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    hey guys,

    I have a very particular problem which I've been trying to resolve.

    My aim is to create custom IRs at the moment I've been using the GGD Zilla SW to create a wav file. I love the tone I'm getting because it helps you create a mix of a number cabs which allows me to do similar things I would when I owned a helix and i was combining more than a single cab.

    Since the cab maker does not like the exported file from the Zilla IR unit - I'm using my daw to covert it to proper 44/24bit. (upload the file to a track and just render as wav)

    That's when I can suddenly use it with the cab maker but - the converted IR that the cab maker creates is super silent. It sounds like my amp is on 1 instead of 10 if I'd have to make a comparison to what it sounds like. It's distant, muffled, silent - nothing like the sound I'm getting.

    I bet there must be a way to create these kemper friendly IRs otherwise everything by ownhammer or any other maker would act the same way.
    But they probably use kemper's internal features to capture the tone and split this accordingly so the IRs are a product of the kemper mimicing the tones.

    Could it be that since kemper expect some involvement of the power amp which generates the print on some dB level, that simply exporting an IR from a 3rd party system does not provide the exact volume/level?

    Anywho, if any of you had luck using these just let me know. I'd like to really take it to the next level since i really love the results from the zilla features.

    thanks guys!

    Jesus, I've got the same problem with just one of those buttons. I've got a ticket open but it does not seem to be going anywhere. But you man are super unlucky having had to return 1 unit and receiving this. Is there really no QC on their end before they ship out?

    I've run into some themes on this forum where Kemper support would claim that they are working on hi/lo cut filters for the cabinet section. Those were like from 2 years ago, I wonder if this is still to be done in some later firmware updates/upgrades or at all.
    Basically right now the 'x' slot is between amp and cab just like your standard fx, but shaping your sound with these tools it would make a lot more sense if these parameters were located after the cab section. Any news on that? It would be soooo helpful.

    Hi guys i was wondering if one of you could point me the right direction. Before I bought the stage, I was running a Helix LT through a Friedman ASM-12, I would bu using the ASM on 1/2 of its master volume and it would still be super loud and pounding. ( i was running a combination of 2 IRs a 57 with -9db of a royer 121 and it was just smashing like a real guitar cab)

    With the stage I'm set to -12dB Main out and 0dB Monitor out, running the monitor out to the FRFR and I am almost fully dimed and still don't cut through it sounds a bit... papery?!
    During this weekend I will try tamper with the monitor output EQ, sometimes these studio profiles sound great through FOH but in room you need to increase mids and other parameters.

    Is there anything else I should look into in my settings? Should I increase the individual rig volumes or the volume on the amp sim settings? I'm using professional profiles by sinmix and STL.
    thanks boiz