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    We see and hear the world not as it is but as we are ourselves. You can measure it or not but I am of the opinion that guitarists should concentrate on their skills and musicality instead of creating or following gear or tone religions. Yes, I can make good songs with "bad" gear, so can millions of others, even on a professional level. They can make others happy with their bad, unmeasured tone.

    Than we can agree there is "Bad" gear. Again, you doing whatever you want and achieving results with it, it is a story completely appart. I can make my old spider IV amp sound good in a song, but it does not mean it is as good or as bad as a Kemper or Axe Fx. Thats why everybody should be informed before buying their next hundred/thousand dollars piece of gear, not everything is as good or as bad as everything.

    Guys calm down. ToneX just sounds as as good or bad as everything else. I've learned that trying to get others to see things the way you do is always wrong. Especially when there's no right and wrong. Any modern unit will sound great if you know exactly what you're doing. You can make the Kemper sound bad with just a flick of the wrist. The focus on one's own abilities in terms of listening and playing is the most important thing. Then every unit sounds good. And accept that there will always be guitarists who will hate your tone while others will love it.

    I wholeheartedly dissagree, there are parameters of measurable quality when talking about good or bad sounding amps. You can argue however you like about what you like or not, and most often than not if you like it, there are one or more of those parameters influencing your decisions. But your opinion is yours and just yours, and not measurable. There are horrible sounding modern hardware out there, in all price bracketes. I can measure the dynicamic response from the amp to the input, and that to me is a characteristic that makes kemper really appealing as it feels different to most digital modelles, while also can check the frequency response from the output, and make A/B testing against a real amp, and find truly possitive comparable results, which imply that the kemper has made a quality reproduction of the sound it intents to capture. You cant say the same from mustang amps, or the spark amp, or a headrush pedalboard. Not even from the quad cortex to some extent. I havent tested the tone x, but I can run the same tests and compare. And leaving behind my taste, we can know if tone x actually achieves what it tries, or not. And thus, if it sounds as good or not as what it tries to replicate.

    Honestly I would double dip in the kemper mini concept as I am diying to replace my HX stomp, not even the last update keeps me interested enough. A reduction in the knobs and buttons UI is not a bad thing in my opinion, If somehow you can access all functions (even if a bit cumbersome) some way or the other, it would be an amaizing device. I use the kemper moslty because of the profiles, so I dont need most of the bells and whistless all the time.

    Add that I have a cheap ipad mini laying around somewhere in my gadgets closet, and a kemper mini would go with me everywhere.

    Most kemper reviews were made before the update where they introduced most of the reverbs, before that, legacy reverb was OK at best, and thats where the comparison comes from. Heck, kemper spring and plates are up there to fender owns emulations.

    LOL. I would never confess to that with this group.

    What is so bad about it? this is not fractal forums, we have a more peaceful life here, we have seen the light :D

    I have a HX stomp, use amplitube in my ipad, tried the positive grid, tried the quad cortex, and (shamelessly) my most gigged amp was a Line 6 spider IV many years ago.... lol

    Perhaps, but I find it hard to believe that my use case is so unique. Seems that the powered toaster/rack was created to allow people to use Kemper as a guitar amp, into a guitar cab. That is how I (and several friends/collaborators) use it 95% of the time. I would suspect that many people don't have a PA or studio set up at home to demo sounds from the audience/engineer's perspective. I create sounds that sound good thru the guitar cab; I just want a more reliable way to get those tones back into the XLR outs.

    But as i've said... all good! Thanks!

    Once you come to the realization that you NEVER sounded the same thru the PA or FOH, then you understand why kemper is so good. Its not a hinderance, it is actually an improvement.

    But if you want the same sound trough your cab, honestly the only thing you need to do is profile an amp with your cab section, lock your cab section in the kemper and do your tweaking with monitor off, that way whatever you hear trough your cab, the result in the front house will be the mic version of it 90% (or even 95% if you profiled in a very controlled studio).

    neither did I until I tried to find pure nickel strings. Apparently they don’t come with a 42 on top.

    Honestly this is not a sizeable difference, what I got when I used them is that I found I had a deep groove to correct in my saddle because the E was ringing a bit when strumming, but you cant feel the difference. These are lights/super lights all right.

    Thanks Paults, I have a bottle, never thought to use it on my hardware to be honest!

    Honestly any general use guitar cleaner will do, the crome in general es resistant to that, only some colors get discolored with polishing but also with use, so there is no reason to not clean it. Dunlop 65 is a safe bet IMO

    That would be awesome, but I have bad news, there is no way for the kemper to support that kind of funtion because the kemper usb port is hardwired for data transfer of Generic Storage devices. But maybe we are wrong and it has actual driver support.

    In that case, count me in


    Make a kickstarter Kemper, make this happen

    In this example why not just type King Royal into the search field then sort the results by Gain . No need to search everything alphabetically and arguably quicker than navigating folders.

    I think you still dont get it, the OP and I want to be able to do that in the profiler, not in rig manager, I dont have a stage with a ipad On-stage all the time, I have a toaster I take with myself all the time, and just want a proper way to have my profile organized IN the kemper. Thats all, and I honestly would find it wonderful for my light OCD .

    I had this happen when I tried loading some performances from old packs that came in my kemper after I updated recently. I never wanted them in first place, deleted them and loaded everything else, no problems since.

    Hola Hermano, bienvenido. El setup honestamente depende de que quieras lograr. ¿Quieres maxima calidad en tu sonido para la audiencia? usa line out a la meza de mezclado y que el ingeniero te ecualize alla. Y como seguramente requeriras escucharte a ti mismo, usas el monitor out del kemper al amplificador/cabina que te presten, de preferencia al FX loop o direct in, deshabilitando la parte de cab (puesto que eso solo lo necesitas con el sonido completo en la salida de linea).

    Esa seria la mejor forma de tocar en vivo en mi opinion, pero francamente puedes hacer lo que quieras. La ventaja del kemper es que suenas con calidad de estudio sin necesidad de microfonear tu amplificador. Honestamente una maravilla despues de lidear con pesimos ingenieros de audio en el pasado.

    Totally want this too, honestly I take hours just making labels to each of my profiles, to know what am I playing. Having folders to separate amps, I would have a more organized way to reach my desired tone instead of browsing trough my 200+ kemper profiles everytime inspiration strikes. You never know when you would be like "for this section a king royal would be killer on the lead" and then go to browse by alphabetical order all your other things.


    An update here, I improve a bit with bass/high cut configuration, and input sensitivity.

    Please Kemper team, pay attention in this thread, the shredders needs your help. :P

    I havent found any problem with the kemper when shredding or soloing (mind you, the hardest I play is cliffs of dover, and not perfectly), it most likely is specific to the setup you use, or what you are used to hear EQ wise. Bump the right mids with the parametric, and most likely that will do.

    Same here, early tester, what turned me off, was that QC could not do all I expected it to do that was a given on the kemper (specially with capture function being so simple and undercooked to my view) and the models were not any better than helix (which I use with a HX stomp when traveling light).

    Dealbreaker: I heard always a considerable high frequency content that was never there in the amp on the first place after capturing. It does sound more "HiFi´sh" but resulted on me perceiving the QC as a cold analitic hifi headphone. Not my cup of tea. Bass was tighter than kemper in most cases tough.

    Little over 3 weeks with this beast and I'm I understand why they call it "poor's man Suhr". In tone it beats all Strats I had to date (original '74, Am Ultra, Am Elite). Once you get used to the neck (about 2 weeks) and after setting it up (out of the box was awful), then is just a dream. Can't believe the quality for the price. Second guitar made in Indonesia that really surprises me.

    Bro, any mid range schecter with proper setup is an endgame weapon. Have 3 schecters, I am never selling them. I cant say the same from my ibanez, my prs se or my mexican fender.