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    Some questions about the changelog items in the latest version...

    - Fixed wrong Profiler icon - What does this mean?

    - Display of morph values improved - How? I still can't see the Morphed values displayed in my Stage (when hitting the Morph button on the Stage)

    - “T” for toggle key command on effect slots - Where can you use the "T" key? When I hit that key, I just jump out of Performances into the list of rigs

    Used the Stage live for the first time last weekend, with the latest beta OS, playing Main direct to FOH and MON to a Behringer Eurolive 212A powered wedge.

    Couldn't believe the quality of the sound. It was exactly as if I was playing in my room and everything just worked, perfectly. I even had one transpose patch, which also worked a treat.

    The only issue was that it was a big stage and some other band members couldn't hear me clearly - mixing issue or need a more powerful stage monitor?

    I notice that in RM (latest version) if you're looking at a performance and have morph settings in place, then hit the Morph button on the Kemper (Stage in my case), the dials move to the morphed position, but the values under the dials don't change. So you can't tell what the new value is.

    Am I wrong? Is there any way to tell?

    I've just tried that and it works here. On Catalina. Can you please try again and let us know what the outcome is?

    Hi @G String, I tried again last night and yes, you're right, the settings were saved. Maybe the difference is that I have to use RM to navigate away and back, rather than the footswitches, in order for changes to be saved?

    Still the problem remains that when RM first displays the list of Performances on my Kemper Stage, the currently selected one is named incorrectly with the same name as the Performance in slot #1. Changing away from it, to another performance (double-clicking on the previous performance in the list), in RM makes it then suddenly revert to the correct name.

    This is intended behavior. Using the switches will restore the originally saved performance slot.

    To keep slot edits, use either Rig Manager to change slots or the PAGE buttons on the stage.

    So when I disconnect from the Mac, and go to a gig, how do I access the edits? I'll be using the switches to change slots, not the PAGE buttons.

    Just updated to new Beta versions RM 3.0.88 and OS 7.1.11

    The Stage hung after rebooting, but eventually I got it to reboot again (by holding down the power button) and this time it went ok.

    Connected with RM and noticed two things immediately.

    1) My main Performance, in RM, is now labelled 'Example: Mars Amps' (which is the first performance in the list). Panic. I rebooted Rm, clicked around a bit, changed performances on the Stage, and my actual performance reappears. Phew.

    2) Half of my other Performances were missing in RM, and now are just labelled 'New Performance'. No problem. They were all the Pink Wall performances. Restored as new performances by Drag and Drop in RM. That worked pretty well, except that first I tried to delete the 'New Performance' ones, by selecting them and choosing right-click 'Delete Performance'. Nothing. You can't delete anything, at least not 'New Performance' ones anyway.

    I moved them all past the valid performances successfully, so now all my functional performances are the first 1-13 in the list.

    Now try to edit a Performance. Open one of my own performances and make a change to a stomp parameter. The 'Store Performance in #nn' button does not become enabled. Add a new effect. Now the button becomes enabled. I push the button. It becomes disabled, indicating the change was saved. I switch slots on the Stage, by pushing a switch, then switch back - the change is gone.

    So whatever this new Beta version fixes, it ain't saving Performances! Not on MacOS Catalina, anyway. It's a Beta.

    Meteoroz do you mind to reboot your mac and your stage, then try again?

    @G String Tried that and it made no difference. The performance settings in Rig Manager are not saved to the Stage after making changes and clicking the Save button. The button becomes greyed out afterwards.

    If you then navigate to a different slot on the Stage, then back, changes are lost. If you make changes in RM, then hit the STORE button on the Stage, you can watch it save the changes and sync to RM (on the LCD monitor), but when you hit save from within RM, you can't see anything happening on the Stage LCD. I'd expect to see something happen on there.

    Also, adding a rig to an empty slot in a performance in RM doesn't change the performance on the Stage.

    Renaming a rig also doesn't work. Tried rebooting the Stage - it came back up on Performance 21, but displaying the details for the default #1 performance! Changing banks fixed the display, but previous changes (as mentioned above) were lost.

    As far as I can tell, this new release has made no improvement whatsoever - on MacOS at least. Really disappointed.

    Same here. I was trying to switch an amp on a performance in RM (latest beta on MacOS/Kemper Stage), but it wouldn't let me drag & drop. Eventually I resorted to using the browse button on the Stage, but even then, the display showed the original amp profile name (MB Deluxe). Only if you held down the Amplifier button did you get the edit screen and could see that the amp had actually changed to a Vox AC15. Once you're out of edit mode, there's no way to tell - it still says MB Deluxe.

    You don't need to connect a PROFILER to mark Rigs as favorites in Rig Manager. But perhaps you havn't entered an Owner Name under Rig Manager preferences yet. Your favorites don't become somebody else's favorites and vice verse, if Rigs get exchanged. The whole favorite logic is linked to Owner Name. That's also why you normally want to make sure, that the PROFILER's Owner Name and Rig Manager's Owner Name are identical. Rig Manager will suggest that, if both are different.

    Thanks. The name is there under preferences. The problem seems to be that you have to be in a specific location in order for the option to be available, ie in a folder under the All Rigs/Local Library node. Anywhere else and it's not available.

    I just made it through every post of this thread and I think I spotted just a few people with what I think might be the same issue. Are other's experiencing issues with performances not sticking (writing to profiler) when using the orange save to profiler buttons? I keep finding myself making changes to the performances, saving, moving elsewhere, then returning to find my performance rolled back to a previous version. If I make my tweaks in RM but then manually click store>store>store on the profile (stage) itself like I would normally, that seems to still work - it just defeats the purpose of using RM instead of going back and forth between RM and the profiler.

    Yep, same here. Can't save in RM, only on the Stage.

    I wish there was a way to see, in the signal chain, which sections have morph settings in place. Just an icon against the Rig/Input/Output/Effect/Amp/Cab would be perfect.

    Also, it seems on Macos the keyboard shortcuts (Morph = M, Amplifier = A etc) don't work.

    Ok, today I tried multiple times to create a new performance filling each of the five slots with the same rig (Michael Britt Taylor K4 3). First, it would not allow me to save it local or to the Kemper using the orange buttons at the bottom of the main screen. Then, most or all of the slots were reverting to crunch when I changed slots. Then, it started crashing and giving me an error message when I tried to drag and drop the rig onto new slots in a new performance. I shut down and rebooted a couple of times. Will submit to support but attaching the error pic here for reference.

    Yeah, I got the same trying to add a rig to an empty slot. Pressing the switch for that slot does nothing except make the morph light on the current slot flash momentarily (!). Moving to the new slot (which has the rig name in it) using the arrow keys next to the display (this is the Stage btw), as soon as you get to the new slot/rig, you get that error screen and have to reboot. At first I panicked, but deleting the slot in Rig Manager solved the problem.