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    Maybe it's my computer (Hackintosh with Gigabyte Designaire Mainboard, Big Sur), but all my USB ports shut down as soon as the update is transferred to the Kemper and the process get's stuck at a few percent. After restarting, the Kemper still works fine. I did not have this problem with previous updates and the computer runs stable otherwise.

    And I had a Focusrite interface on my last pc and firewire. I had no issue with latency.

    Again, do you refer to additional latency with spdif which you confirmed by measuring, or just generally a low perceived latency?

    We are discussing here 1-3 ms of additional latency with spdif compared to the analog out of the Kemper. This is absolutely not a deal-breaker and under normal circumstances cannot be perceived without measuring, just something that should (and probably can) be fixed.

    I just noticed something weird: When I ran the test again to day I had the same additional latency of spdif compared no main out of 120 samples at 44100 Hz. After I went into the Kemper's output menu and dialled the sample rate to 96k and immediately back to 41k, the delay was reduced to about 20 samples. This seems to be reproducible behaviour, I measured the same variations earlier. Strange, right?

    No news from my side. I just ran the test again with the newest profiler OS. See the screenshot, the uppermost track is the sinus signal that is sent out to the Kemper, below is the analog input of the RME Fireface 400, the lowest track is the spdif input.screenshot:

    Hm, the latency caused by the analog input of the audio interface should only be a few samples (below 100 µs) and any compensation should be in this range.

    I just tested this (I like testing ;-) ) : The analog latency of the Fireface is negligible and the same spdif reamp loop recorded through a behringer ada8200 for some reason arrived 0.6 ms before the output signal. I just sent a sinus through an analog ramp box and through the Kemper (or now without Kemper) and record the signal. Everything is done in Logic.

    With the Kemper I get up to 3 ms additional latency over spdif compared to analog. Can you (tylerhb) maybe confirm this with your setup? I have the latest profiler OS btw.

    I checked this again a few days ago with my RME Fireface 400. I did a reamping loop and recorded spdif and main out simultaneously. At 44.1 kHz, spdif arrives around 1 ms later than analog. Interestingly (and that is why I was measuring), at 96 kHz, spdif is half a ms later still that at 44.1 kHz (1.5 ms later than analog in total). When I measured a few months ago, I measured higher additional latencies with spdif at 44.1 kHz, around 2-3 ms. I did not investigate wether this has to do anything with the specific patch (I used the same patch in the latest comparison, but a different one in the first).

    It would be interesting if tech support has anything to offer on this subject!

    I am looking for recommendations on Mesa Oversized cabinets from merged profiles. I recently profiled my Mesa Roadster with a reactive loadbox and I need cabs to pair the direct profiles with. So far, my favorite is one from Tonehammer which is miced with an SM57 and a MD421. What I am missing is the variety I otherwise have with Ownhammer IRs. However, I think the IRs feel much stiffer than cab profiles. I would for example love to have the same Tonehammer cab with slight variations of the mic positions.

    Any recommendations?

    P.S.: When I find the time I will haul my own Mesa Oversized cab (with white croco leather!) from my rehearsal space to the studio and profile this, but this will take some time.

    I recently bought a Kemper and it sounds fantastic! Profiling is impressive, as well. Before, I was using a Helix or a real Tube amp through a reactive load box with IRs. The Kemper sounds and feels a lot better! I was actually surprised that the speaker profiles are more realistic than IRs which now feel rather stiff to me.

    However, I am missing a few things. This is of course meant as constructive criticism and a contribution to this community. I am aware that for some of these items, feature request have been posted before, but maybe this list is useful, too:

    1. The SPDIF out has an additional latency of about 2-3 ms over the analog out (confirmed by measuring). This latency adds up with other sources of latency and is noticeable to me. The analog out is lacking some highs compared to the SPDIF out and of course it would be great if the SPDIF out had less latency than the analog out, as would be expected.

    2. Please make Midi Control Change assignable to the footswitch buttons 1-5, especially in performance mode. In my case this would enable controlling a GLab Looper with stomp boxes.

    3. In looper mode, the loop volume should be adjustable on the fly. I have a Ditto looper and that is basically its only function besides loop record, start and stop...

    4. In browse mode, the rig organization could be improved with folder structures, easier navigation, preview of the next five rigs on the remote etc. I hope something like in the effects section gets implemented.

    5. For pedals, I would like to be able to change a single pedal from volume to morph or pitch. This only seems to be possible with the combinations volume to wah, wah to morph and wah to pitch.

    6. During profiling of direct profiles it would be quite helpful if the cab block could be turned on. Right now I am running a plugin with cab IRs during capturing of direct profiles.