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    Are you still experiencing this issue? I've been getting this too ever since I bought the kemper and never figured out what the problem was. Happens through headphones too for me, but doesn't seem like it's as loud as what you were getting

    I don't seem to get it through my headphones. I haven't been playing through speakers much lately so I assume it still happens but will check.

    I checked again with logic and it might be a few cents less than I stated, but I'm tempted to say that the difference might just be the amount that the logic tuner jumps around so it's hard to see directly side by side. In other words probably not a big deal.

    Hi kemper land,

    I've been noticing that when i tune with my Kemper and then do a subsequent check within Logic Pro X, that i consistently get about 5-7 cents difference between the two. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm tempted to stick with the Logic tuner since not everything will necessary go through my Kemper when I'm recording, but I thought that this was strange and was wondering if there's anything I can do about it. Both are using the same 440 Hz reference pitch.

    I will try those suggestions to see if there's any changes and get back to you. Thanks for your help.

    I think this is a bug that that they are already aware of and may already have fixed for the next update.

    Did you make a backup of your Kemper? You should get into the habit of backing up the KPA itself periodically onto a USB stick. Also, copy all of your profiles to Rig Manager in a local folder. Just having them show in the sync MyProfiler folder doesn’t give you a backup if the profiler gets cleared.

    I didn't. Hard lesson learned and I'll always backup beforehand after this. It's not the end of the world but dang I really liked one of those, haha.

    There is no warm up time.

    The fact that the hissing stutters sound like the main noise gate is set just on the threshold of being too low or too high and is only catching some of the high gain profile’s noise floor.

    This happens on any profile, clean or dirty. It's really loud relatively speaking for 5 minutes and then goes away. The fact that it goes away makes me think it is something different than the noise gate.

    I just created my new favorite profile two weekends ago. I just updated to via Rig Manger and that profile, along with a few others recently created, are now gone. In addition, a few of the recently created profiles are duplicated, almost like the took the place of the ones I lost. I'm so mad right now cause I profiled that amp (/13) while on a trip and maybe I could recreate it someday, but it'll be a while before I make it back there.

    I used Beyerdynamic DT770 - 80 Ohm headphones. I seemingly standard for my studio applications. I'm finding that when I use headphones on my Kemper that I have to crank the output volume to around -7dB to get it to be a relatively high level in my headphones. I feel like it didn't use to be like that. Also when i use my Sony headphones i don't have to crank it nearly as high. Is this an issue with the impedance of the headphones or is that a normal level to have to use? For reference, I'm usually about -20dB when going out of the main outs into my DAW interface.


    Is there a warm up time associated with the Kemper? I bought my Kemper new from Sweetwater and noticed when I plugged into my Alto speakers that there was a rather loud high frequency hiss that gradually went away after 5 minutes or so. When it goes away it almost sounds like the the hiss is stuttering. I unfortunately thought that this was the Alto speaker doing this cause I didn't get that same sound on the headphone jack, however, I noticed it when going into other speakers and when plugging the main outs into my DAW interface. So in other words, its the main outs doing this. Anyone else experienced this? I'm unfortunately past my 30 day return, but maybe I could talk with them at Sweetwater if this is a faulty system. After the hiss goes away I do get the random buzz sound that go on the output but I haven't fully determined if that's the Kemper or something else. Thanks all.

    Hi all, I haven't decided yet if I'll go FRFR route or the traditional cab route yet. I'm not in a hurry so I'm doing my homework. I was curious if anyone has tried out one of the new Barefaced Audio cabs with their Kemper. It seems to be a good idea. I love the idea of a better dispersion and light weight cab. Let me know what are your thoughts on this "new" design. The Reformer 112 send quite attractive in design and it sure would look good with the Kemper in their Raging Green.