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    If I feed the KPA a stereo mixed backing track, I will only get the right channel.

    For example. If I were to play Lamb of God's Laid to Rest from my computer, I would miss out on half of the intro as the guitar is only in the right channel. That's an extreme but there is plenty of music out there with key elements only being heard through one channel. Pretty much everything the Beatles made in Stereo is an example that comes to mind as well.

    It becomes a problem though because I only get the one channel? It's not too big of a deal, I'll have to just switch the mono option when switching between headphones and monitor. But to me it makes no sense to use a different set of connections based on what output i choose?

    1. Yes

    2. Front input

    3. Then I get the right channel in my monitor instead of the left!

    4. Around 5, they've been up and down though when I have tested

    5. Yes

    6. It is TRS from my computer going into the L/R TS cables in the KPA, attached picture below

    7. I've tried both

    [Blocked Image:]

    I unplugged the left aux in, meaning I only get the right aux in channel into the KPA. I now get the right channel only in my headphones but I get nothing from the monitor. It is completely silent.

    The only way I can get both channels into my monitor is by checking "Aux>Mono" but then I cannot get stereo anywhere else.

    Thanks for the help debugging Burkhard!

    Monitor output is set to "Master Mono" as it should and the levels into the KPA are ok. I do not get any problems at all listening with headphones. Also "Aux>Mono" is off and "Monitor Stereo" is off.

    So my situation then is that I can choose between getting:

    - Stereo on headphones and main but left only on monitor out as I only have the one monitor out

    - Mono out on all

    Well, I cannot get it to work then.

    With monitor output set as Master Mono, my right Aux channel is extemely quiet. If I pan left I get what I expect.

    I need to turn on AUX >Mono for the channels to be equally loud but then I cannot get stereo in headphones.

    Some setting I haven’t thought of maybe?


    I'm using the Aux input a lot and usually link it to more than one output. As my single Kone only can output Mono, I need to set the Aux to Mono. This means that the other outputs also get Mono although they are very capable of handling stereo.

    It would be nice to be able to select for each output if the Aux should be mono or stereo.

    If I have missed something in the manual, please let me know!

    Anyone on here know what a single Kone does with the Aux input if it is stereo? I read that the cone can reproduce the aux input in a linear fashion when being used as a guitar speaker with an imprint but I haven't seen any info about whether this sums the stereo input for mono output or if it just reproduces the left/right channel.

    Mine only gave me the left channel until I found the Aux mono button in the output menu. Now it outputs a nice mono which I guess is what you are after.

    Thanks man. :)

    Yes, I have been looking into something like this. Actually the cable with it integrated, but the Stealth has a clover type connection out of the transformer. So, yes, your option is best.

    What do you call them exactly? :/

    Here in Sweden it is called something like Powerswitch for lamp cord. I guess lamp power switch would do the job when googling. Remember that you need one with ground.

    If you are in Amazon-country, this could be a good alternative:…ch&qid=1587587911&sr=8-34

    Well now you have gone full circle. What's the point of having a Kemper if you are going to mic it again?

    The Kemper as is provides a Mic'd sound which you can send directly to the PA. That seems to be what y'all are after. Then just use a FRFR and you don't have a problem. You get the same sound through your FRFR solution as through the PA (no you won't but good enough).

    The next thing that happened was that people felt they missed the amp-in-the-room feeling. The Kabinet/Kone solves this. It is pointless to mic this when you can just send the fully treated, with cab and everything, signal to the PA. The Kone/Kabinet isn't for that. It is to create an enjoyable, amp-in-the-room experience.

    Also note that it was never possible to mic an amp the old school way and get what you are asking. It simply cannot be done. If you had your Marshall with you and used it as monitor, with a mic picking up sound for the PA, you would have two vastly different sounds standing in front of your cab and coming from the PA.

    If you want the same sound from your monitor as to the audience, there are a few ways forward:

    - Have the guitar sound to the audience come from Cabinets, possibly with Kone's. Probably not optimal unless you play at very small venues or you want to build a wall of cabinets, á la Angus Young.

    - Just use FRFR for your monitor as well.

    I wonder what's really going on here. 2 x 50 Watts should be sufficient power for many small venues, right? I have played bars with 1 x 25 W Camplifier with drummer and all and never had any problems. I'm not playing Death metal then but still. For home use and bars it must be enough?

    2 x 50 should be enough for a lot of users. Are really so many users on this forum regularly playing Theaters? Or are the pedals not outputting what they say? Or is my small Camplifier actually putting out more than 25W?

    Just got mine! Maybe a stupid question, but any recommendations as to the appropriate cable to connect the power head to the Kabinet? my 1/4" speaker cables are all pretty long ... 12AWG?

    I bought a 30 cm speaker cable from my local music store, generic brand. Seems to do the trick just fine. I'm not planning on moving the Kab around a lot and for a 30cm cable it needs to be really bad for it to impact sound.

    It’s for connecting them in series, thus it’s 8 ohm and not stereo. For stereo you need an external power amp and separate connections to the cabs.

    i ordered on monday, got a notification from DHL that they picked it up today

    I ordered monday from EU as well. Got a message from UPS Wednesday telling me that they had received the shipment information. It still hasn't shipped though. I'm getting restless, I would really have liked that Kabinet for the weekend. I guess it's for next week now instead.

    I got that from my cell phone but from desktop, starting on the homepage and then navigating to the store solved it for me.

    Still haven't heard about shipping for my European order I'm afraid. Too bad, I was really psyched.

    I'm crazy jealous on you guys, I still haven't had mine shipped. If it's not here for the weekend, this quarantine ain't gonna be too much fun.

    With some luck at least I'll get then new Expression pedal.

    Just got a Kabinet from the EU store. I can't wait to try this thing out! Hopefully it will arrive the same day as my new expression pedal from Thomann so I can Wah for all the neighbors to hear.