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    Not sure this is the right topic for this, so feel free to delete if so!

    My expression pedal (DVP1XL) has a minor issue despite tightening the hardware I think is the cause:

    When in heel position, it slightly raises up so I can never use the @heel option to disable the wah.

    Is there a way to calibrate what the Kemper believes is heel?

    If not can I tape something under there and then recalibrate the Kemper to offset the issue?

    Hi all,

    EDIT: I posted too fast, but decided to keep this up so others might learn from it. I am using the latest OS (7.1.2) and had to reboot the Kemper and recalibrate. Give it a shot if the below sounds like you!

    I have been using a Dunlop DVP1XL for volume for years and was pleased to hear this model's family is highly recommended as an expression pedal for the Kemper.

    I've downloaded the giant Wah pedal presets from this forum and have been excited to dig in.

    That said, my was only seems to start/work when the pedal is about 20% past heel position. For those that know the pedal it seems to be the starting point for when the tension screw starts doing its work. I have that screw set for a smooth throw until toe position. There is no resistance.

    I've calibrated the pedal in the Kemper and still don't get any noticeable change in the wah until that point. Is this normal procedure?

    Grateful for any troubleshooting tips or generally how you're configuring this pedal to work best as a Wah for Kemper.


    Thanks all. I did take a shot at some cheap aluminum ones and will report back in a few days when I have a chance to install.

    I bought the shrooms before but they’re a bit flimsy. I didn’t see the full plastic caps from Mooer in clear without waiting for shipping from China but now I’m thinking about them again! Will come back soon to share how this works out!

    Matt was kind enough to offer me a few packs for a discounted rate to get to know his products. The BE is becoming one of my favorite profiles. I only bought it for the crunch and more gainy sounds and these profiles sing. They're aggressive and don't lose clarity when digging in. The number of options he provides is great. Love the Fat modes.

    It might be my volume levels or setup (primarily playing through JBL 305 mk i and into a Fender Mustang via aux in and a lot of Friedman's (and Marshall's for that matter) are very boomy. Matt's are not and still have a nice low end to them. This has been a big plus.

    Going to be digging into the Camerock (initial impressions are fantastic) and Vishnu (a little honky for me, but it's likely my JB hum bucker) and will post once they've been through their paces.

    Hi all,

    Former Helix user here with a Stage. I’m starting to think about purchasing a HXFX or Stomp to do 4CM with the Kemper. Specifically for the drives, one off effects not on the Kemper and in the hopes they one day do polyphonic and I can ditch some other pedals.

    Can anyone comment on this setup and specifically how they like the overdrive modeling with the Kemper?

    I’m still thinking it’s better to see how the new Kemper ODs shake out whenever they release but it would be nice to have more than 8 effects blocks if needed.

    Thanks in advance!