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    Hi, bad news, clock error persist but I found something interesting in

    We already know that the Stage when we push and hold Power button to shutdown the unit, it keeps the power button led on, it means that the standby mode is ON right? Then if we turn it on; the clock keeps the right setup and no error appears, however if we unplug AC cord from the unit while this is in standby mode (after push and hold power button) the power button led keeps ON for 2 seconds and then it goes off... it means that the shutdown routine is complete, is it right? Then, If we plug the AC cord again the power button led goes ON (it means that the standby mode is ready right?), so we push that button and the unit starts boot routine, then Clock error appears....

    let me tell you something: if you unplug the AC cord while the unit is ON and working and then you plug it again; the unit starts boot routine automatically (without pushing power button) and guess what? In this scenario the clock error does not appears, boot routine is faster and the unit keeps the clock information... what’s it means? This way I skip the standby función/block code and the unit works Well... pls check shutdown and standby code, the bug is there... (cross fingers)

    Same here, please Kemper don't ruin your product with this stupid issue ?