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    Here are some 3rd party profilers with ENGL SE high gain packs:



    Guido Bungenstock


    Free advice:

    Search for any profiles that are free before you start purchasing profiles. Make decisions based on your taste not recommendations including these. Search these forums for info on specific profile vendors and you will start to see the consistent good (or not) feedback. I don't speak for everyone but buying profiles that don't blow your hair back gets pricey and it's - no bueno

    ReampZone PRS MT15 has some clean, rhythm and lead Tremonti profiles that I'm aware of.

    I have not checked out them myself so I can't comment on the quality, just a suggestion.

    Below is reply addressing this issue from moderator. > Burkhard

    I have commented before, that this function has never worked correctly in the past. If you loaded a Rig via Rig Manager, tweaked it, pressed STORE and selected Replace, the wrong Rig got replaced: Not the Rig you loaded via Rig Manager, but the last Rig loaded via the front panel. In order to avoid such accidental loss of data we have disabled Replace and Rename as a short-term measure. In Rig Manager 3.0 and the corresponding PROFILER OS revision this will be fixed and work as expected.

    Rig Mngr v2.3.13 previewing a rig stored on the profiler can not store / replace.

    I posted the same issue a few days ago. So far no one has replied with a workaround. Hopefully it will return in an update.

    My solution is to have multiple Rig Mngr windows open. One for the orig source rigs and the other smaller window is for the bottom of the Profiler list where the new "save as" rigs appear. To manage duplicates or drag as needed etc. Not as ideal as the previous OS but it may be this way indefinitely if it was omitted for future updates IE editor.

    Below is the link:

    Rig Mngr v2.3.13 previewing a rig stored on the profiler can not store / replace.

    In the previous Rig Mngr 2.1.76 store > replace was my go to way to edit and re-edit etc a rig stored on the profiler. Having to scrollllll and navigate to the rig on the profiler to get to the save > replace seems counterintuitive because the rig is already on the profiler. I'm a studio user and Rig Mngr is - was an awesome way to preview rigs for a track make a tweak and then quickly store > replace.

    Is there a work around for this?

    Currently with 2.3.13 I can store > save as, however this is creating a issue having to manage deleting the original to prevent duplicates. Not to mention it is way easier to name the rig in Rig Mngr. I get that this could be future proofing things going forward and I'm grateful for the new features but loosing features is complicating things for us studio users.