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    I own both.

    The G10 came first.

    If I had all my effect pedals or my Kemper Stage (or any other all in one system) permanently fixed to a pedalboard, I would use the G10. No doubt.

    As I use an all in one system that uses to go in a cabin case, I prefer the WL20. No doubt. Much faster to set up and pack. Much more. And cleaner area and less footprint.

    So I have the G10 living his golden retirement at home, always connected to the system I use there, and take the WL20 on the road.

    Both sound very good, BUT, I find that, having the receiver on the floor, the G10 works better; the signal travels better than when I connect the WL20 to the pedals. I solved this getting a 1.5 metres guitar cable. I connect one side to the Stage/AX8/HeadrushGigboard and the other side, after fixing it to the microphone stand with a rubber band, to the receiver. No problem, then, no matter how big the stage is.

    I think I must say the G10 transmitter recharges the batteries surprisingly fast.

    My gigs are 2-2.5 hours long, and I can do 2 gigs with their soundchecks with any of the systems without any problem. Probably 3 or 4.

    I also had a Line 6 G30. It was my first wireless. Fantastic, but I like much more not having the transmitter and a cable in the guitar strap. And now I don't have to worry about batteries, (that's a very very important plus for me and, supposedly, for the planet).

    So, short story here:

    Considering that both units have great quality:

    -If I use a pedal case with things permanently fixed to it, and there is room for the G10 receiver, I'd go for it.

    -If I'd just use guitar and amp, or and all in one pedal system (or different pedals to set up and pack every day) NOT fixed permanently to a case, WL20.

    No doubt.

    And, well... Finally answering your question (^^) : I think both systems sound better than a regular cable.

    Hope this helps.

    I think it'll happen sooner or later. Every live sound agency will have some Kempers as they have Marshals, Fenders...

    Well... I thought it would be a fact yet, but it's taking some more time than I expected.

    Living in an island I see more and more musicians asking for instruments for rent. A friend of mine is making good money with it. People don't travel with their amps, either, so...

    I travel a lot in Canary Islands and I'd love they all have Kempers ready to be used.

    And, just for fun... Don't you think it would increase the Kemper sales?

    Yes; it would increase the sales because every agency would buy some, but I talk about the musicians buying Kempers if they know they can have one ready wherever they go.

    Anyway I'd like to say that in our live shows, most of the songs start while the previous song is still sounding. Just a fast count from the singer or drummer. If, for example, I have to start with a rhythm part that has a loud dotted eights delay, I'm not sure it's going to work right.

    It would be nice (for me) to have the option of a... "primitive" Tap mode (I don't really use any modulation; just delays). But I understand it's probably not going to happen.

    Hello again.

    First if all, I want to thank the Kemper team for kindly explaining me the way the Tap Switch works.

    I just expected it to work in the same way than every other gear I've had, but the fact is this Tap Switch works in a... Let's say more advanced way. I didn't find any info on this, hence my frustration.

    So things are clear now. I think I'll get used to the way it works and will probably enjoy the benefits it's supposed to bring to us. Kemper deserves all my respect in what respects to innovation, so...

    So excuse my angry earlier post. I was frustrated. I'd just have liked if someone explained it to me one month ago.;)

    I'm happy to know my Stage isn't faulty. And BTW I love the way it sounds and works.

    Thank you again.


    I don't see it's much better. I'll try harder next week; Tomorrow I have 2 gigs in Tenerife so today I had to do my after-holidays homework.

    Anyway I think I give up. If it's solved some day, I'll use it live. But I think it won't be soon. I'll just check new firmwares and will comment results here.

    Thank you!!!


    I think time has come to recapitulate:

    After several private messages and posts in this thread from Kemper team, I finally understand that my Stage is not faulty and the firmware isn't, either. I'll explain it all in a new post, but I think I must say it here, in order to clarifie things. I just expected the Tap Switch to work the same way it does in the other devices I've had.

    This is my original message (out of frustration):

    I finally arrived home and installed 7.0.9

    It's even worse than before.

    My patience is close to its limit and I'm starting to get very angry with this issue. I cannot use this expensive and (supposedly) top-of-the-line gear live because of the Tap Tempo problems. Until now, it's just a very expensive toy I can use at home.

    I think I've been very patient and kind and I've understood and accepted everything I've been told about the problem.

    But not anymore. And I'm very sorry because I really wanted to use the Stage live. Almost 2 months (and 8 gigs) since I received it and I cannot use it.

    I've had a lot of gear with Tap Tempo and never had a problem. Maybe I forget some of them, but here you have the list:

    Boss DD5

    Boss DD7

    Tc Electronics Flashback X4

    Tech21 Flyrig 5

    Trex Soulmate

    Fractal AX8 (It works and always worked fantastic and it's what I'm using live).

    They all always worked and work flawless.

    As I've said before, I assigned the Tap function to the Tuner switch, to the Looper switch and to an external footswitch with the same results, and when I go to RIG page 2 and manually lower the BPMs to it's minimum position, the switch works again, so I think it's a firmware problem.

    I'd like everybody checking it on their Stages, because I'm sure there is a lot of people with the same issue and if all of them complained about it, maybe it would be fixed

    (the only other Stage I've tried had the same problem, but the owner had not noticed, and when he did, he didn't care about it. That's what makes me think that maybe everybody have the same issue).

    I should have returned it in the 30 days money back period and wait calmly at home until out was fixed, if it ever was.

    I feel a little better now, but I'm still angry.

    Best wishes for you all. Everybody is nice and helpful here. I really appreciate it.

    Yes. Just surprised.

    Enjoy it!


    Very interesting info, ckemper . Specially the Tap in the downbeat thing for realigning the tremolo. That always bothered me and I thought it had no easy solution. Same thing for Phasers and other time based effects?

    Do you think that things you talk about have some relationship with my issue?

    Thank you!

    if your TAP button isn't making a good electrical contact, then obviously it's not really something which can be fixed in software. BUT in that case it *will* be fixed by our support (exchange / replace your unit)

    on the other hand: in the current beta firmware (7.0.9) the scanning-timing of the springloaded switches has been improved. maybe this will solve your problem with the button too.

    As I explained earlier in this thread, I've assigned the Tap Function to the Tuner and to the Looper switches and the issue is the same. That's why I say I think the switch is ok.

    Some more: if I go to page 2 in Rig Menu and manually turn the BPMs to it's minimum value, the switch works alright again. Every time. That supports the idea of the switch working properly.

    I'm also new here.

    I miss a little more info in the profiles. Not all of them are explained. I think that, if after the work involved in creating a profile, people could put just a little more time in explaining it, it would be great.

    As I said before, I'm new here, and I'm not very used to Rig Manager, so I'm probably missing something important.

    Anyway I know Rig Exchange probably has any kind of sound I'd like to have.

    And yes, people is so helpful and kind here that I feel very lucky belonging to this community and I hope that someday I will also be able to help others.

    Finally, it's a matter if time I begin to create my own profiles (no; I haven't sold my beloved amps and I hope I won't have to).