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    I have both Stage and HXFX. I've not hooked them up together yet (HXFX is on a different PB right now). I'm sure it would be an awesome 4CM setup though. HXFX has much more options of overdrives and modulations to choose from. You could MIDI them together and run the HXFX from the perform mode on the Stage. You could also pair in mono both effects loops to HXFX blocks in pre or post Kemper amp/cab stack. Hmmmm, I might have to do some testing myself on that lol.

    It's only as overwhelming as you make it to be IMO. Start by sorting and looking for the amps that you like in the rig exchange or on commercial sites. Consider mostly what your core sounds are and what you need to gig. Grab a just few rigs/packs and go out to the gigs with them for awhile. If need be, rinse and repeat.

    Happy hunting.

    I'm very excited to announce the grand opening of my new web store offering Kemper Profile Packs of my favorite amps. Ever since I got my Kemper Stage, I've been inspired by it. So much so, I went on profiling mission so to speak. I captured over 140 profiles of all my amps and I'm on the hunt for more. I expect this endeavor to be labour of love and maybe a few bucks along the way.

    A free sample pack of profiles can be had here.

    Here are some sound sample videos of the profiles. Note, if you’re a first time customer, you can get 10% off your first profile pack purchase just by signing up for my newsletter. The sign up is located at the bottom of the page on Thanks for checking them out (note, the first 40 seconds on the videos are the same introduction).


    P.S. I have a couple more very unique amps on my profile list that'll be released soon. Thanks for checking the site out.

    Thanks for the reply. I guess I only read the first previous part of that paragraph. "Now, you can make the first A/B comparisons between your reference amp and the new PROFILE. Use the soft buttons to switch between the reference amp and the “KEMPER Amp” PROFILE."

    I do wish you'd have the option to use a pure switch mode.

    I've starting making profiles of my Mesa TC-50 using the Kemper Stage. I've hooked up all connections correctly. Everything works fine with the exception of selecting the monitoring of either the reference amp or the Kemper amp. When I select the reference amp, only the TC-50 plays through as it should. However, both the current profile plays through my monitor and the TC-50 plays though the original guitar input signal when I select the Kemper amp. In other words, I cannot turn off the original guitar input signal being sent to the TC-50 when trying to A/B the reference amp against the Kemper amp.

    Is this normal behavior or is it a bug?

    THIS looks great. I'm thinking a right-angled, locking IEC would make a lot of sense, although it's proving difficult to find one.

    I have a right angle (not locking) IEC, but the strait cable worked better with this board because the cable can go directly into the hole under the Loop-Master switch pedal. The underside of the board has a power strip mounted where the Stage is plugged in and also a Cioks DC-10 for the pedals.

    BTW, can someone explain to me the "that guy" reference? I don't think I have a clue who TJ is... unless it's the resurrected corpse of Thomas Jefferson, in which, case, WELCOME BACK, ZOMBIE TOMMY J.! :)

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    Anyone else mounted the Stage to a pedalboard yet? If so, photos please. Pedaltrain Classic 1 looks like it would do the trick without being unwieldy. I only have a Classic JNR at hand atm, which is too narrow. Think the Mission EP-1 could just stay on the floor as it’s already quite tall.

    Just finished wiring up my Kemper Stage Rig on a Voodoo Labs Dingbat pedalboard.

    The signal path is;
    Line 6 G30 or guitar cable (switchable with Loop-Master) > DigiTech FreqOut > KP Stage input > Lovepedal Super Six SRV (loop 1) > Wampler Paisley Deluxe (loop 2) > KP Stage main out > Mission Engineering Io cab. Plus, 2 Dunlop DPV4 Mini expression pedals. All nice and tidy.

    Sounds ridiculously good. All I need now is the Kemper editor