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    Put the kaos.bin into the root of your usb stick (ie not in a folder)

    Put the usb into the kemper, and press the page < > buttons while the kemper starts up - it will then reinstall the firmware.

    The editor is pretty sweet. Roland should have made something like this for the GR range of pedals (although GRFloorboard is very cool)

    Some of the option pages

    individual preset options

    The Appreciator !

    Chains (one preset after another)

    midi assignments (no digging out the manual or pdf!)

    No I'd not heard of of this either......

    I've added another guitar to midi device to my rack. A Terratec Axon AX-100 Guitar to Midi Controller.

    Discontinued a long time ago - this is a kind of rival to the Roland GR55 using the same 13 pin midi pickup tech. It generates midi note info from each string and passes it to an internal sound card for some 'average' onboard synth sounds and effects (pitch, reverb, aprgiator etc). BUT - its designed to also trigger external synths - which it does very well. It does this with minimal latency and whereas the GR55 triggers external synths slowly and .... quickly gets swamped and misses notes....the Axon doesn't (at least not with my playing). So I can happily tinkle away on NI Kontakt or other pc based synths(I thought of getting a rack based synth engine...... then saw their cost and gave up on the idea).

    Yippee !! It works well with my existing electric fitted with a Roland 13 hexaphonic pickup, and my Godin Multi Ac ACS with its piezo pickups.

    It has alot of settings in common with the GR55 on note detection etc and has a native Editor which is pretty cool (half of the complaints about guitar to midi could be solved by adjusting the in depth sensitivity/trigger settings IMHO). It has fairly cool string and fret splitting settings so different areas of the fretboard can be different pitches or instruments.

    My rack is now full....

    I still have the Roland GR-55 in my rack - its not going anywhere .

    [why yes, I do have to label my pedal drawers with their loop number..... I'm forgetful]

    The difference is

    SPDIF - the digital signal that the Kemper generates sent directly into your Interface with no conversion (other than sample rate).

    Analogue - the digital signal that the Kemper generates converted to analogue (via the main outputs) then passed to your interface and converted to digital.

    2 rounds of analogue / digital conversion for the signal. That's the difference. And you can use a single cable for stereo with SPDIF.

    If you get into the MIDI, you will love it. I have a Carvin NS1 MIDI Synth. If you want to hear someone who has mastered this type of guitar, check out Steve Oliver.

    You will need a MIDI Controller. I have an old Roland GR-33, and a VG-88 that still serves their purpose.

    GR 55 has been in my rack for a while. Its a great tool.

    You're an eejit for thinking that you're an idiot. :)

    I mainly use my fingers (on anll kinds of guitra)- but the nails on my index and middle finger wear out ...... so i try and use medium picks with acoustic to get a consistent attack/ sound. Or if it needs 'strumming' without huge volume - a thin pick.

    I've bought more drive pedals since buying the Kemper than in the previous 10 years.

    In the last 2 weeks I've added these, and have my KoT in transit (after a 3+ year wait)

    (the Durple is a modded Lovepedal Kalamazoo clone, the WildFro is a modded Suhr Riot clone - pretty cool pedals - an very affordable)

    Having more pedal models in the Kemper is icing on the cake !

    I tried 3 different USB sticks and could not revert back from 7.5 beta to 7.41.

    Got the same message.

    Try the 7.3.2 bios. Its available for download in the 'older software versions' of the download page.

    When my usb stick failed and borked my kemper during the recent 7.4 update debacles, I put this version on, and then let Rig Manager handle the updates.

    The paint on the Kemper may be ok with isopropanol - but - you can't guarantee it till you try it. And you can't guarantee that the plastic screen plate won't be affected.

    Hand sanitisers also use denatured ethanol - ethanol mixed with either methanol or pyridine (to make it undrinkable) mixed with glycerol. Again - ethanol may be fine....... but methanol may not. And they'll leave behind the glycerol residue

    I worked for 20years in a cell culture lab. Everything we cleaned regularly with denatured ethanol or isopropanol had very faded paint.

    East Coast USA, gigs are starting to come back, at least out doors. Even still without a pandemic, bar restrooms are filthy. Why not disinfect your pedalboard after a gig?

    Babywipes can clean most things off (beer/dust/red wine/ fingerprints) etc, and not affect the paint. They're not wet enough to drip inside the case.