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    I have the same issue, Kemper in bedroom, and would like the feature to deactivate the light of the on/off switch.

    And, Hoki Toki, people are different – hard to believe, I know ... Better think twice, if your "other opinion" is really worth being posted and helps to solve a problem. Thanks.

    Cool. Yeah, the settings already allow you to adjust the brightness of every other button and LED on the Stage when it's on, it should be a simple programming thing in future updates to allow adjusting the power button light when the unit is off. I was just wanting to know if I was missing something, and if not, drum up some support for it being included in a future update. Thanks for the support on it! :)

    In my room, it lights up the whole place in the dark! I can see where it would be valuable in a gig, but can it be individually adjusted like the other LEDs, only just for the power for when the unit is off? (When off, the power button lights up) I'd rather not have a nightlight. I know I can just unplug the whole Stage unit, but that's a hassle to do every time. I'd love the ability to dim it like the others have, even turning it completely off at all times if I wanted. Maybe you can, and I can't find it? Thanks!