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    sound is always different in different scenarios, home, rehearsal, gig indoor or Outdoor. Don't waste too much time or money for absorber, just play. You can not controll all physic conditions??

    Thank you.

    I know what you're talking about

    I don't have those problems onstage because I use IEM. It's our sound man who cares about it. But, if I'm paying for a room, I'd like it to have a nice sound, you know.

    BTW, our sound man keeps telling us to use the IEM at the rehearsal room, but it's a problem, because the room is shared with other bands so the idea of miking the drum set every time is not viable.

    I've tried to convince the band to get our own rehearsal room a few times. They don't see the need for it.

    It’s not only “interesting” it’s basic acoustic physics. If the owner is interested in isolating his rooms he should read Home Studios Build It Like The Pros by Rod Gervais. Rod was the contractor who build many studios including The Power Station (now Avatar I believe). As well as lots of practical advice including construction drawings there is also a great section at the back of myth busting to save you wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work.

    Thank you very much, again.

    Sad thing is I don't think he's going to rebuild the four rooms. He is not making a lot of money these days. I'm willing to pay for a nice sounding rehearsal room, like the ones I used to play in when I was in Berlin, but the rest of the band don't care too much about that (and this rooms are the only ones close to the night life area, you know).

    Anyway I'll tell him all this valuable information. Maybe he could start, at least, thinking about it.

    I'd really like to read that book you talk about. Let's see...

    You need a new rehearsal room then.

    Unfortunately, the carpeting does VERY close to NOTHING for isolation. The only things that help with isolation are Mass and Air. Carpet provides neither of these. All it does is totally kill the high frequencies and create a very unpleasant environment to listen in. The idea that carpet provides isolation is unfortunately a myth spread by people who don’t know what they are talking about. Unfortunately, internet forums make it very easy to spread this kind of misinformation.

    That's very interesting. I'll show it to the owner of the rooms.

    I'd love to have my own rehearsal room.

    Thank you.

    You need to remove most of the carpet. Make some simple broadband absorbers from Rockwool or OC703 depending on where you live. Make some superchunks for the corners and use some parabolic diffusers rather than carper to tame the flutter echo from parallel surfaces. The problem is not the Kemper but the carpet.

    Thank you very much.

    I'm planning to do some conditioning at home. Mainly I'd like to do something behind the Near Field Monitors. I think the rest is good enough for my personal rehearsing. But I have to do a recording at home, this week, and that could drive me more into conditioning the room.

    All the carpeting is in the rehearsal room. It's not mine, so there's nothing I can do there. The carpeting is not for conditioning the room but for isolating it.

    are you saying that the walls and ceiling are fully carpeted as well as the floor or only that the floor is carpeted but the walls and ceiling are treated for isolation?

    If the walls and ceiling are carpeted the room will be far too dead in the high mids and highs to give a decent sound and will make everything sound weird. However, carpet won’t do anything for the low kids and lows so the sound in the room will be very dull.

    That's it. Full carpet on the floor and the walls are totally covered with foam pieces which are covered with... Carpet.

    You're right!

    I'm used to IEM for live playing. Our sound tech works my signal to fit the venue, but I always have a good and consistent sound in my ears.

    Next step, trying again at the rehearsal room. If it doesn't sound good, I'll take the DXR to the next rehearsal and check.

    As you now, this all comes from the fact that I don't want to tweak the Rigs too much.

    I have a gig tonight and I'll talk to our sound man about it.

    Thank you!

    Finally yesterday I didn't take the Stage to the rehearsal. So I'll have to wait to next week.

    What puzzles me is I don't see such a difference when connecting the Fratcal AX8 or the Headrush Gigboard. And those devices are conceived to be tweaked like a real amp, so, if needed, you can make corrections on the fly. I still think (from what I learned from other users) that with the Kemper, instead of tweaking too much, it's better to go to another Rig. So I think the key could be at the output EQ.

    When I play live, I always go with IEM. I'm sure I'll get a very similar sound every time, buy now I'm a little disconcerted.

    Hmm... That looks like a good idea. I'll try it with my IEM this afternoon and will see what happens.

    If possible, it might be worth testing both speakers in the same room. That will help narrow down whether the sound is being coloured more by the room or the speaker itself.

    Thank you.

    I've done it. I didn't find a big difference in sound. But I didn't do it very loud. I'll try again. Louder.

    If you are using different monitor speakers, you compare apples to footballs.

    Each system is colouring the sound with it's own way.

    Thank you.

    I don't agree there is such a big difference between 2 so similar monitors. Maybe like comparing apples to... Different apples :)

    Of course they won't sound exactly the same, but having similar size/construction, similar power, same size speakers... And being supposed to give an as close to flat response as they can... It all makes me think it's more about the environment and the eq preset selected in the monitor.

    The first thing that come s to mind is the volume difference between your place and the rehearsal room. I guess you need to play louder?

    At lower volume it just sounds different. It's the Fletcher-Munson effect.

    Thank you.

    Yes, I know about Fletchet-Munson effect. I set it loud at home. Anyway I have the idea that, with kemper, instead of correcting a profile more than a little bit, it's better to get another one, so I don't know how to face this. It's a very different approach with my Fractal AX8.

    Thank you.

    I absolutely agree with what you say.

    Only that I think to compensate the carpet floor I'll have to raise the high frequencies.

    Strange thing is I haven't noticed such a drastic change when using the Fractal AX8 or the Headrush Gigboard.


    Yesterday I took my Stage to the rehearsal room for the first time.

    I'm using at home a Marshall-esque performance with different levels of gain. I connect it to a Yamaha DXR10. The floor at home is ceramic, and this seems to be very important.

    At the rehearsal I used the JBL EON 610 I bought to stay there. The room has a fully carpeted floor and walls and the ceiling is also made for isolating the sound in the room.

    The fact is, at home, I was absolutely in love with the tone and I didn't expect such a big difference when going to the rehearsal room. It sounded very different.

    I tried to correct it with the output section EQ. I did nothing too extreme. It got better. My sound cut the mix very well, anyway, but it didn't sound like at home.

    I used the JBL on the floor, angled, first with its own EQ in Main mode, then in Monitor.

    I'm going back today and I'm using the Stage again. I expect to get some better results, so I'd LOVE any advice you could give me to correct this.

    Maybe I have to make sound corrections at home, too, because maybe the ceramic floor is too bright.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Abene777, I'd tell you to try to relax with this. If you go on, when you finally get a properly working Stage, in a short time you'll forget about that horrible experience.

    I had a problem with the Tap Tempo function until I was explained the way it works (not the same way that every other gear I've had). It took like 2 months and some confusing info until the man himself explained it to me. Now I'm very happy.

    I understand your frustration but, hey, things not always go the way we'd like. Give them another chance, because, at the end, you'll be very satisfied.

    I sent a message to support and immediately had this answer:

    Dear Jorge Casanas,

    this grill has a purpose and should stay open. If this ventilation is critical depends on factors like room temperature and how you use the product.

    With best regards, Burkhard Dinnies

    Kemper Amps Support Team


    When you place the Stage on a carpet floor or in a carpeted case, because of the Stage's weight and the carpet's softness, maybe the Ventilation Grill gets too close to the floor.

    What do you think?

    Official information on this would be very valuable.:)

    I recently got a pedalboard case and I don't know if I should remove the carpet under the grill. And if I return the case, I'm worried about those carpeted stages.

    Thank you!

    It'll be a good choice. I'll probably get one soon, as I'm starting with a new band in a new rehearsal room.

    So, at home I have the JBL NFM and the DXR, at the first rehearsal room, the JBL EON 610, and at the new room... 108?

    Just one Kemper Stage, but it's easy to carry it and the guitar.

    Times are changing.