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    Still trying to digest this so sorry if its a stupid/obvious question...

    Will speaker imprints be sent via the main outs? If not, does this mean that the Kone "only" give benefit to amp in the room/monitor?

    That also means the sound will be different for your monitor to FOH ?

    EDIT: Well that didn't work

    I've used the .44 Magnum and the Duncan Powerstage 170 with traditional cabs. To my ears, the Powerstage is much cleaner and has loads more output. I'm not sure the 44M would stand up to much more than club and practice duty. I also found Duncan's 3-band EQ to be useful for reining in cabs for a particular room. Of course, at $400, you're talking real money at that point. The Camplifier would certainly be a neater solution if it performs.

    I've never used mine for anything really distorted (Metal sounds), but with that exception I can vouch for the Camplifier. Camplifier has given me clean output even when I've been really pushing it with high volume and high gain á la Van Halen or something.

    The powerstage is probably better but it is also a lot more expensive. Also, for me it is great to not have to haul anything extra; it is screwed on to the back of my Kemper.

    As I get it you will use the monitor out or speaker out to send the signal to the Kone. Here you can remove the cab emulation and apply speaker impressions so you get that nice speaker sound on your stage cab. To FOH you use the main output for which cabinet emulation will be used and not the speaker impression.

    I was looking at the Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 and 75w Hotone Loudster and have also contacted the Camplifier guys to see if they have anything in the works to match Kone specs (they have nothing new planned but all of their models will push the Kone nicely).

    I'm a bit of an amateur when it comes to amplification so please bear with me.

    What do you mean with "match the Kone Specs"? Would there be anything inherently not compatible or sub-optimal in the camplifiers?

    For me, getting a camplifier was an easy choice. It fits nicely into the back of your toaster, it's an overall solid piece of equipment and it won't ruin you.

    Depending on your needs, they have different versions. If you really need a lot of power, go for the 280 watt one. I myself have a 25w mono version which is perfect for my play-at-home needs with a single cabinet. You will probably be able to play at bars and such with that one as well.

    I got the same thing, and I have done nothing midi whatsoever. Sent it to Kemper the other day, hopefully they get it fixed by next beta. My Zeppelin IV performance cannot be used currently.