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    I'm sure the focus for now will be sorting out the beta bugs but I'll go ahead and chip in with a few suggestions for future releases.

    • Add Browser/Perform toggle
    • Add morph toggle
    • Show numeric values when adjusting morph parameters
    • Allow precise numeric values to be typed in
    • Assign Stage stomp buttons to effects from within editor

    I just made it through every post of this thread and I think I spotted just a few people with what I think might be the same issue. Are other's experiencing issues with performances not sticking (writing to profiler) when using the orange save to profiler buttons? I keep finding myself making changes to the performances, saving, moving elsewhere, then returning to find my performance rolled back to a previous version. If I make my tweaks in RM but then manually click store>store>store on the profile (stage) itself like I would normally, that seems to still work - it just defeats the purpose of using RM instead of going back and forth between RM and the profiler.

    Hello Kemper-land. I've had my eye on a Kemper for years but the release of the Stage finally pushed me in, so here I am.

    My main gig is a 90s cover band. I'm not really interested in having a performance setup for every single song in a 45-song gig but what I WOULD like is to have 4 or 5 "go to" rigs that can cover all of my bases and get me close enough. Currently I'm just doing this by having 3 or 4 different distortion pedals at my disposal and it's been working just fine. I'm looking for suggestions on the best rigs out there to cover the following categories (bonus points for leading me towards an affordable rig pack that can do it all)...

    1. Alternative stuff: (e.g., Gin Blossoms, Matchbox 20, Counting Crows, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Oasis, Third Eye Blind, Hootie And The Blowfish)
    2. Crunchier stuff: (e.g., Stone Temple Pilots, Fuel, Stroke 9)
    3. Gainer stuff: (e.g., Green Day, Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Lenny Kravitz)
    4. Heavier stuff: (e.g., Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine)

    Obviously some of these bands fall into multiple categories, but you get the idea.

    Thanks in advance!

    I was wondering about this too. Are there any good acoustic simulator profiles out there? Can it be done? I keep a Boss AC-3 on my board but I'm always looking for a way to carry one less pedal...

    Another method (the one that I prefer) is to populate 5 slots with rigs, afterwards tweak the FX and store the changes within the performance.

    Thanks Ingolf!

    I just found this blurb from the manual on another post:

    "you can also copy and paste complete Slots by holding the RIG button for two seconds."

    Even better!

    I'm only less than 24hrs in on this Kemper Stage so go easy on me ^^

    I'd like to build a performance around a specific rig, let's say an AC30. I'd like to drop that rig into slot 1 and tweak the effects on it. Then in slot 2 I want that same setup as slot 1, but just swap out an effect or two. Is there a way to copy my rig setting from slot 1 (which differs now from the initial AC30 rig from the browser) over to slot 2? Or do I have to pull the rig in again from scratch and rebuild the effect chain that I setup in slot 1, and then tweak from there.

    I realize that I could just store multiple versions of my AC30 rig with the different tweaked settings and THEN pull them into my performance but I don't necessarily need to save a bunch of duplicates of the AC30 rig if I don't have to. There are already way too many rigs in my list lol.