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    I did buy mine direct from Kemper and after my experience I would buy my next one direct from them as well. I did have an issue with a knob coming of, they RMA'd it and over nighted a new one. The replacement had an issue with one of the LEDs, for that one they over nighted the replacement before I had to send mine back. The 3rd one was gone through very well by the team and I have had 0 issues with the hardware since then. Only issues since then have been the result of beta testing editor software. Kemper even sent me a shirt to make up for the inconvenience.

    I'm not sure if they want to go down that road... I don't know if a "Kemper Player Plugin" (like a plugin able to load Profiles) is being considered by Mr Kemper. No idea if this is easily transferable to a Mac/PC CPU architecture.

    My personal belief is that Mr Kemper is more of an integrated system guy. A bit like Apple in the sense of "if you want to write great software, you need to build your own hardware". Personally, I'd be surprised if they'd go down the software road. But this is just a personal opinion though and I could be terribly wrong.

    I think that running 2 profiles at once, more complex routing possibilities and other features will eventually appear in a 2nd hardware iteration. But I doubt that this will happen anytime soon. With the Stages selling very good, one can only hope that their R&D budget will increase ;)

    Oh no, I am not suggesting a plugin or even running 2 profiles at once. Much more simple than that, use the editor and the PCs computing power to, in effect, create one new profile by merging two existing profiles. Create one merged profile.

    I don't believe that to be the case as the computer processing power doesn't do anything. Via the editor, the computer simply acts as a remote for the Kemper. The actual processing happens entirely on the Kemper. You already can load ir's on a kemper (it actually ships with a selection of celestion ir's). The editor is just a remote that facilitates a lot of functions by displaying everything on one screen.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong?

    Yes that is indeed how it currently works but the editor does open up new possibilities. Just because the current iteration doesnt not make use of the computers CPU does not mean it has to remain that way. The interface exists and if someone wanted to add the functionality, it could be done. It could exist as a single amp on the Kemper but be edited as dual amps in the editor. There are a lot of possibilities with what Kemper is building out.

    You have a powered Kemper, yes?

    How about a Harley Benton or Jet City guitar cab?

    If you want a powered speaker then I'd agree the Headrush is the best bang for buck.

    Since you have a powered Kemper, I have to agree with this. You can get the Harley Benton cab and it is loaded with Celestion V30s.

    They come in both a horizontal and a virtical 212. They have great reviews online as well.

    So in a year we will have a lot of profiles of this QC and blended amps. Good. I'm looking forward to that and I don't even need to buy that machine. Anyway what I've heard so far I've not been impressed.

    That statement actually made me think for a minute. Now with the editor almost done it opens up doors to do things that are not possible on the Kemper alone. The editor would allow them to use computer processing power in order to create 'blended amps'. It could be a function of the editor only, much like loading IRs. I think I am more excited to see what creativity this unit sparks in Kemper then what the QC will actually do.

    Well now that was frustrating. Since things were running so smoothly in this beta for me I decided to make a bunch of edits last night. The first issue that I encountered today was that the performance in slot one, the first performance I ever created from my former Archon amp. This was over written with another performance and then I had two instances of my JCM800 performance. Since I had a backup from two weeks ago I reverted to that knowing all of my edits from last night and my new Vox performance would be lost. Additionally, after the reboot from the restore I now have to rebuild my Dual rec performance as well since that has now been removed as well. I should know better and back up after large edits like last night.

    Thanks for the info. Do you got any experience how stable the Beta OS is ? I´m a little bit scared the the kemper freeze in a live situation with a beta os.

    It is beta and therefore would not recommend using it live. I believe Kemper also recommends not using beta for live and recording situations. With the speed of the speed of the new releases recently, I am thinking we are not very far out from stable public release.

    Hi, i´m a new Kemper user. I want to use the rig Manger version 3 to use the editor. But for the new RM Version i have to switch to the newest OS with is just a beta version.

    Which Is the highes OS Stable Version, which work with a RM V 3 ?

    RM3 is in public beta. You will have to be on a beta OS to make use of the RM3 currently.

    Honestly stuff like this and the bug I experiences last week is whats convincing me to pick up one of the new Line 6 POD Gos as a backup when they release. For the price, it can't be beat as a backup unit.

    To be honest if I had experienced the bugs I have been seeing on here, would sell and go back to tube amps. The only reason I use a digital platform is for reliability. Fortunately the ones that I see being reported are coming from stores and not directly from Kemper. Seems they may be weeding out the bad ones.

    That's horrible and unforgivable8|. I can't believe:

    a) That the issue is so widespread that at least one person (more, I think) has had more than one faulty unit in a row

    b) That they would send out a replacement without testing it due to a)

    I hope they have a pretty tight supply agreement with the switch supplier. I can't imagine how much impact this has had on their bottom line and brand perception of quality. Product Managers have nightmares about this sort of thing, as they should.

    It took me 3 tries to get a good one myself. I went direct through Kemper and the 1st two of them had issues, minor issues but issues none the less.

    My first one had a knob that came unglued minutes after taking it out of the box, my second one had a bad LED. One one hand it is good that they RMA'd both and got the bad units address. Unfortunately I was with out a unit for a week the first time. The third unit was tested before shipping and I have not had any issues since that one.

    How come?

    I decided not to for two reasons, first was that I do not use many alternate turnings. Standard, Eb, D tuned and drop D is about all I use and the Kemper does Eb and D tuned well leaving only drop D to worry about. Second and most importantly I play a Les Paul Standard and a PRS CE as my main guitars and didn't want to buy a guitar and be disappointed in the feel. None of the stores near me have a Variax to try either.

    Awesome! How do you like the Variax with the kemper? My band also plays some songs standard and some Eb (which I think is a pain, just do them all in Eb) and even with the Kemper trying to switch patches with transpose I still make mistakes lol. The variax might be the solution here since we have quick transitions.

    I could not tell you, I do not have a Variax, I was thinking about getting one over the summer but decided against it.

    So the Variax can be used on a non line 6 software product with no issues?

    Yes it can. Adding something like a Helix to that gives you the added ability to change tunings when you change the patch. The Variax will still function on its own to change tunings and tones. Here are the tunings listed on their website

    • Standard (E A D G B E)
    • Drop D (D A D G B E)
    • 1/2 Down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
    • Drop Db (Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
    • 1 Down (D G C F A D)
    • DADGAD (D A D G A D)
    • Open D (D A D F# A D)
    • Blues G (D G D G B D)
    • Reso G (G B D G B D)
    • Open A (E A C# E A E)
    • Baritone (B E A D F# B)