanted something I could use to export my own settings to be used in the Kemper easily.

    Only thing I have that is quick and easy is my Suhr Reactive Load IR but stuck with what can be loaded into it and I would rather be able to make my own cabs for the Kemper.

    I have 10 Marshall 4x12’s here in my live room as well as all my favourite mic’s (57’s, AKG 451’s, AKG 414’s, Sennheiser 421’s etc) and my Focusrite ISA828 and ISA220 preamps but I want to get away from mic’ing.
    Using the Suhr load has been great though.

    Yes, it’s that Two Notes software I was thinking of as well as the Mikko app.
    I was just thinking that if the IR’s are translated to an EQ curve, then the cab section could be more complex and allow manipulation of those EQ curves.
    So, what I was getting at was not merging of any profiles but being able to conjur up your own cab from a set of ingredients supplied by the cab section.
    for example, listed speaker responses from types of speakers and enclosures and being able to choose from a wide array of mic choices and be able to manipulate their position and phase.

    Like I said, I don’t know if this is even possible but as it’s EQ curves once inside the Kemper, I would imagine it would be in theory.

    I would love the Kemper to have the ability that some of these other products have to mix speakers and mic’s. Although in its present state, I don’t think it’s possible. Who knows?

    One of my rhythm sounds on many albums involved using an SM57 and an AKG 451 mixed together and recorded to one track (both mic’s recorded to the same track) for each of the left and right rhythm parts. For the centre, (again both mic’s mixed to one track), one of the mic’s polarity was reversed creating a scooped sound that kept more space for all the stuff that was panned central but was also similar enough to tie the left and right guitars together. Used to mostly keep the centre track 3 db down.

    Would be be great to be able to tweak inside the Kemper Cab section to be able to simply set up something like this.

    Yes, absolutely spot on. Marking the close mic with tape massively changes the sound from the cab. Use a Chinagraph pencil instead.

    Just think of the second morphing as how you would want to control a wah. Morphing itself would be useless for controlling a wah so it needs real time control.

    That is how people with large Bradshaw systems have sometimes controlled delays and reverbs. They have total control over the output of the delay and reverb on a dedicated pedal.

    Look at some Lukather (his later Bradshaw systems) and EdgeU2 Bradshaw videos.
    There are loads of other players that wanted full control at anytime of reverb or delays while onstage.

    I am loving my rhythm profile I took from my CAE 3+SE through a Mesa 295 into a Suhr Reactive Load IR.
    The 3+SE is probably my favorite amp of all time (through my Mesa 295). I have used one on and off for 20 years now.

    I didn’t mind letting my Soldano SLO100 go and I had that amp for 15 years. SLO is great but you can never get rid of that mid range aggressive bark and grind. Great amp though at what it does.
    The CAE is so touch responsive. Even after profiling. It feels the same. You can lightly play something with your fingers and it’s almost clean. Then hit with a pick and it’s full on distorted rhythm.

    It’s a bit of a nightmare to profile. It’s just got such a wide dynamic and audio range. There is a top end sheen and big low end that when you first get one you think something is not right. But, once sat in a track or band context, it’s great. It’s the only amp besides the SLO where the top E sounds as big as the bottom E without thinning out.
    The refining process takes a long time to capture the amps range and dynamics though.

    Did my rhythm channel a couple of months ago now and I play it that much still that I still haven’t done the lead or clean channel.
    Works well with Strat, Tele and the Les Paul I originally profiled it with.
    Very happy. 😊