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    The secret to getting the editor faster is to buy more Kemper products so that Kemper can hire more programmers. Buying does not include buying a used head, rack, or stage, as Kemper makes no money from used purchases.

    I mean this approach will get to a point where it’s actually cheaper for me to hire a person to adjust the Kemper based on instructions I shout at them.

    They're not going to release it on a friday. If something goes wrong with the software, no developer wants to fix stuff and prepare a release over night or in the weekend. But off course I'm happy to be proven wrong.

    I’m not sure this applies as much to optional software rather than firmware, where if it doesn’t work it’s not much trouble to revert to an older application. Although if an OS update is required for RM3.0, then yeah you’re probably right.

    Saying that... I don’t think we’ll see it in November anyway :(

    Are you guys saying the editor won't be available for Mac?

    Nooooo, I mean I hope not I’m planning on running it on my MBP ^^. But Windows is the only real touchscreen option in this instance as the iPad doesn’t run macOS apps, and Apple (still) don’t make any touchscreen laptops.

    I'm considering to buy a laptop for using the editor in our band room. Maybe a convertible one. But I will wait for the editor release first to check if it's worth it and if the editor can be used with a touchscreen in a practical way.

    If the drag and drop implementation and the GUI itself works well with a touchscreen this would be a great benefit. It would even be a kind of replacement for the missing tablet app resp. missing bluetooth/wlan module.

    I am very curious how the editor will finally be implemented. But the kemper journey continues either way ;)

    I’m not sure how much easier using an editor would be on a laptop in a band room than just making changes on the head itself, but I’m just basing this on rooms I played in so I could be totally wrong!

    A Surface Pro would be a good route to go down if you wanted a tablet form factor, but still runs Windows for the editor app.