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    I tried to zoom on the track and I was actually able to see a crack were it appears. Here is a screenshot.

    The problem is that many times, they happen in the middle of a note/chord, so if I'd lower the gain on this part, the there would be a weird blank instead...

    You need to zoom in on just the transient that is the crackle. It will be just a very very short spike. You only reduce the gain on this one transient and nothing else.

    Any crackles/pops in the audio can be zoomed right into. They are normally just a sample or two long. You can highlight them and just reduce the gain of that selection massively and the crackle will normally disappear on playback.

    Vinny Burns

    Dude, RUSH absolutely!!!!

    The last few weeks I have actually been in a Rush worm hole LOL Trying to get some of that sweet Alex Lifeson guitar solo tone going. I really appreciate you listening and responding with such a kick ass motivating response. ROCK ON!!!!! That end solo is something I am very excited about stormhenge  8)

    Excellent stuff. The solos sound great and not just that one.

    I’m sure this is one of those “more than one way to skin a cat” scenarios but what you suggest seems like a perfectly via le solution. If you are use SPDIF you shouldn’t need to do anything though as it is onLy the analog outs that are 7db lower.

    Cheers. Yes, Just been using the main outs on this album so can’t go back to SPDIF now. The Toaster might be a bit of a pain with SPDIFas my whole studio is clocked form an Apogee Big Ben.

    A part has changed and I wanted to avoid playing the whole rhythm part again. Guitars are tracked up 4 times so would rather just drop in on the sections that have changed. 😂

    I change strings every 2 hours in the studio so a tonal change won’t be a problem. Just the exact level. Worst comes to the worst, I can just plug the Stage back in.

    Personally I have been braving the storm on the new OS and RM front. I only have the stage so I must be on a 7.x.x OS. I have chosen to update as soon as a new OS or RM is available. I even got one before it was announced on the forum here. I am sure they will be continuing to harden the software now that the RM and the Kone are out. The only things left on the plate for now, that I know of, is the acoustic sim and the overdrives.

    Yes, can’t wait for the acoustic sim. The demos have been brilliant.
    Looking forward to the dust settling on the OS and RM too. 😊

    OS 7.2.2 is a release version as is the 3.0.105 version of RM. Having those rigs and performances saved in local library will make resolving the issues that have popped up in previous versions. I have all of my performances saved in my local library as well as my kemper. I additionally regularly back up since I have also been bit by similar issue as well.

    I do come on here everyday and read every message. I am up to date on where the OS and RM are up to and for now, it’s not quite there to be relied upon as far as the integrity of my units are concerned. All are backed to up to USB every time anything is changed on any of my units. They are then backed up to my iCloud.
    It should not need a computer to shift a Perfirmance which is the main container/holder of live and studio collections from one unit to another. My studio machine is not the same as my Stage units. Be much better if the sounds that I build in the studio that eventually end up being played live could just be transferred as a Performance via USB instead of having to export every single rig back to the browser then locate and export every single one of those from the browser to USB.
    There is everything to be gained and nothing to be lost by being able to do this independently of any computer.

    Why not just store your rigs and performances in the local library then you can just bring them back to the my profiler section once the next unit is plugged in.

    Because at the moment, I am staying well away from beta os and Rig Manager. Last time I used RM, it deleted some Rigs of my own amps I had already profiled. Fortunately, that time, I had them already safe in a new Performance.

    Reading about a lot of corrupted Performances too due to using Rig Manager. I don’t have time to recheck the integrity of every Rig and Performance on my units just because I wanted to copy a Performance from one unit to another only to find a month later something is missing or damaged.

    So, I have recently swapped out the Stage that was in my studio for a Profiler and remote. I want to drop in on a couple of recorded sections I have already started recording with the Stage. Do I just drop the Profiler output 7db lower to match the same output of the Stage set to 0db?

    Now that I also have a Kemper Toaster in my control room as well as two Kemper Stage units, it is really annoying not having an elegant solution to just taking one performance from one unit to another.
    Also, would be so much easier if we could just export a Rig straight to USB from within a Performance without the intermediate step of having to export it to the browse pool first. Please, just have the ability to export a Rig straight to USB from Performance mode.

    Shame it's not quite as tidy as that now! The Prophet 08 has come out of the rack, as it wasn't in an ideal place to tweak. I seem to recall one reason I bought it in the first place, was having heard your "Camera Eye" patch!

    To keep this on topic, I should also mention that there is a Kemper Remote tucked away under the desk - not quite visible on the picture.

    Pro 08 is great. I did get an OB8 too. It was amazing but I sold it once it was announced that someone was bringing out an obxa clone. Still waiting on that as I really miss my OB8.
    I did get the remote too. All up and running in 5 minutes once I had updated the OS and restored a Stage backup.
    I do wish the toaster had the usb socket on the front like the rack. Where it is now positioned under the XLR’s and next to that fragile cat5 socket is a but of a pain to get at for plugging and unplugging. I am sure I used to have a cable I could hang the usb stick off for such instances. Must be somewhere in the studio.

    It won’t profile any of the effects.
    The problem I think I had was with the built in compression on the cleans and I think that was what was freaking the Kemper out.

    I had a similar experience when trying to profile a Boss AC3 acoustic pedal. It confused the Kemper. It seemed to think that bright top end rattle was distortion and kept making an overdriven profile. As with my custom X100, I got there in the end.

    I was looking for Rockman x100 profiles and couldn't find any. I just bought a refurb'd 1982 Rev 8, x100 from Reverb. I intend to do free profiles and share them, if they're good.

    I had a nightmare just trying to profile the clean2 setting on my professionally rehoused X100. It confused the profiling stage of the Kemper quite a bit. Managed it in the end.