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    This would be amazing. I love the idea. Since we can not profile stomps, this would be the nest best thing. Would be cool to just search for a King of tone or a Klon or what ever effect that you want. Would be amazing to be able to trade effect presets like that.

    Is a direct profile a profile with the cab simulation turned off? Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks to both of you for the replies!

    Direct is profiled without a cab. Amp only, you can add a cab sim to it for a merged profile. I have been doing this a lot since I like to send my monitor to a power amp and real cab. A direct profile will allow you to push the raw amp tone to your DAW and allow you to load and change your cab IRs through an IR loader. I also really like the tone of mic'ing up the cab to send to the interface but most are not using that kind of setup.

    I think times have changed since Windows 7 came out, and yes, I think it's very likely that Microsoft has embedded more technology into their new OS to enable easier spying, and to install new updates automatically (without user consent) to continue enabling new spying methods as technology changes. This is absolutely a game changer when it come to access into a users computer.... it's an open door that they can exploit at will whenever they feel like it.

    Feel free to stay on Windows 7 for what ever reasons you choose but you can not expect developers to write to that outdated OS. Just like you will not find anyone writing for Windows 98. As time goes by you will find less and less things compatible with Windows 7.

    Well, the editor looks exactly like what I saw at namm last january. Rad. Glad it's finally available. I never used RM very much but the editor section has me giddy for all the reasons everyone else already said.

    I'll chime in on the Win/Mac sub-convo happening: I am not inherently opposed to Windows, but when W10 came out I did update it, and all hell broke loose. It did a forced (meaning I could not stop it nor did I give permission) update in the middle of a home recording session. It crashed and took out the hard drive data with it. Six months worth of work down the toilet (I did take the HD to a recovery outfit. $1300 to recover with no guarantees). Probably a fluke, I recognize it as such, but it still sucked REAL bad. I run an iMac now and haven't had a single problem. (to be fair and unbiased, I did have the MB fail on an older MBP, but it was a generation known to have the problem)/ I now backup every session to both external drive as well as cloud storage just in case.

    If ever you find yourself looking to recover files not backed up there is a free software called recuva. Sometimes you can also pull flat files by booting the system with a Linux Ubuntu live cd. You can also rebuilt boot sectors with testdisk. I would not recommend testdisk if you are not technical. Hope that helps if you have any issues like that in the future.

    Windows 10 is just fine until it reboots without permission (in the processing closing a dozen running applications and corrupting or discarding open files) to apply an unwanted update that breaks a driver that's been working for years. Then, said driver doesn't get fixed for six months, leaving you with expensive hardware reduced to a doorstop. Yes, all of the above happened to me.

    Windows 10 is unpredictable, unreliable, and unsupported. Not my idea of great....but I've been stuck with it for over a year so it doesn't matter to me in the context of RM.

    I have been on Windows 10 since day 1 and never once have I seen that behavior. My ITS department at work will force reboots but I have never experienced Windows 10 doing that on its own. In fact I have seen on many occasions that Windows 10 is requesting a reboot and give you the chance to choose reboot now or schedule a reboot. I would be very interested to see the system and application logs on any Windows system that are rebooting on their own. I am sure there is more at play then just a Windows update.

    I have always copied a blank performance and pasted it into the slot I wanted to erase.

    In 30 years of being connected to the Internet, I honestly can't recall ever getting hacked or a virus. Personally, I'm more suspicious of the company that gives it's latest OS away "for free" in order to get people to adopt it.

    Not really.... I've never nèeded support from Microsoft, and I rarely ever install their updates.

    I think it's more likely Microsoft has learned Google, Facebook, et al's model.... give it away so that you can spy on your users and sell their personal information. And now that they can install their updates on your system whenever they feel like it, they can push out any new surveilance software they develop without your consent or knowledge.

    You really don't think that anyone, Microsoft included, needs you to be on Windows 10 to spy on you these days? If you really want to protect your data and your system from spyware and surveillance, unplug it now and lock it in the closet. You have more to worry about visiting website to get spied on the Windows 10. If you are really paranoid that much there are steps you can take to minimize those issues.

    Personally I like Linux but it does not have the compatibility of Windows and that is why I have Windows installed and my system is set up as a dual boot system.

    In this day EOL also means no updates and lack of security updates will put a system at risk. I work in the disaster recovery field and I for one would not recommend running a system that touches the internet on an OS that is EOL.

    First of all, Windows 7 is not obsolete, any more than a 57 Chevy or an iPhone 7 is obsolete. Second, because it costs them nothing to do so? Allow it to install, and if there are issues, simply say that it's unsupported on that OS. But don't prevent it from installing.

    Actually it kind of is.

    "Windows 7 is due to reach End Of Life (EOL) on 14 January 2020, but a large number of the world's computers, most in corporate environments, are still running the nine-year-old system. Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 in January 2015, with extended support running till 14 January 2020."

    Software designers tend not to focus on the older OS version and rarely release to versions facing EOL. As for preventing the installation that is an often used technique to prevent potential issues that can effect the overall functionality of the OS. This may change as they come out of beta but I would never expect an initial public beta to be available for all OS versions. As a workaround you can always attempt to install Hyper V manager and run a Windows 10 VM.

    Unfortunately my company still supports it as well as server 2003. We only stopped supporting Win 2000 18 months ago.

    Then why did you get the Stage and not the Toaster? Makes no sense.

    I went with the stage for two reasons, first off is the form factor. I like the all in one design of the foot controller for its compact design and easy transport. Second was the cost compared to buying a toaster and controller. I liked the form factor of the Helix and if it was not for their editor I would have left that product a lot sooner then this past August. At this point if I could trade the stage for a toaster and controller, I would but no one would make that trade.