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    I'm thinking of buying the Kemper Stage to use in a live covers band set up where the majority of the time there won't be a FOH system so I would rely on the back line for the guitar. Occasional FOH only. I am the only guitarist in the band and want a stereo set up. I currently use a Marshall JMP-1 through a Marshall 9001 monoblock (backbreakingly heavy) running stereo through to two orange 2x12 cabs, one placed at either side of the stage.

    I'm looking for advice on how to replicate this set up with the Kemper stage. Should I just replace the Marshall amps with the kemper and a mosfet stereo amp running through my orange cabs turning off the cab sim in the stereo monitor output and for the main output have the cab sim set up as the same cab for the odd occasion when I do go FOH or should I go FRFR? And is there such a thing is the best FRFR speaker for this type of set up as reading online everyone has different opinions on which FRFR cabs are best as everybody uses them differently. It would be great if I could set up a tone at home that would require minimum tweaking once playing through the full set up at gig volume.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated:)

    Welcome to the forum :)

    I'm guessing by your current setup that you need to get very loud maybe? ;) You may want to also consider a powered Kemper and remote instead of the Stage. That way, you can run your own cabs or FRFR depending on your needs at any time.

    I use an Orange Pedal baby 100 to push my stage to my Mesa 212 cab, I just send the monitor out with no cab. That would allow you to still use the main outs for FOH if that is the situation for the night. The PB100 will push an 8ohm cab or 2 16ohm cabs. There is also the synergy 50/50 that is an all tube and that can push 4,8 or 16 through both channels but that is not cheap. The tubes also add color to your tone.

    Indeed... without causing any offense, Kemper 2 is complete fake news and anyone talking about it like it is real news is an idiot...

    Three reasons why I dont see this happening. First, the Kemper stage was just released and to release a Kemper II would chance angering an entirely new customer base. Second, Kemper is still in the process of finalizing the RM3, OS7 and Stage/KPA integration as well as the current projects that have yet to be released (Kone). Third, Kemper as it currently sits is still leading the industry in amplifier simulation. No other modeler is able to get the tones that the Kemper gets and they continue to add DSP and are still not quite there.

    With all that being said I am sure there will eventually be a Kemper II but I dont see it happening any time soon. I think there is still a great deal that can be done with the resources that the current line has available. Just like with tube amps, there comes a time when the wheel is done and only needs to be refined.

    We know the original schedule, unless there is a surprise in store. Bring the editor to full release, Kone, acoustic sim and then stomp updates in the future.

    Out of this list I think I would be most excited to see what comes out for new stomps. Would love to see things like KOT, Klon and stuff like that.

    sorry I wasn’t clear. I agree it’s $60 . It was the updates I was clumsily trying to explain...

    I have yet to be charged for a single update. I would imaging at some point that they would change their price structure since it is becoming more popular. They could even EOL the version I am on and the would kill what I am on but that is fine, no software is meant to last forever. I already got 1 year out of it for $60 and still going. If it ends today I got more value out of it then a lot of the products out there.

    Hi everyone just wondering if there was someone with an extra access key for a daw that they don’t mind giving away. Asking for a friend :)

    Reaper is what I use. I have liked it enough to pay for the license. I can also tell you that there is not a difference that I have noticed between the free and payed version other then having to click the 'still evaluating' button. It is only $60 for the lifetime paid version as well.

    Based on that sample, it has to be something other than the KPA. Or the KPA is faulty in some manner. That's not a setting, a speaker or an interface choice. Something in the setup is all kinds of screwed up.

    Only way I could make my gear sound that awful is to actually try. Even then, it'd be a challenge.

    And that is why I suggested using the 'known good power amp and cab'. If it still sounds bad it would 100% be something within the Kemper weather it is a faulty part or not would be tough to say.

    Err I posted the sample, and we can see it doesn't sound good. You suggested that I go through my Marshall, which I was grateful for. I merely pointed out that I wished to use the Kemper by itself, as I purchased it under the assumption I could.

    Not sure where the anger is coming from man, but thanks for your time anyway.

    And after all these years I should know better then to post while on my first cup of coffee. My response was a bit out of line. Sorry.

    My suggestion was not intended to have you run you KPA like that but as a test to isolate the KPA but using known good power amp and cab. It is an easy test. If it still sounds like crap then try a different profile stock with no changes made to it. There are many on RE, I am sure you know that and many that we could suggest. That would further isolate the profile or the physical Kemper/firmware.

    I get what your saying, but if I need to put my Kemper through a tube amp to sound good it defeats the object for me.

    I bought the Kemper because the profiles by topjimi, Mix Berlin etc sound great in their demos. All done with no processing and no amp apparently. Just the Kemper, no post processing. Many on forums, in their videos, confirmed this. So I bought the Kemper and the profiles, and you can see the results I'm getting.

    I appreciate you taking the time to give suggestions, but you can see where I'm coming from. If I can't use the Kemper by itself, as the company claims and as others claim, its of no use to me. I shouldn't have to tweak and tweak it, or put it though a tube amp.

    Now you are again refusing to do what is suggested. This is the kind of thing that makes it look like you are only here to troll and bash Kemper. You are literally refusing a troubling shooting step because you shouldn't have to do it. I deal with stubborn customers that don't want to do trouble shooting steps all day, every day. You don't want to attempt to fix the problem, that's on you. It is standard steps in trouble shooting to isolate and eliminate or resolve issues one step at a time.

    Good luck with your sale.

    And then mike the cab?

    Might as well just mike the Marshall then. I mean, I bought the Kemper to record the Kemper. If I have to use an amp to get the Kemper sounding good, the price tag isn't justified.

    We are not to the point of mic'ing anything. Like I said the idea is to connect it this way to dial the amp profile in. The end goal is to get things running the way you intend but one step at a time.

    The Marshall does have an effects loop, but I tend to run my pedals in front of it. Are you referring to speaker emulation? That doesn't sound too great. From what I hear, recording with a mike is the way to go.

    The idea is to use the effects loop return so that the Kemper would use the power amp section of the Marshall and the real cab. This would allow for the ability to separate the parts of the chain. Get the amp profile sounding good and the move onto the next part. Personally I prefer to run my Kemper through a power amp and into a real cab.

    Done with a Highway one strat, topjimi Jubilee profile, spdif to RME Fireface.

    No post processing.

    I believe you said at one point that you have a Les Paul, is that correct? Single coil pickups VS humbucker pickup will make a tone difference for sure.. I do not believe that is the root of the issue but eliminating that tonal difference will help.

    For something I am not sure has been suggested. Does your Marshall have an effects loop? If so, plug the monitor out into the return and shut off the cab. That would take a lot out of the digital chain