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    Still I’m quite surprised more people aren’t getting the amp. Is it a COVID thing?

    Personally, I already have a couple of high gain amps . Even if I had the money for another amp right now the Badlander is not even on the list. If I were to get a Mesa amp right now it would likely be TC50 or the JP2C. For the money I think Mesa has better offerings.

    I have been passively watching this thread and have decided to put in a comment. First I am not a fan of fuzz at all and it is one of the only effect pedals I have never owned and never wanted to. Now that being said, there are songs and song parts that require fuzz like the solo to Comfortably numb or Voodoo Child and this update gives me a great version of that effect without having to buy it. The other thing that I love about this update is the effects being listed in the menu for the rig blocks it huge for me. I think the only other thing that I am anxious to see would be the ability to assign the effect buttons in RM.

    Thanks Kemper

    When I turned 13 years, old in 1983, my grandfather gave me a $50 gift for my birthday. I went out and bought my first five albums Van Halen, Van Halen II, Women and Children First, Diver Down and Diary of a Madman. I played those five records until they wore out. I have never wanted to do anything else ever since then.

    Ampeg VT-60 is gone

    Abasi Pthos has turned into a Friedman BE-OD pedal

    Also picked up

    Earnie Ball flat ribon cable patch cable pack

    Adventure audio Thaw (gated fuzz)

    Adventure audio Again (multi option delay)

    Have a Digitech SDrum coming in on Monday

    Yeah I'd really like to have RM 3 since it looks amazing. You might have convinced me with that free windows but we'll see...

    Thanks for a tip!

    IF you do it as an upgrade, the rollback feature may still be there (maybe someone with a recent upgrade can confirm). I know it was when I did the upgrade years ago. I have long since removed that option since I wanted the disk space back and don't miss Windows 7 at all.

    Its early in the year but I have picked up a few things so far.

    Just got a 5150 III 6L6 212 cab and an EHX Holy Grail Neo today.

    TC Electronic Sentury

    Friedman Power grid 10

    Abasi Pathos coming this weekend

    Ampeg VT-60 and the is on its way out

    I built a buffer pedal for my board

    Bunch of cables for the board and strings

    as a player, in cover bands, for 55+ years. I’m a less is more player.
    ‘I find an Amp, a touch of reverb, and a little delay occasionally, covers over 90% , 0f the

    100’s of songs that I play

    I completely agree with this, I prefer to have my od/distortion come from the amp. The Kemper is perfect for me when it comes to that stuff, if I want more or less or different i just swap the amp. Even with my analog rigs, I have things like flanger, phaser and delay but they are almost never on. MY idea of a prefect KPA2 would be mostly subtle and would barely be able to be called a version 2. Add a screen that people keep calling for, maybe upgrade DSP or small things like that but make sure that the OS does not need a major overhaul so previous versions of the KPA remain relevant.

    Give me a great amp, a little reverb, a boost and some effects for the occasional cover I -play that needs them and I am a happy guy.

    I just wish a Kemper Unit as Multi Effect for real Amps. Maybe as 19" or just as a Floorboard.

    I am going to start by saying I love my Kemper and sold my Helix to get my stage unit with no regrets. That being said, an effects only unit from Kemper may not bring a return on investment enough to warrant the R&D costs. With the HX FX and the FM3 on the market already it would be a tough spot to get into without stellar effects in the box. Helix has nailed the effects and the HX FX put them all in a pedal board. When I need effects the Kemper is not the first thing I think of when I have tube amps and a pedal; board sitting behind me. I use my Kemper for the amps and how well they reproduce tube amps. I have even at one point mounted my Kemper on a board with some of my favorite effects. I do use the effects in my stage but it is out of convenience of the all in one unit. IF you really love the Kemper effects, you can always use the Kemper stage into the an amp and just shut off the amp and cab blocks.

    From my point of view the Kemper does not need to refresh the Kemper to add thing like dual amps or that kind of thing. Now that being said a Kemper 2 that refreshed the UI with the modern features like a screen or user interface things like that. This would allow an updated model to be released with a more modern feel while retaining the same OS that all the units are using. That type of solution would be a win for everyone, new features and feel to bring in the people that complain about the UI while retaining the updates and functionality for those that are content with the Kemper as is. One common things that I have noticed with all of the QC stuff online lately is that it is getting put up against the 10 year old Kemper over and over again and still only gets a slight edge in a couple minor areas. This confirms to me that the Kemper as is, is still VERY relevant. The idea of a Kemper 2 with only a UI refresh I think could be a game winner.