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    They called me from the local shop this afternoon. They had a new WL20 for me. I returned the old one and they will destroy it and send a photo to the Spanish dealer. Very scary/Halloween.

    I haven't tried it yet, but I think it looks a little different from the old one (the very first one that arrived to the island). So maybe it's been corrected.

    Very nice from Boss.

    I'll check it, very loud, when I get back home tonight. It's the right night to do it, considering the way I play. Wolves, witches, and tax inspectors will stay away.

    I've been using the sennheiser for about 3 months far very good, no drop outs.....but....the joint on the guitar plug is not adjustable and has losened over time so had to send it back.

    Replacement sent ( took weeks) but seems to be a design's not critical but it results in the bug not staying parallel with teh guitar body but drooping down...

    You mean when placed in Les Paul stile guitars?

    So the part that flips in the transmitter is... loose?

    I think I'm getting a Sennheiser XSW-D Instrument Base Set.

    Depending on the day, the WL20 and the G10 have too many drops. Specially the WL20. They both sound fantastic, and when there are no drops they are great, but last Saturday, in a big gig, I had to get a cable. So...

    Our sound engineer says he doesn't trust the 2.4 Ghz systems.

    BTW, our bass player is using an Xvive with no problems. I'll give it a try.

    The Sennheiser seems to be much more powerful (75 meters, they say) and it's more expensive, so it should be better.

    I updated today. I see some problems. I had to do a hard reset and 2 power cycles.

    1- one of the times I connected it, it just didn't finished the switching on. After a few minutes, hard reset.

    2- I couldn't "preview" profiles from Rig Manager until I switched off and on.

    3- no way to make the kemper accept what I was dragging and dropping in a Performance made in Rig Manager. Switched off and on and it worked fine.



    I don't know if this is the right place. Moderators, feel free to move it. Thanks.

    Is there a way to assign the same Rig to every Slot in a Performance in one single operation?

    As easy as it is to find a nice sound with my Stage, I'm having problems to find sounds that match each other in a Performance. Let's say I have a nice light gain sound, then I change to a more distorted one, and the sound change is too big. After a few moments i feel ok with it, but...

    A friend suggested me to use variations of the same Rig (more gain, OD, delay... You know).

    I tried these afternoon and I liked the way, but I'd like to just change all the slots with a new Rig while keeping all the other things the way they were, then make some adjustments and save as a New Performance.

    Is that possible?

    Or... Starting from 0, just assign the same Rig to every Slot.

    I did it one by one, not a big deal, but I just wonder...

    Any other idea will be welcome.

    Thank you very much!

    Best wishes and have a lot of fun!!!

    As others told you, if you want to feel safe, take a spare. I always carry a Tech21 Flyrig 5 just in case (I've never had to use it, BTW). No more depending on not perfectly working tube amps.

    And, again, as others told you, there's no reason your Stage fails if it's working ok now.

    May I ask who are you playing with in that tour?:)


    I generally only use quarter notes (for melodic solos) and dotted eighths (for some rhythm parts).

    I'm actually using the Performance Tempo, so I can set the new tempo before the next song starts and before I change to the new Rig. That's the way I always did with my other gear, and that's the way that allows me to have the right delay at the beginning of a song when needed (in that situation, I never need delay tails at the end of the song). But this week I'll try what you say.

    I'm sure I'll find my way, once I know the way Tap tempo works.

    Thank you.

    I own both.

    The G10 came first.

    If I had all my effect pedals or my Kemper Stage (or any other all in one system) permanently fixed to a pedalboard, I would use the G10. No doubt.

    As I use an all in one system that uses to go in a cabin case, I prefer the WL20. No doubt. Much faster to set up and pack. Much more. And cleaner area and less footprint.

    So I have the G10 living his golden retirement at home, always connected to the system I use there, and take the WL20 on the road.

    Both sound very good, BUT, I find that, having the receiver on the floor, the G10 works better; the signal travels better than when I connect the WL20 to the pedals. I solved this getting a 1.5 metres guitar cable. I connect one side to the Stage/AX8/HeadrushGigboard and the other side, after fixing it to the microphone stand with a rubber band, to the receiver. No problem, then, no matter how big the stage is.

    I think I must say the G10 transmitter recharges the batteries surprisingly fast.

    My gigs are 2-2.5 hours long, and I can do 2 gigs with their soundchecks with any of the systems without any problem. Probably 3 or 4.

    I also had a Line 6 G30. It was my first wireless. Fantastic, but I like much more not having the transmitter and a cable in the guitar strap. And now I don't have to worry about batteries, (that's a very very important plus for me and, supposedly, for the planet).

    So, short story here:

    Considering that both units have great quality:

    -If I use a pedal case with things permanently fixed to it, and there is room for the G10 receiver, I'd go for it.

    -If I'd just use guitar and amp, or and all in one pedal system (or different pedals to set up and pack every day) NOT fixed permanently to a case, WL20.

    No doubt.

    And, well... Finally answering your question (^^) : I think both systems sound better than a regular cable.

    Hope this helps.

    I think it'll happen sooner or later. Every live sound agency will have some Kempers as they have Marshals, Fenders...

    Well... I thought it would be a fact yet, but it's taking some more time than I expected.

    Living in an island I see more and more musicians asking for instruments for rent. A friend of mine is making good money with it. People don't travel with their amps, either, so...

    I travel a lot in Canary Islands and I'd love they all have Kempers ready to be used.

    And, just for fun... Don't you think it would increase the Kemper sales?

    Yes; it would increase the sales because every agency would buy some, but I talk about the musicians buying Kempers if they know they can have one ready wherever they go.