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    They are different enough for me to own both and enjoy good tones from both that are not identical. That and with Helix, the 4 aux ports make it a center-piece in most studios for running 4 cable method amps or Strymon pedals. And with the "Control" window in HX-Edit, I can set up all 3 Strymon pedals (via MIDI) for individually different patches per "Snap-Shot" all within "one" patch in Helix, and you can have multiple Snap-Shots per patch!

    I keep my Kemper around cause it just sounds so damn good. ^^. I purchased and downloaded some "Magnatone" profiles from "the Amp-Factory" @ 1/2 price Black Friday sale today. To me, Finding and Buying 3rd party amps (like the Magnatone amp profiles I found this morning) you can "not" do as well on Helix as you can on the KPA, because they are not so readily available.

    I hope that answered your questions.

    Yep - completely agree with this. I have both units in a rack. Both units make great tones. The Helix is easier to edit (without an editor) and has more I/O and external control options, and (I think) more FX.

    Together they make for a mega rig - any amp, any FX, any combination.... Aw yeah !

    The back of the Freqout says 300mA. In the past I've viewed these labels as being too conservative (the whammy 5 can run on 100-200 ma even though it says it needs over 1 amp on the casing) - however when I added a Freqout (and a Boss SY-1 (says 200mA, runs on 100mA) and a Whammy DT (says 1300mA and really means it) ) to my board - it sucked the life out of my power supplies (a cheap caline and a 'just as cheap' vitoos') - I think it really needs 200-300 mA all the time.

    Its a vampire - but worth it.

    Have you tried having the Helix first in the midi chain - it can be set to pass on everything via its midi out.

    Also - if you're only sending midi to 2x devices - try a midi Y splitter cable to send midi in parallel to the Helix and Kemper . I have a 'midi through' box that takes the midi signal from my helix and sends it in parallel to the 4 midi devices in my rack - so no need to switch everything on just to get midi to the last device in the chain.

    I feel the same way about that combination. The more I use them together, the more I'm glad with my decision of keeping the Helix

    after i got the KPA. The signal chain options are crazy. Never thought I would see the Kemper as a 'small white block' on the screen ;)

    Yep - its great.

    I have my Kemper in a digital loop using the SPDIF i/o of both units....and I have the Kemper FX loop connected to a Helix FX send/return (on its own isolated DSP path) so I can place Helix blocks into a Kemper stomp / FX block. Which is handy - it lets me put the pedals on my physical pedalboard, or Helix FX blocks or Kemper FX blocks anywhere in the Helix or Kemper. Sounds mad - but its really cool.

    Yup....buying the Kemper reduced my pedalboards by.... -2..... the two cheapo Moskey dual switches for patch up/down, and tuner/fx off.

    I use a Helix preset with the controller set to midi the Kemper effects on/off.

    I've other presets to call up groups of profiles.

    Great! Thanks for the detailed description!

    Thanks - Its the third iteration/incarnation of the rack. Each version got a bit more refined / stable... and tall. I got the idea from the old Ikea hack of using a Lack side table as a 19inch rack (for networking equipment)...... and I had some spare Ivar ....and screws!

    I like the wooden rack with the two drawers. Where is it from?

    Ikea. Ivar shelving (2x 30x178 sides, one shelf, 2x sets of drawer runners. And 4x castors/wheels) . And some screws and glue.

    The 30cm deep Ivar shelving is just right for shallow rack units. Once you bolt the rack units in place, it stiffens the whole rack considerably.

    I added plywood sides and a top using velcro/magnetic catches (with sound absorbing foam to silence the fan in the Marshall 9100/JMP-1 transformer). Its pretty cool.

    all good advice..... and honesty is always the best policy* :)

    I placated Mrs Dr Dr Smirnoff by selling a large number of amps over the last fortnight making my Kemper 'technically' free. Its made for a neater office, and IMHO a pretty cool rig.

    ( everything** pictured is connected to the loops of the Helix), there's another cab behind me - making for a monster stereo rig.

    * she's a medic, she'd kill me, revive me, nurse me back to health...then kill me again.

    **apart from the wee MS4 :)

    How do you change where Rig Manager saves its content?

    I ended up creating a symlink using terminal to icloud drive (I'm on Macs) works like a charm.W..

    When you click 'backup' it gives you a window/dialog where to save the backup file. At least on pc it does. Where the actual content is - i don't know. But the backup files are pretty small and have all of your 'stuff.' Its pretty cool that we can do this - makes having multiple kempers or multiple computers way easier.