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    Black Friday Blowout Starts Now!!!

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    New!!! Ducky H2O Kemper Profile Pack

    Here's another "not your typical amp" sound. It's the Ducky H2O Kemper Profile Pack. These tones are based an amp with 6SL7 octal pre-amp tubes. Bigger, bolder, and yet smoother than your more common 12AX7 tubes. These amp profiles come matched with three different speaker/cab combos. You get 2x12 Alnico Blue, 2x12 Vintage Jenson, and 4x10 G10L-35 for plenty of tonal variety.

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    Nice job on the Triple Crown TJ - the V2 version profiles with the Jensens are really hitting the spot here for low to mid gain stuff.

    Thank you very much for the kind words. I was also pleasantly surprised with 6V6 tube/2x12 Jensons combo. So much so, I kept those tubes in my original amp instead of putting back the 6L6 tube/G12 Neo combo I normally run.

    Again, thank you for the support.


    Black Friday Blowout Starts Now!!!

    Get 40% off all profile packs with promo code "40offblack" at checkout.

    Ends December 3rd.


    New!!! 78 Mars 2203 Kemper Profile Pack

    Get your Plexi tones old school style with profiles based on an original 100w 2203 amp. 37 profiles include three different types of 4x12 cab/speaker combos. Rola, G12M Greenback, and V30 speakers give you a wide choice of vintage tone.

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    Mes 3Krown50 v2.0 update November, 16th 2019.

    Great news! The Mes 3Krown50 has been updated with additional profiles and improvements to the originally released v1.0 Mes 3Krown50 Kemper profile pack. The Mes 3Krown50 v2.0 update still also includes the legacy v1.0 profiles. Those v1.0 profiles were captured with 6L6 tubes and a 1x12 G12 Neo Creamback speaker. The v.2.0 profiles include the same 6L6 tubes and a 1x12 G12 Neo Creamback speaker combination with additional tweaks and optimizations.

    The new profiles included in the pack are with EL34 tubes and 4x12 V30 speakers as well as 6V6 tubes and 2x12 Jenson speakers. These additional profiles greatly expand the tonal pallet in the Mes 3Krown50 Kemper Profile Pack.

    Get 20% with promo code "20off3krown50" at checkout. Ends November 23rd.

    Hey TJ, I have profiles from almost all sellers. And my Rig Manager is saturated - there are rarely any new profiles that do sound different and get my attention.

    Your offers are an exception. There are some nice and unique amps presented in an authentic way - your way. The sounds (like the ones from the HH Electronic IC100 pack) are maybe not for everybody - but that's what I like about it!

    You have a great ear, too! And you get the Two Notes Torpedo cabs sound better than many other. I have a LOT of fun with the profiles!!

    Thank you very very much for your kind words and support. I have a number of unique amp profiles upcoming on my list. I do try to look for stuff that is not well represented in the Kemper community as of yet. I'm in a big push right now to get them all out before the upcoming holidays. My ears might be all worn out by then lol. Look for a bunch of releases very soon.

    Thanks again,


    Yes and no. Per the manual;

    PROFILING with Effects in the Recording Chain

    Many guitarists get their signature sound by combining their tube amp with distortion pedals, booster pedals, and equalizers/filters. If you want to, you can keep these in the signal chain during the PROFILING process - they will all be accurately included as a part of the reference amp sound. However, there are a few exceptions: some distortion pedals use a special design that cannot be captured accurately, for instance the Tube ScreamerTM.

    If you do include your effects chain with your Amp PROFILE, but are not happy with the result, try again without the distortion pedal. Remember, you can always use one of the modeled distortion pedals in the PROFILER instead, when building your Rig.

    Other effects should be bypassed during the PROFILING process because they will adversely affect the result, making it sound less natural, and different to the original amp tone. These include compressors, noise gates, and time/modulation/reverb effects such as delay, reverb, chorus, and so on.

    You might also run into trouble when PROFILING a sound in which both the pre- and power amps of the reference amplifier are driven into distortion. If the resulting PROFILE sounds unsatisfying, try to reduce the volume of the power amp. This will make the sound somewhat more transparent, without significantly reducing the amount of distortion. The same is true for those modeling amps which offer a separate gain control for pre- and power amp.

    The PROFILER only allows for mono PROFILING. Stereo PROFILING is not currently supported, but really, how many classic guitar amps feature true stereo circuitry, anyway?

    Since the PROFILER sends its own test-tones into the reference amp during PROFILING, it should be obvious that the sound of your guitar isn’t part of the result. The PROFILER is designed to react to any guitar in an identical way to the reference amp.

    Just out of curiosity today, I asked my SW rep about the state of back orders for the Stage. In a nutshell he said they have huge amount of orders and it’ll take months to catch up. I’m glad I got in early.

    Can you expand on that, they sound different in what way? Wouldn't the difference in sound give you a clue as to which is which?

    Well if you insist ;)

    1. Guitar-->Ditto Looper-->Kemper Studio Profile-->DAW (sound is most natural and dynamic)

    2. Guitar-->Ditto Looper-->Amp-->Reactive Load-->DAW (sound is more compressed. Slightly less mids)

    3. Guitar-->Ditto Looper-->Kemper Merged Profile-->DAW (sound is more flubby in the bass. Reminds me what some times happens with IR's)

    I'm probably way off lol. They all sound good btw.

    Hey Guys,

    This thread will, from now on, contain all news and information regarding Kemper Profiles. I'm very excited about new profile packs that are on my list and soon upcoming. I hope this thread this will reduce the clutter going forward.

    I very much want to thank everyone for the awesome support. I also want to thank Kemper and the moderators of this forum.

    So here we go...


    The HHIC100 Kemper Profile Pack is based on an amp that's a piece of Rock-n-Roll history. It's the sound of Marc Bolan and T-Tex. This solid state amp sound also was also used by Pink Floyd, Sweet, The Clash, Soft Machine, Rush, Genesis and many others. These 44 profiles are a unique sound that is from crystal clean to very cool mean.

    Get it at