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    Perhaps I don't know enough about the actual profiling process, but thinking logically, surely the amps tone would have been set to get the best out of the guitar being used? a strat would be EQ'd differently than a Les Paul, and in that case, once profiled for a strat, if you used an LP, you'd struggle to get near the demo sounds?

    That's not always the case. some guys set the amp up at a neutral dialed at noon state to allow the user to mod the EQ on the Kemper. They even try to use a more or less "neutral" speaker. I always offer many different EQ settings so you can ideally find one that works for you.

    A different prospective from my own experience, the process of making demos for commercial profiles can be more challenging than capturing the profile in the first place. This is point a profiler really puts themselves out there. So, some folks rely on other means to make the demos sound good. If you listen well enough, you can hear the many post-processed studio tricks that are sometimes applied. I don't do that, but I can understand why some do.

    There are a million and one variables between the point when the demo was recorded and you play the profile in your own listening space and gear. Best thing you can do is listen to many demos from the same maker of different offerings and get a good sense if they are in the tone zone you'd expect. Holiday Sale!!! Get 20% off all single Kemper Profile Packs. Use promo code "holiday20off" at checkout. Ends December 24th.



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    There are a lots of variables involve in making a profile. I few I can think of...

    Starting with amp itself, no two amps from the same manufacturer will sound exactly the same. Some amp companies have tighter QC than others when it comes to tone. So there's always differences. Plus, vintage amps in particular change tone over time based on the durability and use of the tubes and other components.

    The signal chain when the amp was profiled has a huge effect on the end results for better or worse.

    The way the amp is set up in gain staging and EQ is snapshotted with the profile. That's why it's good the have many different profiles of the same amp to capture those settings without trying recreate them within the Kemper.

    According to most things I've read, the refinement process doesn't depend on what pickups are used. It's mostly to get a better measurement of the transient response of the sound as you play your guitar.

    As long as you're not clipping and/or not giving enough signal to the Kemper return, the input level isn't as important. You just want to keep it where you can max the level, thereby reducing the noise floor, and not clip the input of the return.

    Woah! Sick. Love that you have 2 of the mini volume x pedals. That's brilliant. Thanks for sharing that. Just 2 more questions if you don't mind.

    What did you use to get it to stick to the board?

    Did you remove those rubber pieces on the bottom of the Kemper or leave them on?

    Just regular old 1 inch wide Velcro. Yes, I removed the rubber feet.

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    Vender account holders on TGP are allowed themselves to promote in appropriate sections of they products they offer. I’m there because it’s how I found the Kemper in the first place.

    Honestly, it’s value isn’t anywhere near as good as the word of mouth offered by loyal and satisfied customers who post their reviews. All commercial profilers benefit from that greatly. So, if you like something you bought or got in a free pack, please pass the word.

    Welcome to Kemperland. Like other digital gear, you can still dive deeper if you want to. But, you don’t need to for great tones. Enjoy the ride.

    FWIW, I’ve owned a FX8 and AX8. I’ve had a few interactions with Cliff. He’s always been professional. He’s a busy and brilliant guy. FAS products are a reflection of that. Cut him some slack. The FAS Fanboys aren’t always welcoming to newbies at first on the forum. But, they warm up to you after awhile.