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    I just wanted to Thank you all so much for welcoming me into the Kemper family. Thank you for your Kind words of encouragement and support. I really do appreciate each and every one of you. Merry Christmas.

    Hi Glenn, I downloaded your Profile/Performance pack ... They are amazing!! I can’t wait for you, and M Britt to do your thing with the editor.

    Just brainstorming here ... you could usb your Kemper into another Win 10 pc for editing without messing with your WIN 7 - DAW/VIDEO.

    I’ll lend you one?????.

    Yes I could. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro running Windows 10 so I might use that just to mess around with. Thank you so so much for your support Sir. I really do appreciate it.

    Wow Mac.OS 10.12 or Higher ?

    What a disappointment ;( all this waiting for nothing...

    Well no RM3 for me.

    Same here, I'm still on Windows 7 and my DAW and Video editing computer works like a fine Swiss timepiece. I would never upgrade to windows 10 right now. Guess I'll just have to keep editing on the unit itself which is fine with me. I was never one of the people crying for the editor.

    After using the Support Tab on the website I heard from Kemper Americas after about 4 hours. They promptly contacted me and sent me a return tag and are sending me out a new unit as soon as they get mine back. I'll be using my Fractal AX8 for my sessions this week so I should be fine.

    That's pretty good Customer Service. Thank you Kemper

    Tim, go download the latest OS for the Stage from the Kemper Support section (Makes Sure it's for the Stage). Extract the zip file into a folder. Get a freshly (Fat 32) formatted thumb drive and then go into that folder where you extracted the zip file and place the KAOS.bin file onto the USB thumb drive. With your Kemper Stage off, insert the USB drive and while holding down the PAGE < & > buttons turn the unit on. It may load the OS. Mine didn't do it but yours may. If that doesn't work contact them again if they haven't contacted you already. Good luck bro.

    Unfortunately My Kemper Stage will not boot up all of a sudden. I need to return it to have it fixed. Can someone please tell me how to do that?? Everybody is saying "Open a ticket". Where do I go to do that?? It sux too because it was 3 hours before a gig tonight. Now I've got sessions booked all week and I can't use the Kemper. :(:( what do I do??

    Hey guys, first of all, I want to thank you all so very much for your support and words of encouragement throughout this journey. The only time I offer a discount is with the Launch of a product. I usually have a sign up period where you can be included for the Launch Discount. That is only for 24 hours and I did this for my first Kemper Profile Pack. After the 24 hour period, they are released on my website for the retail price and they will always be that same price after that. For those that signed up for the Launch discount but needed to wait a few days before purchasing I always honor the discount code. To be fair to my customers I never do sales offers other than in this fashion. Thank you all again for your continued support. I really do appreciate it.

    Hi Guys, Thank you all so much for the warm welcome. My First Profile & Performance pack "Modded Amps" is ready.

    These are optimized for Studio recording and Live use with an onstage amp and cab, also going direct to FOH via XLR, stereo or mono, and also for use without the cab on, that would be using an onstage power amp amp with your own cab.

    Here is what's included.

    30 DRY Profiles/Rigs (No FX Added, You can add everything you like)

    30 WET Profiles/Rigs (FX Tweaked to my Specs)

    10 Studio Recording Performance Files (The exact same ones I used in all of the videos)

    10 LIVE Performance Files EQ’d FLAT(For Live Direct to FOH AND with on stage Amps or FRFR)

    10 LIVE Performance Files EQ’d to my specs (For Live Direct to FOH AND with on stage Amps or FRFR)

    10 Original Backing Tracks (The same ones used in all of the Video Demos)

    BONUS!! (1 Acoustic Profile, 2 Additional Acoustic Performances and 1 Additional Backing Track)

    You can find them here at my 100% SSL Secure Website:

    Best Regards,

    Glenn DeLaune
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