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    I emailed Evertune asking for the new Comb and the Sustain. I think I should share their answer because it is official information:

    "The new comb was created because some customers were experiencing buzzing issues, however the new comb presses the saddles together with more force which slightly improves sustain and resonance. It is possible to order the comb from us and install it on your guitar if you wish to do so. We do have installation instructions available here:…w_to_install_a_new_saddle

    The only other thing you can try is to use lighter gauges. It seems that the resonance and sustain with floating saddles in general seems to be impacted with stiff strings, which is most apparent when playing notes high up the neck, as the shorter length of the string will make it very stiff. Using thinner gauges will make the strings less stiff and should help with the sustain.

    Yes, all new guitars are now shipping with the new larger comb, we no longer produce the old comb anymore but you might still find it on some older guitars.

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    It looks like it's solved.

    It was as easy as uninstalling the "Wireless Network adapter", as you suggested. Then I clicked in "detect new hardware". Nothing seemed to happen, then. But no more Blue Screens and Wi-Fi works properly.

    I'm very happy, now. I was scared. Couldn't think it would be so easy.

    Thank you very much, again!

    3 Years ago i bought my first Evertune Guitar... A cheap VGS Guitar to check out Evertune. Since then i bought another 3 Evertune Guitars. Another 2 Guitars with Floyd Rose Tremolo are now @ guitarcare to install an Evertunebridge ... I love Evertune?

    Was that VGS a Roadcruiser?

    In case yes, do you like the pickups?

    I just checked out pricing, so my interest is quite a bit lower now ;)


    Man, the one I got was so cheap that I took the risk. And now I want a better one.

    I recently recorded some guitars for a friend who is making strange songs. At home. First time recording with Evertune. It was SO nice not worrying about being in tune, and being able to hit hard on the strings... Gratifying. I just had to play and think about the song and what I could do with it. Great experience. A new world. Nothing disturbing the fun of it.

    I think it's worth the money and encourage you to try one, anyway;)

    Some say they lost some sustain. Some, like me, didn't loose anything. Some complain the same about less sustain with floating trems like FR or any of Ibanez versions. I've never had less sustain with either FR or Ibanez trems. I guess the complainers don't now a shite about how to set up a guitar properly. Now evertune released a new comb that is said to give back more sustain for those that lost some of it.

    Yes... I probably "don't know a shite about how to set up a guitar properly".

    People at Evertune must be as dumb as I am, if they have released a "new comb that is said to give back more sustain for those that lost some of it". I haven't seen that new comb. Could you extend on that?


    I have a very cheap guitar that came with an evertune (that's the reason I got it). It's a VGS Road Cruiser. I got it even cheaper because at the the shop they thought it was impossible to bend strings. It was there for some years until I rescued it.

    I'm very happy with it. I think the pickups are not very good (EMG HZ), so I'd like to change them when I decide which ones would be right.

    The only complain I have: I read somewhere that you loose sustain from fret 12 to the end of the neck. That's true with my guitar. I don't know if it's because of the pick ups, because of the guitar itself or because of the evertune.

    Anyway I'm planning to get a better guitar with evertune.

    I highly recommend trying the system. It doesn't only stays in tune: It corrects the little deviations that happen when you don't place the fingers perfectly and when you press chords too hard with the left hand. And, of course, guitar doesn't go sharp when you hit chords hard with the right hand. That all is so liberating when you are recording or playing live... Priceless.

    Just read elsewhere about a rig. Some user complained he has only the distorted rig of an amp and would like to have the clean version. So my question is this: to get the rig as a clean one, is it not enough to just turn the gain down and maybe tweak some things on the amp settings? And why do many profiles of an amp come with so much versions, from clean to heavy gain?

    After all, it should be the same amp. Of course I understand, if an amp has two or more channels, this makes differences. And the question can be widend: what are the true secrets of creating a good profile?:/

    That's what they do at Fractal: they try to recreate the behavior of the real amps with all the controls and a lot of parameters if you like to dive deep.

    A very different approach. Kemper tries to match just one sound per Rig. Find a Rig as close as possible to the sound you want and don't tweak too much.

    You can have a delay adjusted to dotted eights and another one with, let's say, quarter notes. In the same Rig. And you can copy and paste them to other Rigs in the Performance.

    You can adjust the tempo in 3 different ways:

    1) With the Beat Scan (holding down the Tap Tempo switch and playing your guitar with the timing you want. When you release the switch, the delay will keep the tempo).

    2) Tapping a few times on the Tap Tempo switch. This option is sometimes tricky.

    3) In the delay parameters.

    Note: the delays don't need to be active to get the tempo you are setting with the Tap switch.

    About the volume thing... I think the only way is trusting your ears and adjusting according to what they tell you. Always adjust the differences in volume between Rigs at the general volume you're going to use the performance. That means, you play a Rig with the master volume (big rotary knob) at the level you want to get for that rig when you use it (at home/rehearsal/gig level), and then adjust the Rig Volume of the other Rigs in the Performance to the desired volume, always comparing it with the reference Rig (the first one you set).

    It's a digital word, but some things must be done the old way.:)


    I've been so busy this weekend I had no time for the computer.

    I'll try to do it this morning.

    Please, let me ask you something: The computer seems to be working properly excepting the blue screen when I try to switch it off, so... Is it dangerous to use as it is and just make a hard switch off each time I use it?

    It's probably a stupid question. I apologise in advance.

    Thank you again.

    No. Everything seems to be working correctly. Both Wi-Fi and network cable work ok.

    But when I try to switch off, when it looks like it's off, the blue screen appears and the computer restarts by itself. I just can keep the on/off switch pressed until the computer switches off.

    When I switch it on again, everything is there. No data lost.

    Here you have a picture:…0WSMKLG/view?usp=drivesdk

    It says:

    There has been a problem in your PC and it needs to restart. We are getting info about it and then it'll restart.

    To find more info about the problem and possible solutions, go to

    If you call for tech support tell them "stop code: BUGCODE NDIS DRIVER".

    I haven't find any solution going there.

    Thank you.