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    Use the Page left and right buttons on the right of the screen to go between rigs when setting up the Performance. Then save.
    Don’t press the switches. The switches will take you to the last saved state of the Performance.

    All the great amps that I personally love are already out there in the wild and have been for years. I think the most modern of those is the CAE 3~SE preamp paired with my Mesa 295 power amp.

    I own most of my favourite amps already and will eventually profile all of them. I did sell my SLO a year or so ago. Still have all the others including that 68 Small box 50w Plexi next to the SLO.

    My continuing efforts to get to a usable profile with at least the Tele. This is all now entirely in the Kemper. Thoughts welcome on whether this is better or worse than the last attempt. Sounding a bit ‘bronze strings with piezo pickup’ but I quite like it. Or does it just sound like a Tele?

    I think that sounds great. 😊

    Hi Edward, no my PRS does NOT have a coil tap. I'll be happy to send you a dry recording of my PRS to see what you might discover, thanks so much for the offer! Just so I'm clear - I'm not really interested in what the EQ in LOGIC or any other DAW can do to my sound, I want this EQ to emanate strictly from the Kemper for live, NON-laptop playing. I hope that makes sense. I am a live player and don't want all that computer gear to haul around. I can just use my Taylors in my studio for precise acoustic recordings. I'm looking to turn the Kemper into my only go to amp with only my PRS to drag around. I'm sure that makes sense. Can you give me your email in a PM and I can sent my dry stuff to you? I'll also send you what, so far, is my 'best attempt' to make my axe sound acoustic. Thanks again for being willing to help out!!

    He already stated he was going to redo the EQ he used in Logic in the Kemper itself.

    I am getting along really well with this Acoustic Sim. Tele Ultra. Neck pickup. Tone circuit is enabled with that slight click from full open on the tone control.

    Cheers guys. Really fantastic live and songwriting tool.

    Even doubling clean parts with an acoustic, I would be tempted to use this instead now just for the ease of use..... and I have my D28 in the studio for my most of my acoustic needs. Nice problem to have. 😊

    Great work Kemper.

    i think you might have been using a rig from the Kemper Factory Content. If I recall correctly you can’t chathe Author for them but everything else should be fine. I’m not aware of a way to start completely blank but to be honest haven’t actually tried it.

    Yes, it was from the Factory Content. Pretty annoying you can’t Just have an empty placeholder Rig for new acoustic rigs.
    Will just use my own profiles to start from next time.
    Once again, thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.

    Vinny, I was thinking about your naming problem. Not sure if I fully understand what you are asking but here's my interpretation.

    If you are referring to the Rig itself rather than a performance slot with a rig loaded. Just click in the Author tag in RM and retype any name you want then hit store rig. If you want to do it on the profiler itself hit the Rig button then the Rig Tags soft button then hit Edit Tags. Job's a good'un.

    Likewise, if you want to change the author of a Performance - click on the Author tag in the performance itself and retype then store. On the KPA Edit soft button above the performance name.

    I meant that you have to start a fresh acoustic sim Rig from an existing one. In my case, it was an amp I had just been trying out from one of the Kemper folders of extra sounds.
    So, once I got bored of that, I decided to try out the new acoustic sim. So, I disabled the amp and cab and selected the acoustic sim. Added a few effects and eq. Once I was happy, went to save it but could not overwrite the original author of the Rig I had started from. One field was unavailable to edit with my info and was permanently set to the original author. All the others I could change.
    So, I was wondering if there is a way to start with a completely blank canvas when setting up an acoustic sim Rig without any of that info filled in.

    Thanks so much for the replies.

    Seems like most standard things on this editor take longer than just using the unit. Never known an editor before where you can’t right click and copy, paste and save.
    Probably best to just avoid it unless I have to manage performances.
    once again. Thanks. 😊🎸😊

    Also, is there a way having a perfectly blank initialised rig without all the authors info.
    I stupidly spent ages today setting up an acoustic sound. It was a factory rig from a sound i had just been trying.
    Even though I was not even using the authors amp or cab as they were disabled, it still had the original authors name that could not be edited out.
    Spent ages on it before i noticed it but in the end, I didn’t even bother saving it as it would always show up as someone else rig even though i was using nothing from that author. Added to they fact I could not copy or save the effects block, I just turned it all off. 😂😂😂

    I don’t want to get into the locking unlocking scenario in the editor. It’s much quicker to just do that on the front panel of the unit to just copy and paste.
    How do I save it as a preset in the editor? Clicked around for ages today and could not see any options. That way, I can just drag it from a separate window. Even having to have two windows open seems unintuitive.
    I have not used the program for nearly a year really. Been avoiding it after people were reporting problems with Performances being overwritten. The last time I used it, there wasn’t even the editor. wanted to install it though on one unit too see how the acoustic sim was.
    Have to say, the preset and copying aspect seem pretty badly implemented to say it’s an editor. The most obvious thing to do would be able to right click on an effects icon and be able to copy or save that effect in my mind.

    This. Exactly my point as well and I remember when you Vinny Burns brought this up in your story about the ShipRocked and how much the ship did for you 8o

    And by the way I also have different sequence then clean/crunch and co. I usually start in slot 1 with my main rythm sound as well. Sometimes no clean in the performance, mostly clean in slot 4 or 5 then 8)

    Haha. Yes, pedalboard changes during rock festivals on rough seas can be challenging 😂

    I mainly use.........

    Main distorted rhythm on the first switch. That way, I can I locate it in the dark through dry ice or smoke machines by simply putting my foot on the side of the board and finding the first switch. Done this since my Bradshaw days. It’s a safe home switch for me.
    Second switch is always solo sound

    Third is generally clean or semi clean

    Fourth is long delays for intros or harmony solos

    Five is specialist sounds like Leslie sounds or whatever.
    I normally have a performance per song
    I disable any unused slots.

    Thanks so much for the reply.
    In my studio, it’s a MOTU 1248. In our singers it’s a Yamaha DM2000 desk (I think via light pipe to a Focusrite interface of some sort or other).
    I see you what you are saying, unless the gear is identical, it’s a can of worms.
    The info regarding the stage and toaster has been most helpful for in my studio . Thank you. ???

    Can I ask a quick question? I use my Kemper Profiler Toaster in the studio. If that ever went down for whatever reason, how many dB do I need to boost the signal into my audio interface from one of my Stage units to exactly match what I have currently with the toaster?

    I asked this a while ago and no one replied.
    It’s also useful info to know if I take my Stage unit to a different studio to carry on working on one of our albums. I sometimes do the solos and cleans at our singers studio for instance.