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    I have three Mesa Mk3’s in my studio. One from 87 and two from 88. The graphics EQ’s are pretty much the same on all three. Graphic settings from one translate to the others although the red stripe version of the amp from 87 is slightly different texture wise than both the blue stripe versions from 88.

    So, I would personally love this graphic being available as an EQ block. The same with the MXR 6 band pedal that has been used by so many guitarists to shape the sound into their amps.
    Wasting two whole eq blocks just to emulate a simple 6 band pedal (in the case of the mxr) just seems silly and the one in the Kemper doesn’t have the right bands to emulate the pedal.

    Both the Mesa graphic and the MXR 6 band pedal are really great for tone shaping.

    Definitely needs the Mesa 5 band graphic and the MXR 6 band graphic.

    The MXR was used so much in front of a Marshall to shape a specific sound. From Boston to Van Halen. It’s a big part and it would be nicer not to have to bake these into a profile. The profiles would be much more flexible with the ability to add the graphic pre or post after an amp has already been profiled.

    Interesting! Did you have problems with all your gear when your power was being fussy? I was able to record a clean signal into the DI of my preamp while the Kemper was giving me that weird harmonic content which led me to believe that the problem was with the Kemper.

    I'm going to try to switch the power source the next time it happens and see if that fixes it!

    It was on all my valve amps in that room. SLO100, Rectoverb combo, CAE3+SE/Mesa295 and a Marshall TSL122 combo.

    A lot of times during the day, it was OK but as soon as everyone was home from work it worsened. Then after 11pm when things like old storage heaters would come on in other people’s houses, it was just so noticeable and no work could be done. First time I noticed it, I thought one of my amps had broken. Plugged another in and the same thing.

    I was gutted at the time as my previous house was only 5 doors away and I bought this one because of the extensions they had done that would become my studio. That other house 5 doors away, the mains was silent as it ran from a different substation.
    Was so glad when I moved.

    Definitely try it at someone else’s place.

    I had a very similar thing that would happen in my last house. That noise is so reminiscent. It was the mains being polluted. We were the last house the furthest away from the substation and the mains was dirty by the time it got to me. Some days it was ok. By 11 pm at night, I couldn’t record anything as it had that noise on it.

    I never got it sorted out. My friend was in charge of the substations for the electricity supplier. He tested my mains. Sent sine waves from the substation. All kind of tests. He got the company to dig up part of the street to replace the cables. In the end, nothing helped. I was looking into balanced power supplies and everything at the time but then we moved anyway to where I am now.

    Simplest thing is to go to friends house and listen there. After hearing your clip, I am 99% convinced this isn’t the Kemper and is actually the mains supply

    Straight ‘B’ cabs are rounder and fuller sounding.
    Angled ‘A’ cabs are tighter and tiny tiny bit more breath and high end.

    I have 10 Marshall 1960 cabs here in my live room of various types. Black Back 55hz, Green Back, Vintage 30 and G12 75’s

    5 are the B type and 5 are the A type.
    One of my favourites out of all of them, I have never looked to see what is in there and I don’t want to know. 😂

    It’s pre JCM800. I suspect they are Black Back but someone could have swapped all the speakers out. Sounds really nice though with my Mesa Mk3 amps.

    • A "graphic EQ" with sliders? That would just be a different graphic representation of what's already in there, right?

    I would love the graphic EQ with sliders too but also with the same eq bands as the classic MXR and Boss 6 band graphics.

    I do my cruical recording on harddisks not larger than 1 GB.

    Every bit has more space on these less dense harddisks.

    The result is a more airy and relaxed track. You should try it. Difference is obvious.

    PS: Seagate harddisks sound the best IMHO. But I wlll do more tests.


    That would be a nice feature but I would take it one step further and actually create a SetList mode like RJM midi editing software. You would have a setlist folders in RM and each folder could be reordered easily in RM then copied to KPA. More than one setlist could be stored simultaneously in the KPA (as long as the total songs didn’t exceed the 125 slots available). You could change between setlists with the browser rather than go to the end of one set to start the next.

    That would be great.


    Yes, I would choose that over any new guitar. Nice one.
    Sold my OB8 a couple of years back now and miss it. Have a Pro 08 but it’s not the same. 😊

    What do you mean with feedback? Regarding the Kemper delays it's for dialing in the amount of repetitions and has nothing to do with a feedback produced by a guitar and a speaker at high volume.

    He means the old tape effect that you can hear on records over the years where the repeat on the delay goes haywire and does self feedback. Not the guitar feeding back, the actual effect.

    Even the end of EVH eruption has it except Eddie manually fades the effect out. You can hear the sound degrading every cycle before he fades it. The sound normally would never fade.
    As the repeats start to freak out, they get more saturated and the sound gets steadily more lo fi and changes drastically.

    You may as well be renting the unit from them with these limitations put on who stores your files.

    This is a software mentality that has been transferred over to hardware. It’s not a business model I would ever buy into.

    They lost my interest with the omission of a euro socket to power the thing.

    Isn’t this the whole idea of having a Tele, Strat, Les Paul etc. They should sound different. It’s why for decades people have favourited some over others. When I go from Les Paul to Strat to Tele to whatever, I always hear from the Kemper what I expect to hear.

    Same with my three supposedly identical Les Paul’s from the 70s. Each one has a little difference although the hardware on them is identical.

    If you were plugging each of the above into the actual amp before it was profiled, you would have the same result.

    I love that in the studio that with a certain amp selected that I can suddenly think maybe the tele would work better for this part and have that difference from each guitar available as an option.

    This is not a Kemper thing. It’s universal. Why would you want all your different types of guitars to sound the same?