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    I got very inspired by this thread and bought some chicken picks the other day. Comfortwise they are great and I guess I could get up to speed using them if I gave it a couple of weeks. However, they sound awful on my high e. I don't know if I'm using too thin strings (9s) but their is an awful plastic sound when I pick. It is most noticeable when playing my tele acoustically but it was a bit of a buzzkill for me. Back to the dunlop 1.14s, I just got another 20 pack!

    I'm really liking this, hopefully it will show up at a euro retailer soon. I have strap locks on all guitars but I would only use this at home where I quite often move between sitting and standing and adjusting the strap is so boring that I just don't do it.

    Standing up I want it low because. that looks cool.

    Incoming! Had this on order for months. Covid hit, and Martin closed down the plants. Should be here in 2-3 days.

    I feel you, I've been waiting for an American Original 50s Tele for ages and just got word it will probably be 5 more months.

    I haven't used the legacy distortions much; not because I don't like them, but I'm of the same opinion as some others here: why use a stomp box when I have 300 virtual amps on stage with me? Instead of kicking on a tube screamer into my Marshall, I simply switch my slot to a cranked Soldano into the same cab. I constantly experiment, but usually come to the same conclusion - that the cranked amp beats the pedal/amp combo to my ears.

    The major exception is when I'm trying to cop the SRV or Mayer thing... a strat into a boost pedal into a cleanish amp is the only way to get that sound and feel. And man... the new Kemper overdrives have really added some new dimensions there. For me, the measure of success of any new feature is my wife yelling at me at 2am to shut the damn thing off and come to bed. Between these new drives and the auto swell, I've had a couple of those nights already. Danke, Christophe.

    I couldn't agree more! I'm certain there are more use cases but this is the only one for me.

    I do use a fair amount of boosts though to get the signal into the amp to where I want it for different guitars, but I prefer not to shape the signal too much.

    This is by the way how it has always been. When you mic your old 4x12 which you schlepped to wherever you are playing, FOH will sound very different to your monitoring. If you want the same sound from Monitoring/Kabinet and FOH, you can just put the Kabinet into Full range but then you are back where you started.

    I personally feel that tone doesn't improve with heavier strings. Not beefier, not nothing. When you have too light strings, you can get some floppiness but once you're over that threshold you're set.

    I keep 9-46s on my SG in Eb so I would suspect that with a longer scale and all, you would be just fine! It's all a matter of preference though and a pack of strings are not too expensive so it might be worth a try for a week.

    Edit: I ran 8-42s on my strat in standard tuning for a couple of months and it still sounded glorious, even when doing rhythmic SRV stuff. I changed back to 9s before I like the feel better. I do not hear any difference.

    Please excuse my Question it Might be asked and answered already.

    Why does the sound change through my Konekabinett, when I Switch off the rig’s cab-Module ?

    Because you get a Full range sound from the amp, i.e no Cabinet at all. It is intended behavior because sometimes it is needed e.g. for Acoustics

    Yeah, i have a Kabinet, sorry about the confusion.

    So I want to hear the Cab from the profile in FRFR through the Kabinet. Is it not possible to override that from the CAB menu?

    Also, the screen is still not working; it is dimmed and strange :)

    I was playing around with some new profiles today and figured I should put the Kone in FR mode. When entering the cab menu to change the local output mode from my globally selected greenback I realized that the second screen is broken. It is all dimmed out, almost impossible to make out, and it doesn’t allow for me to play the cab section in FR.

    I created a video to make it clearer:

    I’m certain I changed the speakers locally just a couple of days ago. I tried other performances as well as rebooting but nothing works.