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    This is untrue, and ironic because that's exactly what you're doing with this post.

    Your goal is to upset me. It's not working, but I'm not going to hesitate to call you out on it.

    I'm sorry that the truth upsets you. Carry on.

    Might be that you don’t understand what online trolling means and how you are guilty of it in almost every reply you posted in this thread.

    > be on the Kemper forum

    > people raise concerns regarding a different product and why they think it’s not up to par with the kemper

    > calaban comes in and insults everyone here because he’s in love with said product hoping he will get a reaction or make everyone mad <<<<<< this is trolling and this is what you’ve been doing all along. Context matters.

    It's better not to feed the trolls.

    The NDSP a has the single advantage of workflow on capture. You don’t futz with it to get it right, you don’t appear to have to go through any voodoo to work out the right combinations that will capture, no standing on mountaintops at midnight with a front left paw of a hare, it works with mic pres, power+preamp distortion, there don’t appear to be any amp makes that don’t capture, you don’t have to stay in AB mode to get an accurate sound etc. In user terms it’s just simpler, that makes it appear more accurate.

    That's a two edged sword.

    On on hand you have QC which automagically creates a profile without asking if you think it's accurate enough and offers no way of messing with it. As of know I've yet to hear a capture which sounds identical to the source and you can't do anything about it.
    On the other hand you have the KPA which basically requires you to offer your input but if you do it right you can make it sound identical to the source as seen in the guidorist videos. Of course this is assuming you do it right other it can go very wrong.
    Seeing those videos made me regret selling my Kemper ...

    Can't you just answer the question or ignore it?

    in terms of processing power the QC should be slightly better than the Helix and quite better than the Kemper.

    The Axe FX3 is much better than all of them.

    Comparing cpu speeds is not the end of all though. CK is a genius who achieved everything using a 400mhz processor while Line6 has 20 years of experience in the business.

    Fractal has both the experience and the hardware.

    Remains to be seen how quickly can NDSP catch up.

    Now that I read more about the QC I find that at the moment it's not quite in the same league as Helix, Axe, Kemper when it comes to studio or live usage.

    The lack of output options, no global eqs, the form factor, no digital out, cumbersome menus.

    I'm sure it will get better in time but hearing that it's better for live or studio usage ... I don't quite get that.

    Like the vast majority of users I mostly use commercial profiles from people who know how to make it right and I'm pretty sure it will be the same on the QC users side. So, why the easiness to profile seems to be so important all of a sudden? It's certainly not a reason to make me swap my Kemper for the new toy absolutely not. But, you know, people like buying new toys and there is nothing wrong with it! ;)

    You need a way to rationalize spending 1700 euro on a new thing you don’t really need.

    Not judging though. I’ve done that too many times.

    Gas is strong.

    almost right :D

    They should come up with a more useable implementation for this.

    It’s annoying to have to set another capture block and another output on a separate path on every preset just to have cab monitoring ...

    Almost all other devices support automatic output with the cab disabled in parallel with the master output.