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    Windows 10 is just fine until it reboots without permission (in the processing closing a dozen running applications and corrupting or discarding open files) to apply an unwanted update that breaks a driver that's been working for years. Then, said driver doesn't get fixed for six months, leaving you with expensive hardware reduced to a doorstop. Yes, all of the above happened to me.

    Windows 10 is unpredictable, unreliable, and unsupported. Not my idea of great....but I've been stuck with it for over a year so it doesn't matter to me in the context of RM.

    I have been on Windows 10 since day 1 and never once have I seen that behavior. My ITS department at work will force reboots but I have never experienced Windows 10 doing that on its own. In fact I have seen on many occasions that Windows 10 is requesting a reboot and give you the chance to choose reboot now or schedule a reboot. I would be very interested to see the system and application logs on any Windows system that are rebooting on their own. I am sure there is more at play then just a Windows update.

    I have always copied a blank performance and pasted it into the slot I wanted to erase.

    In 30 years of being connected to the Internet, I honestly can't recall ever getting hacked or a virus. Personally, I'm more suspicious of the company that gives it's latest OS away "for free" in order to get people to adopt it.

    Not really.... I've never nèeded support from Microsoft, and I rarely ever install their updates.

    I think it's more likely Microsoft has learned Google, Facebook, et al's model.... give it away so that you can spy on your users and sell their personal information. And now that they can install their updates on your system whenever they feel like it, they can push out any new surveilance software they develop without your consent or knowledge.

    You really don't think that anyone, Microsoft included, needs you to be on Windows 10 to spy on you these days? If you really want to protect your data and your system from spyware and surveillance, unplug it now and lock it in the closet. You have more to worry about visiting website to get spied on the Windows 10. If you are really paranoid that much there are steps you can take to minimize those issues.

    Personally I like Linux but it does not have the compatibility of Windows and that is why I have Windows installed and my system is set up as a dual boot system.

    In this day EOL also means no updates and lack of security updates will put a system at risk. I work in the disaster recovery field and I for one would not recommend running a system that touches the internet on an OS that is EOL.

    First of all, Windows 7 is not obsolete, any more than a 57 Chevy or an iPhone 7 is obsolete. Second, because it costs them nothing to do so? Allow it to install, and if there are issues, simply say that it's unsupported on that OS. But don't prevent it from installing.

    Actually it kind of is.

    "Windows 7 is due to reach End Of Life (EOL) on 14 January 2020, but a large number of the world's computers, most in corporate environments, are still running the nine-year-old system. Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 in January 2015, with extended support running till 14 January 2020."

    Software designers tend not to focus on the older OS version and rarely release to versions facing EOL. As for preventing the installation that is an often used technique to prevent potential issues that can effect the overall functionality of the OS. This may change as they come out of beta but I would never expect an initial public beta to be available for all OS versions. As a workaround you can always attempt to install Hyper V manager and run a Windows 10 VM.

    Unfortunately my company still supports it as well as server 2003. We only stopped supporting Win 2000 18 months ago.

    Then why did you get the Stage and not the Toaster? Makes no sense.

    I went with the stage for two reasons, first off is the form factor. I like the all in one design of the foot controller for its compact design and easy transport. Second was the cost compared to buying a toaster and controller. I liked the form factor of the Helix and if it was not for their editor I would have left that product a lot sooner then this past August. At this point if I could trade the stage for a toaster and controller, I would but no one would make that trade.

    I’m predicting somewhere between the 9th and the 20th of December, because I’ll be out of the country for a week then grinding out a week of being out of office stuff plus the day to day before my 2 weeks of holiday break while all the customers are trying to crunch their end of year stuff for me to finish up in a week.

    Or January 6th when I return after said break.

    I predict winter NAMM 2020, so they can tell the YouTubers they have something 2 years in a row.

    I'm aware of them, yes. Tried several of their profiles and never cared for them. Just not my thing.

    As for their podcast.......this thread was the first I'd heard of it since I pay no attention to any of their offerings. I doubt I'm the only one, but I'm sure I'll take crap for saying so.

    I can understand not being into their stuff and to be honest I dont use much of their stuff either. I do however pay attention to them and they do have a very strong following. I would not say they obscure in any way.

    Where did I speak about relevance? Of course it is. But even among Kemper owners, it's going to be obscure. I had no idea about it and don't really care. All I said is that the podcast is obscure.

    You do realize that it is the Tone Junkey's pod cast write? One of the best known creators of profiles? They are not exactly below the radar and they often promote their podcast on their videos as well.

    But that way, I need to record a track on the daw. I mean playing in real time using 2 amps or 2 cabs, as the axe fx does, for example

    If you set one into channel 1 and the other into channel 2, then you send the output of the interface to the kemper. You would have to split your guitar signal into both amps. Basically you have to trick the kemper into thinking you only have one

    You announce that, then support gets inundated with "Can I be a beta tester!!!" messages. Or even more "When, when, when, when.....!!!"

    If Sooze has a beta, that's a good thing.

    And that is better then the current situation how? Right now they have the same things going on with the exception of the "Can I be a beta tester!!!" messages. Those types of support contacts can also be mitigated by stating that the beta tests have been selected and there are no openings for those positions. People wanting more or reaching out to support should not be an excuse to withhold information that everyone is obviously desperate for. One look at the length of this thread proves how desperate people are for information on this.

    Now the beta test information is out there but it didnt come from Kemper, that does not create a good look.