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    Consider the powercab plus a jack of all trades, master of none. Great price, especially used. There's a Tone Junkies shootout on youtube where it gets a lot of praise. I think you can also use midi to control the speaker models so you might be able to do that from the Kemper Control.

    I have to agree, it may not be the best FRFR or even the best speaker sim but it does them both and better than the lower priced stuff. In my opinion it is the best bang for the buck option out there

    I have owned both the Powercab + and now I own the standard Powercab. I want back to the Powercab after trying other solutions like the Headrush 108. I like the speaker design and the wood cab of the Powercab, it is a great solution without the extreme cost of the Mission or Atomic cabs. I did a review video on the Powercab as well.

    I would use the FRFR mode on the Mission. As for the connections from the Kemper, I would Connect to the Mesa cab via the monitor connection with the can off then you can connect the Mission cab via the master out. That will allow you to have the cab sims in place for your Mission and not your Mesa without having to make any changes when you change your speaker. This is how I have my Mesa cab and Powercab connected.

    hi everyone I,m looking at mounting my foot controller into the rack lid and was planning on fixing it using the rubber feet and some longer screws . was just wondering if anyone knew the size(thread and length) of said screws

    many thanks


    If you have a hardware store near you, most of them have a board in the fasteners isle that would let you check the pitch/thread of the screw.

    Here is a vid I made a while ago on profiling with the Stage. You would only need to replace the load box return with you mic input

    OK cool, thanks. My buddy gave me the mics knowing they didn't need power … I presume.

    The adaptor cable is brand new.

    And just to confirm, the manual says TRS back into RETURN1. Not a standard instrument cable?

    You may need a XLR to TRS adaptor. It does need to be a balanced input.

    Cool thank you. I will check it out. I had one of the original first run MT15s and loved it, only got rid of it because I had the chance to get an Archon.

    Lead channel. bass 12.30 mid 13 treb 14 o'clock. Gain 9. Presence 13

    Sounds like you may have gotten old stock. That issue had been resolved many months ago.

    Yes, but that cable will likely not be long enough to get to the Kemper. The cable plugged into the speaker out of you amp goes to the speaker by itself and could be used by the powered output of the Kemper but you could easily blow that speaker using the Kempers power amp. In your situation I would use the the monitor output of the Kemper to the FX return with the cab shut off.

    I have a pair of monitors too that I will be using directly from the unit, this is 2 x TRS cables right? The monitors are Mackie CR4's.

    The connection cable will depend on your audio interface. I use a Focusrite 2i2 si I tend to use the XLR option when going through my monitors or recording.

    Yeah I think with it being such a small amp it may not handle such a large power amp. I've played a few times via the FX loop though at reasonable volume and it seems to be working fine. I turn the cab sim off though as it sounds terrible haha. Basically I should turn the power amp off on the Kemper?

    I prefer the sound of moving air through physical speakers as I'm quite old school - I've been playing for over 20 years via tube amps.

    Am I better off getting the Kemper Kabinet so I can use solely as a speaker without messing with another combo amp's pre-amps?

    Yes, absolutely do not use the Kempers power amp in that setup. The FX goes straight into the power amp of the Marshall, iIf you do you are pushing a power amp into another power amp. The Kemper Kabinet will give you great results and will allow you to get the correct profile tones when switching profiles. Pushing into a Marshall cab/speaker will give everything a Marshall like color to it. The Kabinet will allow you to change the speaker tone but I do not have a Kabinet, I use an FRFR speaker. It is my preference to use FRFR incase some day I get a unit made by someone else, the Kabinet only works with the Kemper.

    Hmm, why am I getting buzzing and hissing through my speaker then? Is it because it has an FX loop in it? It works when I run a cable out of main output (L) then into the return of the combo speaker's FX loop. Is the DSL5 speaker not able to handle 600w of power amp wattage?

    They said they can fix it as its still under warranty, but I would have to cover the shipping costs. My first option is to ask the store who sold it to me to arrange it or send me a new one, as I was under no impression the backlight didn't work in the item description.

    If you are going into the FX loop return, make sure you are not using the power amp of the Kemper. Amp into amp will for sure get you undesired effect. Only use the powered out into a passive cab. DSL5 speaker is certain to now be able to handle 600w but that is a class D power amp so you only get 600w to 4 ohm. You speaker is likely 8 ohm or 16 ohm and you will have considerably less wattage into the higher ohm rating. According to the Marshall website you have


    Speaker configuration

    Speaker model
    Celestion Ten-30 speaker (16Ω, 30w)

    Unit impedance

    Without doing the math, because its not exactly half, you would be pushing about 150 w to that speaker and that is a 30 w speaker so you would still want to keep the volume below 25%.

    Edit: If you are using the passive mode of the Kemper into the fx return, then you can use the volume control of the amp without worrying about blowing the amp

    I use my Stage unit through my Mesa 212 cab alot. I enjoy the feel much more like that but I have an FRFR cab as well since it handles changes for different tones better. An AC30 or a Fender looses some of its character when I push it all through a Mesa.

    Is Kemper going to fix the hardware issue for you? If you have it going in for service, I am sure they will sort out all the issues.