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    Hi there, hope you al safe in these times.

    I have a question.

    In a performance a have a couple of slots with amps. For example. In slot one a play en while playing I turn on 2 stomps (for example delay and boost). Then I switch to slot 2 and play along. When I want to go back to slot 1, the stomps are still activated. Is this new in a update or so?

    Can I change it in settings?

    Thanks !

    I’m using for my overall mix in my coverband. A little mid boost and presence boost is making my guitar sound better in de mix with al the profiles. So I did that with the with the eq and locked it.

    I want to use the same EQ for every rig.

    So, I locked the EQ section of my stack in the first performance (first slot).

    But when i go to another performance or slot, the EQ changes. It isn't locked.

    I think it is since the last update ? (public beta

    Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong?