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    An update here, I improve a bit with bass/high cut configuration, and input sensitivity.

    Please Kemper team, pay attention in this thread, the shredders needs your help. :P

    I havent found any problem with the kemper when shredding or soloing (mind you, the hardest I play is cliffs of dover, and not perfectly), it most likely is specific to the setup you use, or what you are used to hear EQ wise. Bump the right mids with the parametric, and most likely that will do.

    Same here, early tester, what turned me off, was that QC could not do all I expected it to do that was a given on the kemper (specially with capture function being so simple and undercooked to my view) and the models were not any better than helix (which I use with a HX stomp when traveling light).

    Dealbreaker: I heard always a considerable high frequency content that was never there in the amp on the first place after capturing. It does sound more "HiFi´sh" but resulted on me perceiving the QC as a cold analitic hifi headphone. Not my cup of tea. Bass was tighter than kemper in most cases tough.

    Little over 3 weeks with this beast and I'm I understand why they call it "poor's man Suhr". In tone it beats all Strats I had to date (original '74, Am Ultra, Am Elite). Once you get used to the neck (about 2 weeks) and after setting it up (out of the box was awful), then is just a dream. Can't believe the quality for the price. Second guitar made in Indonesia that really surprises me.

    Bro, any mid range schecter with proper setup is an endgame weapon. Have 3 schecters, I am never selling them. I cant say the same from my ibanez, my prs se or my mexican fender.

    I am a signal processing junky, so here is the craziest setup I have made with the kemper:

    I installed a 9volt signal amp, a 904A behringer filter into a scraped guitar to get the mook filter, and a signal attenuetor, all eurorack so it was not playable. After that with the kemper I cutted some noisy frequencies from all the electronics with the parametric eq, and from there, on a fender clean chanel twin, I put delays, a subtle fuzz, and stereo chorus, with the optional legacy reverb really saturated. I was getting synth-like vibes, but I was unable to play the scrapped guitar, it was messy, so I might try again leaving the eurorack out, and putting the filter potty in the guitar somehow.

    Love that filter sweap.... :D

    Actually, I was planning in doin just that with my kemper head, as the neodymium kone will actually make it possible to have a nice combo that doesnt break my back (the head is not particularly lighe but it is the best form factor to put in there).

    I don't know that the amp would color the sound as much as the PA style enclosure. The amp should provide fairly clean power.

    Most comercial PAs have class D amps which are fairly noble in frequency but start sounding harsh at high volume. So far you are not pushing it, the amp will be "fine" I guess. I am more worried about the plasticky dry sound you will get because of the enclosure, a fried of mine had V30s in these cheapo PA enclosures and they sounded so trebly we forbid him have them on practice sessions.

    It's dangerous and I'm loving the black cherry top. Arrives in a few days.8) Schecter Hellraiser with Sustainiac.

    Smooth choice, my first selfbought electric guitar was a Schecter C1-FR 2007, up to this day is here with me, awesome quality, its been my canvas for experimenting these years. Schecter is awesome in all I have tried, they do your heavy stuff, but dont be mistaken, all they do its great quality, but turns out they became popular for being cheaper esp guitars with chunkier necks and lower price back in the day.

    I cant speak for the kab, but I bought 2 kones and made a 212 with them, they are my fun machine but recently I find myself just using 2 or 3 imprints, so now I have a creambacks 212, a bassmand 408 made cabinet, and a katana artist mkii with the waza speaker. I am about fine in the tone department, and I touch the kone 212 less and less.

    That being said, If you dont have a good variety of cabs, or you actually want to discover what you like, the kab should be perfect for you, hands down.

    Thanks to it I know I dont like Bulldogs on anything except vox amps...

    I am also on this pool, very few players actually "play", and in my experience, people who actually care for tone, instead of getting a kemper/axe/line6, they just fall in love with one amp and build its tone around it for a decade or so.

    Such a nice way to tell ourselves we are getting old (it is true tho), jajaja

    Most folks nowadays do even rock music with samples and vst drums, so I wonder if in the future, with MPE enabled instruments and the sort, would it be a matter of just having a instrument, your computer, interface and a TON of samples for doing just about anything. I mean, I get pretty convincing strings from most sample tracks I have tried, use vibrato with aftertouch in the pads or the keys of my novation sl mk3, and that was unheard of in the past.

    I like to use a guitar/bass to MIDI converter (monophonic) before the PROFILER, send the guitar DI on to the PROFILER and the MIDI to a DSI Mopho for example.

    Then, I add a fx loop module in slot X and feed the Mopho audio to the PROFILER's returns, which let's me control the guitar/synth balance.

    Then some nice big delays and reverbs, which both signals go through, 'glueing' them together.

    With nasty doom/fuzz sounds this yields huge basslines/leads/tonal atmos all intuitively controlled via the controller I'm most comfortable with - guitar. :love:

    I used to have an old variax with midi out, it was a lot of fun to use it to control my moog 37, but never really got satisfied with just replacing the keyboard. Now the variax is gone, and you are making me want to get it back, but maybe I will just install a reliable midi converter (any suggestions?) and see what can I get from it.

    In honesty, I really want to use my guitar as a Oscilator into the input of my moog 37. Been working on limiters and signal conversion, but the ranges on the guitar are so wide and the amplitude so low, that amplifying I only get noise and musical debris :(

    Agree, the longer you go on life, the more you learn to appreciate the specific tools for specific tasks. A great knife is the one designed for doing wonderfully a specific task, sure you can cut bread with it, but if it is made for slicing meat, I guess you wont get your victorinox all porpouse to replace it.

    I can totally pass my guitar through my synth with a voltage regulator, been there done that. The results are..... weird, not really musical (I mean, it sounded like a moog, just in a weird way, and even more when glide is enabled). I guess there are pedals out there for this, but the closest I get is getting a moogerfooger low pass and some weird line 6 synth effect in front.

    The secret to mixing with HPs is in having a clear speaker reference from the beginning and having multiple HPs. I do most of my mixing and mastering with HPs, they are my most comfortable tools, I know them since a decade ago (some of them) So I know what to expect afterwards.

    For starters you have to choose your weapons correctly, I for example use K701, M50s, DT880 pro and DT770 pro. I get all the info I need for mastering with those, as I understand quite well the profile of them all. Once the track is solid on 3 out of the 4, is ready for small tweakings, and I just test it on the car stereo, earbuds, tv speakers and so on so forth.

    For getting to that point, I had to understand Mid frequencies positioning and how it beheaved on the phones ABing with speakers in a studio. Afterwards, I just use my HPs for mixing. I have studio monitors, but at home I do most of my mastering at night, so no choice there.

    Having considered all the above points I put the QC on sale and got more for it than I paid (due to a 200.- Euro price increase since it hit the market).

    Sold it to a guy who is an Axe-Fx III owner who just wanted to know what all the fuzz is about and who wants to be able to take part in all the gear talk. ;)

    I hope you find this useful.

    Yeah, I got it lent to me from a friend, but I would never pay 1600+ euro to be able to take part in the gear talk jajaja unless I have a Youtube channel of sorts, but it is too expensive for my budget (I do have a budget per year to spend on GAS)

    Sometimes, if you’ve got nothing nice to say….neither should contribute. This isn’t the a place for calling each other out.

    If you’re going to post an opinion on a public forum - expect strong opposing views. Especially from someone like Gearjocke, who’s been in this forum for nearly a decade.

    My thought is this: If I need an eq front and back for a particular profile……I find an entirely different profile that doesn’t.

    We just need to agree to disagree then, from a tone design perspective, cutting one or two spike frequencies from your guitar or your amp does not change the whole character of it, it just polishes rough edges. Then again, there are people who would preffer to actually change amp, or cabinet , but once I find a profile that "gets it", for me is about polishing the sound in it, in a matchless amp is cutting a nice happy spike on the upper 1.5kHz at least 2 decibels normally.

    Its all about approach, for me 4 pre, 4 post is really tight, it helps a lot if you got pedals laying around.