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    Thank you.

    I think it's too late for doing that.

    But I think I saw "Activate" somewhere in the screen. I'll try to do it tomorrow.

    Similar problem here.

    I just upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 to have the new editor working. And it works. But every time I try to switch the computer off, it shows a blue screen and restarts.

    How did you return to Windows 7?

    Oh... Until the last two words, I thought you were trying to replicate you're own amp. I was going to tell you that the best way to be satisfied with the results was to profile it yourself. Even paying to do it in a recording studio wouldn't be expensive if you already know the amp and pedal settings.

    I used the 108 at the rehearsal, yesterday.

    I enjoyed it more than the JBL EON 610.

    But, men... It looks so tiny on the floor, in a corner, that it's like... How do they say in those documentaries? An OOPART.

    Very nice sounding. I even got some feedback that I think I can control when I get used to it. And that's something I miss from tube amps.

    I'll have to roll off a little gain in the lead sounds, because it wants to scream whenever I make a silence between notes.

    So sad it has no handle on top. It would be easier to put it back in the box when I finish the rehearsal (remember: shared room. And some humidity in these rooms at this basement close to the north shore of the island).

    After a short home test, I must say that I'm more pleased than expected. And than I'd like.

    Somehow it makes me remember a real amp more than the DXR10. Just first impression.

    At first it sounded with to much bass, but the contour switch was activated.

    The external material feels strange, doesn't seem to be a high quality thing. But it did sound very well.

    I'd like to keep it at home for a few days, but I'll take to the rehearsal today, because unpacking/packing the JBL EON 610 for every rehearsal is... Well, it's heavier.

    Let's see how it sounds this afternoon.

    Did you ever use Room EQ Wizard ( ?

    This helps a lot to analyse your room / speaker and speaker position.
    I use it also to analyse any location we play right before the sound check, to find out resonance and best EQ starting point.


    That looks fantastic! And the microphone is much cheaper than I'd expect for that kind of use.

    Definitely something to consider. A little complicated but it's sure worth.

    Seeing the second video, the man says when you start the test you should get away so your body won't interfere with the measurements. I think: shouldn't you be right there? You're supposed to be there, interfering with the sound, when you are... there.

    Just kidding (a little kidding and a little serious). Yes... That's the way my mind works.

    Thank you very much. In a few hours I'm going to get a Headrush FRFR108 at the local shop and I'll ask for the mike.

    One thing you could try: I noticed you said you only made slight tweaks to the EQ. Betting if you create an EQ preset and tweak it heavily to approximate what you are used to hearing, you could just recall that preset in the X or mod slot whenever you're practising in those carpet-treated room.

    That's a good idea. I can copy the performance I'm using and add that eq in every slot.