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    Finally got around to purchasing my first Kemper Rack to go with my Behringer UNO Chipped remote yesterday after many years of watching and listening to others using Kempers and admiring their sounds. 8)

    I didn't realise what a learning curve it is going to be however......Headphones on I Plugged in, switched on and didn't really know what I was doing but after a few attempts at pressing different buttons and arrows etc I manged to get (stumble) to the "Rigs by Author" section and used the arrows to scroll and select ..well nothing prepared my for the sonic treat that followed I got so carried away 4 hours passed so quickly to say I was blown away was an understatement in the least...its totally brilliant! :love:

    I only wish that I had taken the plunge earlier.....ah well here now.

    looking forward to interacting with the forum and Kemper community. The first job is to track down an older version of the Rig Manager that will work with my Mac 10.7 Lion OS computer as the newer ones will not install so I am hoping to delve into the forum to find a link or download to fix ..

    .......can't wait! 8)