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    I tried 3 different USB sticks and could not revert back from 7.5 beta to 7.41.

    Got the same message.

    Try the 7.3.2 bios. Its available for download in the 'older software versions' of the download page.

    When my usb stick failed and borked my kemper during the recent 7.4 update debacles, I put this version on, and then let Rig Manager handle the updates.

    The paint on the Kemper may be ok with isopropanol - but - you can't guarantee it till you try it. And you can't guarantee that the plastic screen plate won't be affected.

    Hand sanitisers also use denatured ethanol - ethanol mixed with either methanol or pyridine (to make it undrinkable) mixed with glycerol. Again - ethanol may be fine....... but methanol may not. And they'll leave behind the glycerol residue

    I worked for 20years in a cell culture lab. Everything we cleaned regularly with denatured ethanol or isopropanol had very faded paint.

    East Coast USA, gigs are starting to come back, at least out doors. Even still without a pandemic, bar restrooms are filthy. Why not disinfect your pedalboard after a gig?

    Babywipes can clean most things off (beer/dust/red wine/ fingerprints) etc, and not affect the paint. They're not wet enough to drip inside the case.

    I got this error code when my USB stick malfunctioned (I have never had one die while using it.... a first !).

    The solution is to replace the bios.

    Get a new usb stick. Format it in you pc to fat32

    Place the kaos.bin (from the zip file you download from…/Operating-System-Updates) into the root of the drive.

    Make sure the Kemper is switched off.

    Put usb stick into kemper. Press and hold both < > switch the kemper to tuner.

    It'll reinstall the bios. it takes a while. I think that this has happened enough that Support should start helping guys here in the comments where the bios has gone during an update.

    I got the info from

    Acoustic sim - I have to say I like it. I sold an AC-3 pedal a while ago, as the acoustic sim style profiles (for Kemper and helix were as good as the pedal

    This is better.

    Plus you can slot acoustic IRs into the cab slot.... for more textures

    No need to buy a Hotone Omni AC pedal !

    Plus the auto sweller is cool !

    Are you looking at the 'output section' ?

    The profile volume knob is linked to the rig volume knob in the rig section (of RM) and changes (on mine) with the profile volume, while the output volume in the output section (of RM) is linked to the master volume knob.

    [i still get a kick out of seeing the knobs move onscreen when adjusting stuff on the Kemper]

    What is it new or used?

    The plastic window is a sheet of plastic has a few 10ths of a mm play between it and the frame its set in. It can be wobbled. This isn't the display which is set behind it. Because there is a gap - dust can get between the lcd and the plastic window. If your profiler is out of warranty - you could clear this with a can of compressed air.

    Stripes. Try adjusting the brightness / contrast / white balance of the lcd display in the settings . The lcd has a really wide variation in the setting to make it visible in lots of lighting conditions.

    A bunch of the effects in the kemper already are stereo - in the manual from the Phaser (on page 170 ) onwards . I think putting them before the amp block may end up summing them to mono though - put em after the amp :)

    It would be handy if the Rig Manager could prep a usb stick in the same way that the Profiler can.

    To fix my profiler I needed a usb stick formatted by the profiler. But no profiler to do it. If I didn't know to format it as fat 32 I'd still have a non-working profiler. . Having Rig manager format and set up a usb stick with a bios and backup of the profiler would be pretty cool.

    I've had an interesting update journey. [tl:dr - it works out fine in the end]

    I updated to 7.4.0beta when it appeared (spending alot of time at the computer with RM running !)

    Today I saw Burkhard's post, and the 7.4.1 update..... and the instructions for the 'deadend' 7.4.0.

    I put the new 7.4.1 update on my usb stick [sound of tense music] put it in the Kemper and initiated the update .........and it crashed. near the end. I rebooted the kemper, and I tried again [even more tense music].

    This time it failed early in the update and had a new message along the lines of 'nand burn cannot find file', and something about the usb stick.

    Rebooting this time..... went to the same screen. Again. And again. Oh. Dear.

    I checked my usb stick.... and it was blank. My usb stick had clearly died during the updating process, and knackered the software/bios during the process.

    So. Deep breath. Find new usb stick (borrowed from daughter), format it for fat32, put the last good update into the root directory. Put it into the Kemper, press the < page > and switch it on to tuner........ and it reloaded the bios........ when it was finished. it booted just fine, and hadn't lost any profiles. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.