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    I just wish a Kemper Unit as Multi Effect for real Amps. Maybe as 19" or just as a Floorboard.

    I am going to start by saying I love my Kemper and sold my Helix to get my stage unit with no regrets. That being said, an effects only unit from Kemper may not bring a return on investment enough to warrant the R&D costs. With the HX FX and the FM3 on the market already it would be a tough spot to get into without stellar effects in the box. Helix has nailed the effects and the HX FX put them all in a pedal board. When I need effects the Kemper is not the first thing I think of when I have tube amps and a pedal; board sitting behind me. I use my Kemper for the amps and how well they reproduce tube amps. I have even at one point mounted my Kemper on a board with some of my favorite effects. I do use the effects in my stage but it is out of convenience of the all in one unit. IF you really love the Kemper effects, you can always use the Kemper stage into the an amp and just shut off the amp and cab blocks.

    From my point of view the Kemper does not need to refresh the Kemper to add thing like dual amps or that kind of thing. Now that being said a Kemper 2 that refreshed the UI with the modern features like a screen or user interface things like that. This would allow an updated model to be released with a more modern feel while retaining the same OS that all the units are using. That type of solution would be a win for everyone, new features and feel to bring in the people that complain about the UI while retaining the updates and functionality for those that are content with the Kemper as is. One common things that I have noticed with all of the QC stuff online lately is that it is getting put up against the 10 year old Kemper over and over again and still only gets a slight edge in a couple minor areas. This confirms to me that the Kemper as is, is still VERY relevant. The idea of a Kemper 2 with only a UI refresh I think could be a game winner.

    Another forum member had a similar issue recently.

    The input signal that the Kemper was receiving was too hot and clipping. The Kemper mistook the clipping as a noise gate.

    You're signal still may be too hot if the profile did not turn out well.

    Ya, that was me. I was doing a direct profiles then. Currently I am trying to use a mic. I actually had the profile tell me I wasnt loud enough profiling the Blue channel at a similar volume. I have not been able to try the reduced return from inside the profiler yet, that is next.

    Anyone else have trouble trying to profile a 5150 III red channel? I have gotten errors that I have noise gate in the chain, and that I have too much gain with the gain only on 3 and volume on 2. I have finally gotten the profiling process to finish without error and damn might be the worst sounding profile I have ever heard. I am using a single SM 57 and a Mesa Lonestar 212 cab if that helps.

    I can’t say I see much benefit in it to be honest. I profile from the toaster and often use the Remote footswitches to step through the sequence. I usually connect my Apple keyboard to the KPA USB port for naming and tagging profiles. Which works really smoothly. However, naming and tagging via RM would be a nice smooth workflow. To be fair that might already be viable as I haven’t tried it 😆

    Naming and tagging can be done in RM for sure and I have done it. If I owned a toaster I probably would not have even thought of wanting to be able to perform profiling from RM but with the Stage I find myself on the floor with the unit. I am sure the functionality would not be hard to add but then again we still don't have a tuner in RM either.

    Hi. I am planning a combo build with my rack mount Kemper . I want 2 powered FRFR speakers to build into it. Small but full sound. I am sure that this has been done before so please tell me what you did and how it turned out! Thanks in advance, Bobby

    Should be simple enough, especially if you have a powered rack. Even if you don't, I believe camplifier has units that can be installed. Build a cab for everything and use a couple of Kemper Kones and you're in business.

    If it is there please just let me know I am an idiot or what ever. Seems that could and should be able to profile from the RM interface. Especially for Stage users like me that would be a huge work flow aid.

    I am not sure I understand the benefit here. I you use the Kemper as a dedicated to power amp and cab system you would have all direct profiles loaded and then the cab block would be disabled by default. To me RM is flexible enough to set up how ever your work flow works for you. I tend to use merged profiles since I have a Stage I send the monitors our to my cab with the cab turned off. That lets me send the main to FOH if they have a PA. Maybe I am missing what you mean by "dedicated section"

    I am very skeptical about this. I have been using Windows since DOS, and never had a completely successful version upgrade. I've always had to do full OS upgrades from scratch on an empty disc, and then spend weeks migrating my user data afterwards.

    Maybe because my OS system is always modded beyond the OEM features. I'm sure I will have to re-install at least a dozen or more programs. Not to mention all those passwords to write down and re-enter. I don't have a spare drive to make a backup image of my current setup.

    All this takes away from practice time which I just dread.

    You can install a new full OS as well, just use you Windows 7 or 8 key. If you really dont trust it use a different drive anf if you dont like the results you can always just put the first drive back in.

    Actually I much prefer using the real amp for recording if I own it. That allows me to make adjustments to the tone without having to re-profile. If I am using my Archon , for example, and I don't think the tone fits what I want I can just reach over and turn the presence knob or flip the bright switch. I would 100% use the profiler to record if I don't own the amp. Like ill never own an actual Dumble but my Les Paul and Strat sound soo good through those profiles.

    I don't think an isolation box is the answer to all of my tone quest issues but it would be one more nice tool to have.

    in my info quest, to sound proof a basement studio, I’ve seen several builds on YouTube. I think a sealed box with 2 thicknesses of 5/8 drywall ( with green glue between) would work quite well

    Make sure all openings are sealed

    You could also just try shipping blankets

    Since I have a finished basement that only a portion of is my studio I want to build just a box for recoding and profiling. Preferably something I can move or use for other purposes if we have company.

    Anyone have any tips or ideas for building an isolation box for a 212 cab? I have made a bunch of direct profiles before using a two notes captor but none of them made me say "Wow, that's my amp!". I want to try to profile my whole rig this time and I really want to be able to turn it up to where I normally use it when I record (two note into my DAW). I just want to isolate the cab an minimize the volume. I don't have to worry about neighbors only the wife and kid so it does not have to be completely silent.

    I have only ever done that with the direct profile that I have made. When it comes to downloaded profiles if I dont like it then I just change the profile. There are just too many out there to waist time with a profile I am not happy with to start. Start with something you like then you wont have to tweek much to get where you really want to be.

    So, keep your eyes open... There's a lot of good used stuff out there on both Reverb and Craigslist and also, you can do Nationwide searches at Guitar Center... you may be surprised at you you find.

    If I see anything, I'll let you know. Maybe if you find a good deal on something used, you could keep your Kemper!:/

    I did actually find a Lone start 212 combo that I almost traded straight for just the kemper. Once I looked up the weight on it I said no thanks. 80 lbs. Damn I am too old for that.