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    Hi All,

    Has anyone else had any issues with the Stage, where the volume just increases without any reason?

    I'll be playing a set and doing the normal switching between profiles within the same Performance bank and all of a sudden, for no reason the volume will just increase by about +6db?

    I have a Mission EP1 set for a Wah in pedal 1 (TRS)/2 (switch) which is not tied to volume, and I don't necessarily need to have touched anything for this to happen, I could just be in the middle of playing.

    I am at the latest software version.



    That's not always the case. some guys set the amp up at a neutral dialed at noon state to allow the user to mod the EQ on the Kemper. They even try to use a more or less "neutral" speaker. I always offer many different EQ settings so you can ideally find one that works for you.

    That's probably where I'm going wrong then, as I don't tend to tweak much, just select a profile, play, if it doesn't sound good, move on to the next one.

    me too!

    I disagree. The guitar used and played at profiling is just a refinement of what the Kemper already created before you play your guitar on it. So I think, at best it is the guitar player who did the settings on the amp according to what he wants to hear when plugging a special guitar.

    Perhaps I don't know enough about the actual profiling process, but thinking logically, surely the amps tone would have been set to get the best out of the guitar being used? a strat would be EQ'd differently than a Les Paul, and in that case, once profiled for a strat, if you used an LP, you'd struggle to get near the demo sounds?

    I've felt very similar, love the idea of the Kemper, but I just wasn't getting the sounds that everyone was raving on about, they were okay, but didn't have that zing that I'd hoped for. Up to this point I'd only really tried the profiles that came with the Stage and the odd few from RM, so I put it down to my playing and not being able to match the right guitar to the profile. However, the Black Friday sale prompted me to give the commercial packs a go, so checked out the You Tube vids and bought a couple of packs.....

    I'm a little spoilt for guitar choice, so was able to use the same guitars that were used on the You Tube demo......and I have to say, I got the exact fantastic sound! I think if you can match your guitar to the ones used to create the profile, then that's half of the battle.

    How great would it be if we all used a profile naming convention to put the guitar used in the profile title,

    My one classic piece of advice for Kemper newbies doing their first gig - disable the looper button on the remote! (You do this in the System menu) Otherwise I can guarantee that somewhere in the middle of the gig you will go to press the tuner button, accidentally hit the adjacent looper one and then you are in for a whole WORLD of pain - imagine having the verse of a song suddenly start playing when you're in the middle of the chorus! We've all been here!

    What a cracking piece of advice!!

    That's great that it's sorted.

    I tend to think most issues on the Stage can be related to software and get the impression that when something goes wrong, a "Fix" update is rushed out and I'd imagine it's a massive job to test every scenario, so perhaps the updates causes other issues.

    For me, I think when mine froze, it was the RM as I had a hell of a time trying to copy rigs into slots, 50% of the time it would say it has copied, you could see the new name and all the details, but the sound on the Stage was the old, you can see why I'd attribute it to the RM. Rebooted and it's been stable since.

    "it worries me that the issue could creep up again in the future.".....I'm dreading it, but the longer it remains issue free, the more confident I feel. I've had mine 10 weeks now......

    Overall though, what a fantastic piece of kit.

    Hi All,

    I'm sat here at work pondering this, so am unable to try it out myself........When you tap out a tempo in Performance mode, then move to another slot in the same performance, is the tempo rate retained, or does it default to the delay settings in the newly selected patch?



    Sorry to hear you're having an issue.

    I also had my Stage (7.13) do the same thing, but I attributed it to Rig Manager, as I was doing the same thing as a previous replay and adding rigs.....I had to pull the plug out but luckily it rebooted and has been quite stable since.

    I guess it's got to be a software issue.


    It is the two upper return inputs that you should use on the Stage......we don't have the "Alternative Input" option.

    The lead you need is a stereo jack one end, that splits into two single 6.35m mono jacks.

    Hope this helps.

    It sounds like the Master volume may not be linked.....

    Output Volumes and Output Volume Link

    Within the Output Section you can find individual volumes for different physical outputs.

    When you press the correspondent "Link" soft button in "Output Volumes" or "Output AddOns", you can link, or unlink, the respective volume to the MASTER VOLUME knob. Any linked volumes will be controlled by the MASTER VOLUME knob, without having to enter the Output Section again. You can link more than one volume to Master Volume – all linked volumes will be adjusted relatively to each other. All output volumes can still be controlled individually by soft knobs in the Output Section. An obvious live application is to unlink the MAIN OUTPUT connected to the main mixing desk of the venue – this means you can now change the volume of your monitor signal, or headphones, while the all-important main signal remains unchanged.

    I hope this helps.

    Struggling to see the urgency of a clock display onstage. Really rather see more/other info on the Stage screen.
    If they do implement it, I really hope it’s an option that can be turned off.

    I agree with Vinny, it's not important to me, as most venues have a clock up somewhere that can be seen from the stage......oh perhaps, it's just the posh places I get to play.:P