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    If you want lightweight setup, you can just get the stage, an small power amp (hotone loudster, PS170, bam200), and just bring that and your preferred cab.

    I enjoy the variety of sounds from playing an FRFR (which I normally do), but whenever I feel like it, I use a bam200 on a 2x12 Classic leads celestions, and thats my sound. I mainly play in studio, so I have a rack unit in a 4U backpack with a recording interface, for whenever I have a gig or inspiration strucks.

    The power engine is a great platform for a kone, I dont like 70/80s too much, but you can always upgrade after you get bored of them.

    Am I wrong or did I see in a video that there was a kind of refining? Except from that a refining might not be necessary if the algorithm does the job close enough. In an interview or some faq they said that capturing and learning different amp parameters is possible from a theoretic point of view with their engine. I think the main problem here is the huge amount of possible combinations even if you don't measure everything and calculate the rest in between. Some amps have additional presence and/or resonance and interaction between the parameters and a non linear behavior. And you would also have to make sure that it can be done by the user. :)

    They have "sanity check and training" that is what you normally do with a neural network to get the closest result to the expected. I am well versed in neural networks, and the bad news is they are not too fast with non-linear systems, if the input is a preset patern, you wont get a lot of accuracy because what a non-linear system needs to make a proper regression (and consequently a neural network or transfer funtion), its a high amount of random input variation. Thats most likely what the kemper does with the refining part, here you dont add a random input to the system, they just put the neural network to train by itself it seems. My main complain is, again , this looks just like a marketing-half-cooked feature. Sad :/

    You would rather research a bit of how they profile before steping in and say its wrong. In the case of M Britt, he explains that after profiling, his goal is to make it sound as close as possible to the real amp in front of him, so he tunes all the parameters, including EQ until he gets the closest to the amp sound, and not the traditional mic´ed sound. Thats why mostly everyone agrees his profiles sound better live, and very amp like. I can get my twin profiles, and the sound is almost the same mic´ed and studio, and also when connecting to the speakers trough my power amp, it is almost the same amp.

    That and the hotone loudster (and the harley benton one in europe) are the cheapest, smallest solution to your power amp needs. The 5mm is a nice little thing.

    What is the closest Marshally-rocky profile for power amp saturation? Or anyone have tips on getting close to it?

    The tone I'm looking for

    This solo

    Get any free marshall rig you like (go check the free packs section on rig manager) and just play with the eq and definition control. As DonPetersen said, the tube shape goes from preamp-like saturation to poweramp-like saturation. Experiment with it. On a side note, I have never "heard" power amp saturation on a real full head marshall, too much volume :P

    Update: I picked up the Katzbach JMP 2203 pack. It wasn't an instant hit for me. But for the price ($7.50 USD), it's a low cost of entry. I play a Tele and a Strat, so that probably has something to do with it.

    Low the treble and adjust the definition a bit. My strat is very vintage-sounding and that way I get a very round and rocky sound, love that pack for some deep purple stuff. Also play with the tone knob, specially on the bridge pickup.

    That machinery looks rusty, needs some playin and broken strings to loose all the dirt :) and afterwards, whole maintaining, polishing and lubing. The smell of an old guitar comming from its case after many years is priceless.

    Very true regarding finding the perfect profile then later its not so perfect. That's happened to me a few times.

    The moment I find a profile that gets me a magic moment with any of my guitars, it gets favorited to eternity, and stays that way, so maybe in the future, with same or other guitar, gets more of my attention. Important is to also give some opportunity to old profiles, X+Y=Z, you never know which guitar will also be "the one" for an specific profile.

    Its the same as andertons "review", they want to sell, its been a long time since a guitar novelty as this one has appeared, so their work is to say it is the most awesome piece of gear since bread was invented. The same with a lot of youtube reviewers. I am actually more interested on professionals that are not affraid to bash the gear on their faults, instead of overpraising their qualyties. Take a kemper and bash it for its (in the beginning) low quality of FX, take the Helix and bash it for its low quality IRs, take the Axe and bash it for its interface, and all that is something I can agree with. Every gear has a faults.

    Our ears evolve from day to day, that is a fact, and not necesarily in the same direction. I give you an example. I have a HiFi system which I just turn on whenever I want to enjoy music, same volume, same headphones I have used maybe 500 hours so far (T90 beyerdynamics), these headphones are famous for being pretty harsh with bad recorded songs, and they have pretty hot treble. One song I visit very often is money from pink floyd, and from day to day, I feel that my ears detect the hot treble in the begining of the song (the cash machine sounds are my go to reference) with different intesity (sometimes more, sometimes less), and also I find differences in the way instruments are presented, separation of these.

    One day I find a "perfect profile" and the next, it seems like it lost something. I never give up on a profile I found magical before, because I know it might become magic again in the future. Just my grain of salt

    i love most of the Tone Junkie stuff but was also really underwhelmed by the Purple Plexi pack.

    the MBritt Marshalls are great. As are some of the othervTone Junies like the 1974x and JTM45

    The dumble modded one is fantastic, but not my type of marshall crunch, I enjoy raw marshall overdrive more. But it is recorded quite well. Havent tried JTM45.

    Is the BE-OD really necessary? Kemper drives don't work for you? Personally I haven't ever felt the need to use an external anything with my profiler and I've dialed up some absolutely killer gain tones gated and noise free.. Live, I would hate to use a pedal in front as that would mean running 40' of cable back and forth or using a GCX & pedal drawer which I used to use to keep cable runs short. There are lots of Friedman profiles out there too that aren't just a pedal simulator of a BE-od but a real BE-od. I guess if the end result makes you happy it's all good, I just can't imagine ever needing a pedal with a Kemper.

    While I mostly feel the same as you, remember that the best tool is the one you know how to use the best.

    I'm wondering (somewhat sarcastically) is what will it will it sound like to profile a QC on a Kemper and vice versa to profile a Kemper on a QC?

    We have katana profiles, we even have some archetype plini ones, so its just matter of time.

    The profiler is able to sound awesome even on gig-level (don't get me wrong), but it needs a lot of time-consuming tweaks. This is the only aspect of improvement I see for the Profiler.

    For just studio-work the QC never would be an option for me. The profiler with it's corresponding giant "profile-market" doesn't leave any wishes open for me.

    Being honest this was also my first reaction when playing with the kemper, UNTIL I found commercial profiles that are more suited for live, as tone junkies and michael britt. I find myself only tweaking the 3 band eq + presence, which is what I do with a normal amp.

    I am still wondering how the capture market will develop, I see most commercial profile makers taking the leap early on, as we all want some juicy Top Jimmy sounds on a brand new platforms. Something still tells me that the capture feature is an aftertought and might not be fully developed on launch, we will see.